Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Los Angeles Times is not impressed with the President's memo on September 11th observances. Americans should be outraged by the President's memo, first Bloomberg, now Obama. Former Governor George Pataki, on Fox News this AM, has it right, it was about America, the United States was attacked on September 11, 2011.

"Fast and Furious" isn't resolved and over despite the fact that Kenneth Melson has been replaced and Dennis Burke has resigned. The Administration is trying its best to sweep this away, but, fortunately there are many voices that will not let them.

Obama's wrong again.

The President and his Administration is out of control.

So, if there is a deadly accident, will we have the ability to sue the Feds? Talk about misguided....

The Weekly Standard: Obama has failed by his own standards.

More on how the stimulus was/is harmful to taxpayers.

This is just disgraceful. While I would prefer not to give him any coverage, the fact remains that the media constantly says the right side of the political spectrum is intolerant, but this serves as a reminder that the left side of politics is far more guilty of being intolerant.

There is a lot of coverage for the upcoming 9th CD election. John Gizzy writes about it in Human Events, the NY Post Editorial and by far the most entertaining one is the NY Daily News Editorial. As John Tandich on Twitter said "The NY Times endorses Weprin for Congress. Therefore everyone should vote for Turner". Good advice! Want to know more about them? Click here. You still have time to help: click here.

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