Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well, yesterday, we told you of the cost of "The Bus", today we learn it wasn't even made in America! What is the unemployment rate, Mr. President? With friends like you, it may never drop. But we shouldn't have a plan. But we are not allowed to know it until after you return from another vacation. I'm wondering if it is the same plan you keep knocking Republicans for not passing...when they can't pass a plan that has not been sent to them. (In case you are counting, it is 447 days until November 8, 2012...)

Clinton and Panetta think the President is wrong....hmmm, wonder if we will hear about pending changes in his Administration?

Unfortunately, more violent crime is linked to the fast and furious scheme.

Stephen Moore wants to know where are today's Jack Kemp's. Growth would certainly help as long as we also cut, but Mr. Moore, is correct, we miss Kemp's vision.

Larry Kudlow, agrees with Perry, minus the inflammatory language.

Bob Turner is getting more support in this red hot race. More here.

Do you know what you get with a career politician.... one who sits on the sidelines and then decides, afraid to be a leader. Rep. Owens, you are wrong on the issue and you are wrong for not being upfront in letting your constituents know your position.

If you think you support the National Popular Vote movement, please read this. NPV is a very bad idea.

Governor Cuomo wants a bigger role in NYC's 911 remembrance. Let us hope that no one forgets why we have this certainly is NOT about face time!

A lesson can be learned here, Governor Cuomo. Let's see you get Tort Reform passed. Isn't it time you and the Speaker have a conversation about this.

Part two of yesterday's column by Thomas Sowell.

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