Monday, October 31, 2011

The NY Post Editorial is correct in pointing out compensation paid to NYSUT's honcho Richard Iannuzzi, and the financial problems the Union is facing. When will the teachers -- and there are many we admire for their absolutely dedication to students -- take the union back? Of course, if the Members of the Legislature truly cared about the rank and file members of all unions, they would repeal Agency Shop!

Why is Governor Cuomo allowing the EPA to slow down on hydrofracking?

The EU Bailout, good or bad for us? Read what some are saying here, here, here, here, and here.

In case you missed Michael Goodwin's column yesterday you can read it here.

The Heritage Foundation: Uncle Sam Is No Venture Capitalist.

Another "Solyndra" goes bankrupt, this time it is Beacon Power.

Jon Corzine, did to MF Global, what New Jersey voters prevented him from doing to them.

The Imperial President does it again with another Executive Order.

This is a disappointing decision by the US Supreme Court.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

This latest complaint filed by George Washington University professor, John Banzhaf, certainly makes the case for tort reform. The professor filed a human rights complaint against Catholic University based on an article in a newspaper that profiled a Muslim undergraduate who was told he could not create a group dedicated to Muslim worship. The student, and other Muslims, in the University, made the choice to enroll in Catholic University that has every legal right to promote the religious or political principles for which it is established.

The Manhattan Institute makes the case for ending state sponsored lawsuits, the newest cash cows in state-sponsored litigation parceled out by the nation's state attorneys general.
And here is one more case to eliminate frivolous law suits as a politician sues critics for his loss. The news from the “Supercommittee” is not encouraging as both political parties have dueling budgets. The Military is concerned about the looming cuts to them and many States are already struggling to fill the shortages in Medicaid funding due to previous cutbacks. However, Larry Kudlow does not see Armageddon, but he also does not see an economic victory, yet. Americans continue to be disappointed in the direction of our Country, while Governments continue to cash in on American’s addiction to “easy money”.

President Obama knows he is loosing the “youth” vote so he proposed a change in how student loans can be repaid.

All week the President has been attempting to make an end run around Congress with his retread proposals now becoming Executive Orders. His attitude of if Congress won’t act, I will is increasingly troublesome. In fact, the San Francisco Chronicle even had an Editorial earlier this week that stated: “If anything, there is almost a Nixonian quality to the level of control, paranoia - and lack of credibility” - albeit, the editorial was about the press covering one is his fundraisers, but if the San Francisco papers are exposing this side of the President, shouldn’t we all be concerned? Let us know what you think in our weekly poll.

Hope you are ready for snow this weekend. For all you skiers…Enjoy the first snowfall. I’m just hoping it is not like last December’s snow fall.