Thursday, April 30, 2009

New York's Medicaid keeps growing and costing us far too much. It is time to slow this runaway spending.

Who is in charge? "But it's clear that the MTA is terrified of its unionized workforce, and for good reason. At a hearing yesterday, one station agent openly threatened the MTA board and the public, saying, "If you are going to lay us off, we are going to shut you down."
(Read our CALL TO ACTION -- Let your voice be heard)

"There is a major cultural schism developing in America. But it's not over abortion, same-sex marriage or home schooling, as important as these issues are. The new divide centers on free enterprise -- the principle at the core of American culture." states Arthur C. Brooks. Read more here:

Larry Kudlow's take on the first 100 days:

Michelle Malkin assessment

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Specter has long confused public service with self-service, and this episode is just another sad example of that." More in the New York Post Editorial:

Personally, I believe Ralph Peters has the most accurate assessment of President Obama's first 100 days:

I am waiting for Thomas Sowell's assessment, but until then, I'll have to settle for his article telling it like it happened on the housing boom and bust (Also the title of his newest book):

Who could possibly disagree with Walter E. Williams article on Law Vs Moral Values:

Did you think the NYS Budget solved the fiscal crisis in New York? Conservatives know better than to believe the press releases of our esteemed legislators. For an accurate portrayal of the fiscal mess we are in, read this:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Spector enjoy your new party, we are certain that you will be more at home there!

"As if it is not enough to turn cutthroats loose to cut throats again, we are now contemplating legal action against Americans who wrung information about international terrorist operations out of captured terrorists." Read more by Thomas Sowell here:

Pension Reform is absolutely needed in New York State and Nicole Gelinas explains why:

A must read:

Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekly Wrapup

The big story this week has been the “torture” debate – specifically, the Obama Administration’s utter disregard for America’s security (and for the concerns of four former CIA directors) in releasing classified information to score points against President George W. Bush. Scroll down for all the links Shaun Marie has posted this week.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra has a simple but pretty powerful response to all the liberals in Washington and in the media, and their outrage over these so-called revelations: “Congress Knew”:

Two important points from Rep. Hoekstra: First, he says...

“I have asked Mr. Blair to provide me with a list of the dates, locations and names of all members of Congress who attended briefings on enhanced interrogation techniques. Any investigation must include this information as part of a review of those in Congress and the Bush administration who reviewed and supported this program.”

Just as important:

“To get a complete picture of the enhanced interrogation program, a fair investigation will also require that the Obama administration release the memos requested by former Vice President Dick Cheney on the successes of this program.”

So we should look at the facts, and find out the full story. It’s unfortunate that this is such a novel idea these days in Washington.

Talk about unfortunate... Every day we’re getting a better idea of this brave new world President Obama envisions – and at the Weekly Standard, Irwin Stelzer has a good overview of what we might be headed for.

Beware: This is not happy reading. Pretty depressing, if you ask me...

Here’s what we’re facing, in a nutshell: “In the end, Americans will live in smaller houses, drive cars more like those to which Europeans are accustomed, and will rely on European-style health care. In short, we will be more like countries using the social democratic model to which Obama wants to convert America.”

All hope isn’t lost though. “Love him or loathe him, Barack Obama will leave an America vastly different from the one he inherited,” Mr. Stelzer points out. “Unless, of course, sooner rather than later, voters decide they rather liked the older model.”

The Conservative Party is fighting for that older model – an America that is free and prosperous, that embraces individual responsibility and traditional values.

It’s not going to be an easy fight, as we’ve already seen here in New York – President Obama and the liberals will do anything to win. But we are fighting the good fight – and you can trust the Conservative Party to work as hard as we can to help voters decide “they rather like the old model.”

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I do not understand why some prominent people, people who have earned a good living in America, continue to blame America for all of the faults of the world.

If these same people who find fault with America are so unhappy and believe that we are at fault, why do they continue to live here and more importantly, why are they so intent on making it easier for our enemies to destroy our way of life?

And why are they teaching our brightest students?

Your comments are most welcome!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here we go again:

And Obama keeps blaming America:

Thomas Sowell writes on Universal Health Care:

And the George Soro's of the world want "medical marijuana". One only has to look at California, and all the problems with "medical marijuana" to know this is a very bad idea.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Candidate Obama who promised to review every line in the federal budget, is now asking agencies to trim $100 million? We ask, is he keeping his promise, you decide.

And while we are on the subject of the President is he really trying to destroy the CIA and undermine the safety of Americans?

Recommended reading on the "torture memo's" by Rich Lowry:

Thanks to Congressman King for understanding that the safety of America is what is at stake:

Thomas Sowell wants to know if you are an extremist:

It is time for the banking industry to just say no

And here in New York State, the latest poll by Siena College would have us believe that 53% of New Yorkers back gay marriage.
This is at odds with other recent polls. What is certain, is that the Conservative Party is strongly in support of traditional marriage and will not waiver in its position.

On the lighter side, one has to celebrate Susan Boyle! Way to Go, Susan!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

One has to worry when the President does not listen to four, yes four, former heads of the CIA regarding the release of legal memos on interrogation techniques.

One person who had it right in his comments was Captain Richard Phillips
Kudos to all who volunteer to serve in our Armed Forces and let us pray that the release of the aforementioned memos do not bring harm to our brave service men and women.

More on what New York's high taxes are doing to everyday New Yorkers:

And more frightening news from financial expert and friend of the Conservative Party, George J. Marlin:

Over the weekend, I watched Michael Daly on Fox News talking about the rapid transformation of New York's newest Junior Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, which prompted me to read his column:
Couldn't help but think, this is what happens when we elect people without core values. They change in a blink and the only thing that matters is being elected. The absolute irony, as I finished reading his column was Gillibrand speaking of immigration families faced with "police officers, you know in a very combat-boots style, knocked down doors, pointed weapons" were her words and all I could picture was Elian Gonzalez!

Think about it Senator Gillibrand, nine years ago (April 22, 2000) the Clinton administration had AG Janet Reno do exactly what you described and returned a six year old (whose mother died in her attempt to live in a free country) to a communist country.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

I’ve read about this a lot over the past week, so I wanted to make sure everybody saw it. Sen. Charles Schumer was on the Rachel Maddow Show on the ultra-liberal MSNBC network. Here’s what he had to say about conservatives...

“They have nothing positive to say. The world has changed. The old Reagan philosophy... is over. But the hard right which still believes... that, you know, traditional values kind of arguments and strong foreign policy, all that is over. So they have nothing other than to say no.”

Traditional values... strong foreign policy... THAT is what the New York liberals are against. I guess we should thank Sen. Schumer for being honest.

The fact is, the liberals here in New York and in Washington are certainly trying to undermine traditional values and a strong foreign policy. Let’s start with Gov. Paterson’s new crusade for gay marriage.

Most political observers in New York saw this as a desperate bid by the Governor to bolster his polling numbers. But guess what? So far it doesn’t seem to be working...

Among the most vocal critics so far are Paterson’s fellow Democrats. Here’s Sen. Ruben Diaz: “It’s a challenge the governor is sending to every religious person in New York, and the time for us has come for us to accept the challenge.”

Another challenge for conservatives: The liberals’ assault on a “strong foreign policy.” The Obama Administration’s strategy seems to be redefine and retreat.
As Victor Davis Hanson says at National Review Online:

“Fighting a clear war against enemies is dangerous. Clearly not fighting a war against enemies may be more dangerous. But sort of fighting a war, while acting as if we are sort of not, may be the most dangerous thing of all.”

Read it all here:

Yet another threat: Amnesty for illegal aliens. Late last week we saw President Obama float a “trial balloon” for what the liberals like to call comprehensive immigration reform – which you and I know full well means amnesty. Now Big Labor is on board:

Think about these issues, and remember what Chuck Schumer says about conservatives: “They have nothing positive to say... they have nothing other than to say no.” Wrong, as usual.

On taxes (obviously a big issue this week, and a frequent topic in this week’s blog), the Conservative Party says let families keep the money they earn. On spending: We think our elected officials should be responsible with our money.

On the marriage issue... let’s preserve the traditional values that Chuck Schumer thinks are dead and buried – the values that have made America great since our founding.

On foreign policy: Let’s protect America. Plain and simple. Give our troops all the resources they need to fight for us. Use technology like missile defense and new weaponry that can make America safer.

Sorry to disappoint the Schumer liberals, but that’s my positive message for the week.

And I have one more positive thing to say: Have a great weekend, and stay tuned here for more news and opinions. Thanks!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Considering what hap pend at Georgetown University when President Obama spoke,, more pressure has to be put on Notre Dame to rescind its invitation to President Obama.

Charter Schools are successful across the nation and the price for that success is to have its funding cut due to the pressure of the teachers union. When did the teachers union decide that the education of children is secondary to their strength? And how long will parents continue to allow the education of their children be secondary?

It is interesting to note that in today's world of worldwide instant communication that Sen. Smith was noticeably absent from Gov. Paterson's roll out of his program bill to legalize same-sex marriage. Liz Benjamin (Daily News) blogs about the press conference and writes: "Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, who is being put under pressure by Paterson with this move, was also notably absent. Paterson insisted Smith is a "strong supporter of the legislation" and said he just got back into town yesterday (no word about where he had been) and didn't know about today's press conference." Read more here:

and the New York Post takes the Governor to task for not focusing on the real issues facing New Yorkers.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If you haven't attended a T.E.A. Rally yet, you still have time to do so. It really is time to let our elected officials know we are taxed enough.

And, yes, one way government could save some cash would be to lay off (of course if the Unions truly cared about their employees, they would at least negotiate in good faith some give backs) some public employees and some high-salaried employees on the second floor not protected by unions.

I must go back to the T. E. A. Rallies for one moment and be grateful that so many people have showed up to express their concern about the out of control spending government is engaging in. America is a country built on the belief that its people are capable of deciding on what is best for them. We are not ruled by kings, rather ordinary people we chose to represent us and the key word is to represent us. We elected representatives and unless the current class of elected officials start listening to what we are saying, they will be out of work. Soon. Those who attend out the T. E. A. Rallies understand and are not intimidated by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are you getting what you pay for? If not, let the puppet master teach you how

"We're at the start of an unprecedented foray by the federal government into the governance of private-sector companies," states part of an article in the Wall Street Journal on line. Read more here:

More insight on the national scene from a very wise man:

Tomorrow is T. E. A. Day.... In NYC you can attend one at City Hall Park

The NYC Tea Party, sponsored by Parcbench and XA will take place on: Wednesday, April 15th

Location: City Hall Park Manhattan
Time: 7pm-9pm. Please bring as many people as you can.

It`s our future that is being mortgaged in Washington DC, in New York State and in New York City.

Citizens United is also a sponsor of the NYC Tea Party.More info here:

Monday, April 13, 2009

We hope that you all had a Blessed Easter and Passover.

Hopefully you had time over the weekend to find your local T. E. A. Rally and will be attending one on this Wednesday, the 15 of April. Let us know if you spot politicians at the T. E. A. would be interesting to compare their voting record to their attendance record.

Kudos to our U. S. Navy! We SALUTE all of our volunteer Armed Forces and can only hope that any decrease in military spending is only slated for wasteful spending. Our volunteer Armed Forces need the best equipment to protect us and them while they preform their jobs. Heavy sanctions and loss of contracts must be placed on any contractor who abuses the system.

Is it a surprise to anyone that Mayor Bloomberg is seeking the WFP line? Unfortunately, to some, the only thing that matters is to win election to office.

A glimmer of hope, that some elected officials see the error in just getting elected?
Time will tell if they truly understand the weight of the albatross.
For the very same elected officials have kept New York as the tax capital of the world:

Former Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, writes how he would resolve the "fair share" tax issue:

Another article on the Health Care issue: Resolving the Health Care "crisis" is the goal of the liberals at the congressional helm and all voters must understand what the really means to all of us: the end of private health insurance.

George J. Marlin writes of Cardinal Egan's accomplishments:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

You know the old saying about New York, New York – “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” Problem is, with taxes on the increase, plenty of successful people – aka “the rich” – are starting to think that “anywhere” looks a lot better than the Big Apple.

Last week we heard Gov. Paterson take delight in the idea that Rush Limbaugh might be taxed out of New York City. But Rush won’t be alone. Here’s Donald Trump telling Neil Cavuto of FOX News how the “super rich” in New York might react to these new taxes...,2933,513027,00.html

“You’re talking about millions and millions of dollars for some people that really have other options, Neil. They can move to other states. You take a state like Florida, run by a governor, Charlie Crist, who is a terrific governor, and who is very, very cherishing of his no income tax.

So, you know, I make a lot of money outside of New York State, as an example. And I’m saying to myself, wait a minute. For the privilege of living in New York, I am supposed to pay tens of millions of dollars in extra taxes? It doesn’t make sense.”

Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t like everything about Donald Trump. But he makes a good point – and he reminds us that Gov. Paterson and Sheldon Silver haven’t thought their “class warfare” ideas all the way through.

This week we blogged about President Obama’s trip overseas, and his disastrous foreign policy instincts – as well as some news items on New York politics. But the big topic of the week is definitely taxes. There’s lots of great information in this article...

First off, it’s a great guide to how Gov. Paterson’s tax hikes will affect all New Yorkers. The City and Long Island will get hit hardest – but every part of the state will suffer.

This article has some interesting numbers on where the taxpayers of New York stand on these new taxes...

“Meanwhile, New York voters -- by a lopsided 60 percent to 16 percent -- disapprove of the $132 billion budget approved by the Legislature last week, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday.

Asked if Gov. Paterson and legislative leaders had shown the political courage to make difficult decisions in the budget, 65 percent said no.”

Seems like plenty of New Yorkers are starting to agree with our Conservative Party message: “Spending is the problem... tax increases are NOT the answer.” We’ll be working hard all year – all the way through to 2010 and beyond – to get those people energized to go out and vote conservative.

Have friends or family who are fed up with the tax-and-spend liberal establishment, but don’t know how to fight back? Make sure they register to vote Conservative...

... and pass along the link to this blog, so they can learn more about what’s wrong with New York, and how to rescue our great state.

Enjoy your weekend – and let’s all do our best to remember the sacrifice and redemption signified by Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One week from today - April 15, 2009 -- is national T. E. A. day. If you haven't become involved yet, click here: to find out where you can attend a T. E. A. rally. They are in every area of New York, from Albany to Erie to Suffolk to Franklin to Chautauqua. It will be interesting to see how much coverage the media give them. Talk the rallies up with your neighbors, bring your family and friends....get involved and let all elected officials know what you think of their spending!

Maybe it will send in message to the New York City Council:

Or it may remind elected officials that they are approaching the fiscal mess in all the wrong ways:

Another article on how the current administration's need for destroying our current health care system will effect us:

And a new reason to keep our guard up:

Congratulations to our Cayuga County Chairman, Greg Rigby, on speaking out at the Interior Department Hearing on Energy in Atlantic City, N.J.. According to an ACU Press Release, Greg attended and said the following: "Greg Rigby, a Small Business Owner from Auburn, NY; told the hearing, "We need a balanced approach on our energy needs with a focus on gas and oil. We need to base our country's energy policy on science, not on emotion."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did you know that the New York State budget just created instant millionaires? Amazing! And the "instant millionaires" didn't even have to buy a lottery ticket! Read how it happened here:

Henry Stern makes a case for term limits:

Cal Thomas writes of the Iowa Supreme Court Decision:

Thomas Sowell's best columns are titled "Random Thoughts" and here is a paragraph from today's: "Barack Obama seems determined to repeat every disastrous mistake of the 1930s, at home and abroad. He has already repeated Herbert Hoover's policy of raising taxes on high income earners, FDR's policy of trying to micro-manage the economy and Neville Chamberlain's policy of seeking dialogues with hostile nations while downplaying the dangers they represent. "
Read the rest here:

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Monday, April 6, 2009

New York's one party control of the Legislature and Executive branches of government, appears to have placed the "needs" of the Teacher's Union before the true needs of the students!

Former Congressman Rick Lazio is moving around the state spurring talk of a possible GOP run for Governor.

President Obama needs a quick lesson and what to do when sanctions and resolutions do not work for we all know that North Korea is not intimidated by either.

And he should also have a quick lesson on what not to say while on foreign soil.

On the positive side, know that we have a strong voice in the U. S. Senate

This just in: Save the Date - May 28, 2009 - for the 47th Annual Conservative Dinner in New York City. More details to follow.....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

With all the bad budget news this week – here in New York and in Washington – let’s focus on something happier for a minute: Opening Day is almost here. The Mets are looking good heading into the season... but we all know that what matters is how they perform at the end of the season.

Let’s hope this doesn’t jinx them...

For right now, I’m just ready to enjoy some baseball and the spring weather it brings.,0,7742773.story

Here’s a game I’d rather not have to watch: Americans for Tax Reform is pitting New York against New Jersey in an “epic battle” to see which state can destroy itself first with higher taxes and uncontrolled spending. In this game, everybody loses.

Sheldon Silver and Gov. Paterson are certainly trying their best to drive taxpayers out of New York. We’ve been following the budget debacle all week here on the blog. Shaun Marie has posted links to the best stories. Make sure you didn’t miss any.

And remember: We’re also being hit by the bloated $3.5 trillion Obama budget just passed by Congress.

At least Gov. Paterson is finding some humor in all of this. He thinks it’s hilarious that Rush Limbaugh is leaving New York City to get away from high taxes. Does the Governor really think that Mr. Limbaugh is the only person in New York planning to relocate to a more taxpayer-friendly locale?

That article also talks about the MTA bailout plan the politicians are trying to orchestrate. Get ready for even more spending, if you can imagine that. And no, the date on that article is NOT 4/1 – but this quote makes you think it came out on April Fools Day...

“‘The fact is, this is a balanced and effective budget,’ Paterson said.”

The brave New Yorkers serving in our military who wanted to vote in this week’s special congressional election might be finding out that the joke is on them. I saw this on The Corner over at National Review Online: “The Shameful Disenfranchisement of the Military in New York’s Congressional Race.”

According to the story, “In New York, ten counties make up the 20th congressional district, and nine of them sent their absentee ballots to overseas voters too late for them to be received and returned in time to count in this election.”

Shameful is the perfect word for this. Our men and women in uniform are fighting for our freedom – but they’re not allowed to exercise their own freedoms back home.

This has been a rough week for taxpayers. Need a silver lining – besides baseball? Just remember that the Conservative Party can’t wait to take the liberals’ tax-and-spend policies to the voters of our state – so they can have a say in this.

It won’t be easy – but you can bet the Conservative Party will be working hard for you. If you’re as fed up as we are, make sure you vote in our new poll – and get your friends and family to register as Conservatives.

Try to have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

When a prominent member of the Democratic Party, who served in the Legislature with Speaker Silver, states that the state budget "does not adequately respond to today's economic realities" you know there are serious problems, especially when that prominent member is the State Comptroller.

The NY Post Op-Ed piece by Bob McManus enlightens New Yorkers as to where the real power is in New York politics:
The quote of the day has to be from his column "Much of Silver's influence devolves from the irrelevance of Gov. Paterson and of Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith -- neither of whom could make an impression in a pail of wet concrete."

If you are confused about how big the spending increase is in the new state budget, you are in good company. E. J. McMahon, a renowned fiscal expert says in his NY Fiscal Watch column that "One of the many glaring shortcomings of the state budget process is that it is not possible to answer such questions with much certainty until the Division of the Budget (DOB) finally issues an Enacted Budget Report, up to 30 days after budget bills are passed." Read more here:

New Yorker's are being hit hard with all of the new taxes, fees and increase in the PIT. Now comes the federal budget which will extract even more from us. Candidate Obama campaigned for change, little did we know that we won't even have any change left when both of the budgets are signed into law.,_senate_poised_to_adopt_pared-back_budget

Can a leopard change its spots?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hidden in the huge spending bill that is determined to diminish the lifestyles of the good citizens of New York is the outrageous "reform" of the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Bill Hammond has an article on the "Three Kings of Albany" certainly worth reading.

The New York Post Editorial points out how and more importantly why the Charter Schools in New York have been denied any increased funding.

The 20th Congressional Race is still to close to call and it may be two more weeks before we know for certain who will represent the 20th Congressional District which is really too bad since Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) could use Jim Tedisco's support on the GOP alternative budget proposal.

Cal Thomas has a new column in "TheFoxNation" calling for the return of Reagan Republicans: and Thomas Sowell writes about the perils of a "Rookie President":

Do you know who said ""We see all the time . . . how the world really . . . is growing together. The challenge (will be) whether our Constitution . . . fits into the governing documents of other nations."? Frightening statement and even more frightening when you know that Justice Stephen Breyer is the person who made the statement. Do you know who Harold Koh is?
He has been nominated by President Obama for the position of legal advisor for the State Department and a likely future Supreme Court Justice. Koh believes laws of places like Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka should carry equal weight with the laws of Virginia and South more about him here: