Friday, January 28, 2011

Don’t forget: Our 44th Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference – CPPAC – begins this Sunday at Noon.

Sunday and Monday at CPPAC we’ll be talking about the many challenges facing New York. Which issues are you most concerned about right now? That’s the question in our new Weekly Poll. Vote today!

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have a new priority: Scaring seniors about their Social Security and Medicare.

For those not just out to score partisan political points, there's plenty to be concerned about.

Remember this story from earlier in January? "'We are going to be more responsible fiscally,' the senator [Schumer] asserted, but quickly added, 'I will not comment on any specific plan.'"

So yeah, don’t expect many specifics from Chuck about his mighty plans to magically wipe out the Social Security deficit and fully fund the program for eternity.

The Conservative Party has just released our agenda for 2011. It features “Five Steps for New York's Future” – specific plans to get New York back on track. Our recommendations include holding the growth in State spending to no higher than the inflation rate; capping the growth in both real estate and property taxes; reducing the personal income tax for all New Yorkers; and requiring a two-thirds majority vote for any new tax increases.

And this week we launched a statewide phone campaign to get people to take a specific action: Calling Albany and telling our elected representatives to "be more fiscally responsible," as Chuck Schumer might say.

But back to big talk and few real ideas - sound familiar?

Charles Krauthammer once again offers up some unimpeachable analysis.

But if Obama's meaningless rhetoric offers up a history lesson (or makes young people Google "Sputnik") maybe all is not lost...

And if the President’s speech inadvertently undermines his left-wing agenda? Even better...

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

If we ever needed more evidence that we must protect our borders, this is it.

The East Coast is buried in snow, but Washington DC is really buried in debt, more here. The Heritage Foundation has more on the nation's debt.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent editorial. And the NY Post quotes Congressman Ryan.
Karl Rove on Obama vs. Ryan: The Choice is clear.

Cal Thomas with more on The Speech.

Listen up Albany, the House of Representatives gets another major vote right.

On a lighter note, what are they doing to girl scout cookies? Say it isn't so!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It appears that Gov. Cuomo is still looking to do what is right for all New York taxpayers. You can help by calling your Assembly Member and telling them "no new taxes, fees or borrowing." Join our efforts to cut spending in New York, the phone number is 518-455-4100. If you don't know who your Assembly Member is, click here, to find out.

Majority Leader, Dean Skelos, is 100% correct on congestion pricing.

Most of the news today is on the State of the Union address by President Obama. You can read about it here, here, here and an overview of the GOP response here. A fiscal analysis, neither one will the President like, are here and here.

Couldn't agree more with William McGurn!

Don't forget to call your Assembly Member at 518-455-4100 and to register for CPPAC our 44th Annual Conference in Albany, NY at the Holiday Inn. You really don't want to miss any of our speakers, especially Mark Steyn!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ACORN = New York Communities for Change. This name change proves the old saying a rose by any other name would smell as sweet...this name change does not change the stench from ACORN.

Rich Lowry on investing our way to the poorhouse.

More on how Obama is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

The Heritage Foundation writes about Obama's State of Denial.

Infanticide for Hire. Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle stands with pro-lifers!

Parts of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed budget begins to leak out.

E. J. McMahon and Gov. Chris Christie agree: state bankruptcy's are not a good idea.

Fred Siegel has an excellent article on how public unions take taxpayers hostage.

It's Tuesday and Thomas Sowell has another great column.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Heritage Foundation lets us know this is the first ever national school choice week.

Tomorrow is Sportsman's Day in Albany if you are in the Capitol District area, stop by.

The Buffalo News Editorial has high praise for the Spending Cap passed by the Republican State Senate...time to put the pressure on the Assembly to pass it also.

Don't be fooled by his words. It is important to read between the lines on what President Obama will say tomorrow.

Patrick Gaspard has a new job and that is not good news for people who believe that "Mickey Mouse" does not have the right to vote.

Senator Durbin doesn't try to fool people. Sen. Durbin, while misguided, at least is true to his beliefs and runs on them.

Larry Kudlow on Jeffrey Immelt.

Jonah Goldberg makes the case for Drill, Obama, Drill.

Rich Lowry on Dick Cheney.

Amber Waves of Ethanol (and we wonder why food costs are rising.)

Cause for concern?

Newly elected Congressman Chris Gibson (a participant with the other newly elected Members of Congress Sunday afternoon at CPPAC) has made constructing a nuclear power plant in the region one of his top priorities. Kudos to him!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Shaun Marie featured this story earlier in the week about Sheldon Silver’s massive conflict of interest on the question of “hydrofracking.”

According to The Post, “As Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver leads the fight to block a type of natural-gas drilling in New York, his private law firm is in other states trying to drum up multimillion-dollar lawsuits against the practice...”

What do you think? Do you agree with the Conservative Party that Speaker Silver should recuse himself from the debate over hydrofracking since his law firm stands to make a pretty penny through big lawsuits on the issues? Give your opinion today on our new Weekly Poll.

More on the bold plan in Congress for reining in out-of-control federal spending...

And here in New York, the Conservative Party is leading a statewide push for spending restraint and fiscal responsibility. I talked about our plan on Capital Tonight. See the interview here.

Conservatives in Washington (including New York Republicans elected with Conservative Party support) have also voted to repeal Obamacare...

... and are now leading a new health care debate in Congress.

Charles Krauthammer explores the phony arguments in support of Obamacare.

Next up: A bipartisan effort to make sure our tax dollars aren’t used to fund abortions.

And states are taking serious action too (but not New York, unfortunately).

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On fiscal matters, we agree with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, so far. It will be difficult, as many in the Democratic Assembly do not agree with us or Gov. Andrew Cuomo. And the discussions are just beginning. But New Yorkers should have some hope when bills like this pass the Republican Senate.

Looks like Washington is doing things right in the House. And will continue to do more, I can hear the cries now as the National Endowment for the Arts is included in the proposed cuts. (Just think, you may never get to see the Madonna covered in excrement again.) Karl Rove believes the GOP health care offensive has just begun. So does the Heritage Foundation.

Good advice from George Will.

Hu's words ring hollow.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

President Obama announced an Executive Order yesterday to to restore "balance" to federal regulation and root out rules that impede job creation and economic growth. Both the WSJ and Heritage Foundation have doubts that this will change anything.

The House is keeping its word on Obamacare, some Congressmen to watch how they vote are here. Congressman Cantor gets tough with Sen. Harry Reid on Obamacare. Michael Tanner writes about facts. Doctors are none to happy with the reform.

This man should be ashamed to be called Doctor!

Guess this falls under the category of "If it's too hot, get out of the kitchen".

Senator Pat Toomey on the debt ceiling. Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle named to key committee post.

Can they (NYPIRG etc.) spell 'hypocrite'?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Larry Kudlow is concerned that while the stock market indicates healing, prices are on the rise.

More on state's pension shortfalls.

Can we trust the CBO numbers? Human Events think they are wrong on Obamacare.

William McGurn has startling numbers on abortions in New York State.

It must be Tuesday because there is a new Thomas Sowell column.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Speaker Silver is a leading foe against hydrofracking in New York State and he is closely associated with Weitz and Luxenberg, the law firm with a strong anti-drilling advocacy, yet he refuses to discuss if this is a conflict. Does he really want us to believe that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, that it is a cuddly puppy?

Has Speaker Silver met his match? Should be interesting.

An agreement is an agreement, isn't it? Apparently, the Seneca Nation does not think so and is refusing to pay its bill.

Ms. Black's "joke" makes her critics criticism of her qualifications justified.

Won't they ever learn...spending is the problem.

More articles on the debt limit and here. But is all the news good?

Could Congress be missing an opportunity? Some advice for Congress from George Will.

The Heritage Foundation writes about a man who as a former slave initially sided with the abolitionists of the day in rejecting America and its Constitution “for supporting and perpetuating this monstrous system of injustice and blood,” eventually developed, through a careful study of the Founding, an “irrepressible faith in America”: Frederick Douglass, a man who truly understood what makes America the greatest nation.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

There's been plenty of discussion over the past several days about the terrible Tucson massacre, and the Left's shameless exploitation of that tragedy in their desperate bid to score political points against conservatives. I want to end the week by focusing on the issues.

Obamacare, which is at the top of the agenda in Congress.

We hear a lot of talk about "repeal and replace" - but what is the replacement? Congressman (and Doctor) Phil Roe has some
sensible ideas...

This issue will be at the center of the 2012 presidential campaign – and via Drudge Report, we learn that President Obama is already
building up his war chest...

What’s that sound we hear?
“The Cry of the Cowardly Pol,” reports The New York Post.

Thanks to
Illinois, the liberals in Albany and New York City have competition in the "race to the bottom" toward the highest taxes and the least-friendly business environment...

... while states like
Wisconsin – remembering the old saw that “All politics is local” – are trying to capitalize on frustrations with tax-and-spend liberalism...

... and Chris Christie is working hard to rescue
New Jersey from the bottom by implementing much-needed pension reforms for government employees.

According to
this report, Gov. Cuomo “wants to move forward with a plan to collect taxes from the sale of cigarettes on Indian reservations.”

This has been tried before to no avail, and there’s no guarantee Cuomo will be successful. But given that tax-free cigarettes on Indian reservations hurt merchants across the state and contribute to the rampant bootlegging that has been shown to benefit terrorist groups, do you believe Gov. Cuomo’s plan is a step in the right direction? Give your views in our Weekly Poll.

And have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

If you haven't voted in our poll yet, or even if you have, you may be interested in what the Heritage Foundation has to say about the debt ceiling. More on the debt ceiling by Arthur Laffer.

South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, aims to trim government and cut taxes.

Cal Thomas and Daniel Henninger on the Tuscon tragedy. And the NY Post has good advice for Secretary Clinton.

I'm glad it wasn't only me, not that I think the Prez was perfect (I believe his delivery encouraged the crowd), but the crowd was appalling.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chris Collins has a good proposal for Medicaid Reform. We certainly hope that the people appointed by Gov. Cuomo understand that the model being used is flawed. Will all due respect to Mr. Helgerson, New York does not need a "smoke and mirrors" fix to Medicaid. Mr. Collins proposal is real.

Yikes, Chicago, Illinois lawmakers approve a 66% tax hike! Did they start building a wall to keep fleeing taxpayers in?

Economic Freedom? As a country we have slipped to 9th place.

Our kind of straight talking person.

Jonah Goldberg on Censorship is an absurd answer.

Justice Schack, no one forced you to be a Judge.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mr. Mayor, another storm is on its way, no more excuses this time.

Well, that was short lived, thankfully.

Is Comptroller DiNapoli changing his mind?

Governor Cuomo and Governor Quinn (Illinois), two newly elected democrats and how they perceive governing their respective states.

About that Green Technology making us less dependent on foreign sources of may want to rethink that. The Heritage Foundation on Obama's drilling agenda.

This is not good news either.

Armstrong Williams on Austerity, Now or Never.

Thomas Sowell on articulation.

The old Hillary is back and at it again!

Madam Secretary, read Cal Thomas' column on Explaining Evil.

Monday, January 10, 2011

We pray for all of the victims and families in Tucson, those who were savagely murdered, and those who witnessed the senseless taking of precious human life. The horrific events of Saturday are the results of one deranged individual.

Everyone needs to turn down the rhetoric while they legitimately debate issues. Debating issues does not create deranged individuals who give us many indications that serious problems exist.

The Heritage Foundation says it best.

Greenspan warns of risk from U. S. Debt.

Be prepared for another spike is gasoline prices. Hopefully the leak will be fixed rapidly.

W. James Antell, III writes in American Spectator about Liberalism's Frail Constitution.

The NY Times has an article saying that the Assembly may link property tax cap to City rent laws. While we understand the need for compromise in politics, this is NOT a good idea.

The NY Post has an article regarding Gov. Cuomo's pick for Medicaid reform....this is a must read as the writer calls him a dubious pick.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

This is my choice for Picture of the Week!

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. The Obama Administration is pushing for yet another increase in the U.S. debt limit so the politicians can spend money they don’t have.

After all, as The Washington Times points out:
Only $279,950,956,705.59 left to spend!

President Obama was against it before he was for it.

Erick Erickson suggests the GOP use the President’s exact words from 2006 in opposing this new blank check now...

Where do you stand – with Obama THEN or Obama NOW? Vote in our new Weekly Poll.

Here’s a promise from Chuck Schumer on behalf of his fellow Democrats: "We are going to be more responsible fiscally.” And another: “We will be fiscally responsible and reduce government spending...” How? Here’s another promise from Chuck: “I will not comment on any specific plan.” The whole spectacle is

Well, there is one area where the liberals LOVE to cut spending: National defense. The Heritage Foundation explains why sweeping defense cuts are wrong for America...

The Left seems to think that the Constitution is wrong for America...

... but if you ask me, reading our nation’s founding document was the right start to 2011.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The State of the State has extensive coverage on many of the blogs. It was well delivered and included some humor and most importantly, Governor Cuomo, made it perfectly clear that he understood that we are facing a $10 B deficit. The text and visuals of the speech are here. The NY Post and Fred Dicker wanted more details. While we hope that Governor Cuomo is successful with the conservative fiscal message, there are portions of the SOS that we have concerns with as well. The fact that the NY Post is a little skeptical, as well as some of the other reviews, proves that New York is in very serious financial trouble. The "devil is in the details" and we certainly will examine the budget proposal when delivered. Hopefully it will make the necessary cuts and consolidations to begin to close the budget gaps and help all New Yorkers financially. Do you think the NY Times had trouble writing the headline?

Conservative Party Comptroller Candidate, Harry Wilson, has a serious suggestion for Speaker Silver.

I'm sure you've read about the four democrats who have formed an "independent" conference in the NY State Senate.

I hope that the public will be able to see this as well.

ICYMT yesterday. Or this.

Karl Rove on Obamacare. The Heritage Foundation on Repeal Doesn't Increase the Deficit.

Hope and change in Congress. Speaker Boehner in his own words.

NY State is not the only state facing pension problems. The American Thinker has an interesting article on the subject.

Thomas Sowell's sobering article from Tuesday.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year is here and a new administration in New York State. We sincerely wish Governor Andrew Cuomo well and hope that his fiscal conservative policies are adopted for the sake of all New Yorkers, but the task won't be easy. His Inaugural Address is here, for your review and his State of the State will be linked to sometime Wednesday or when available. Many reviews of his Inaugural Address are here. A well deserved kudos to the Albany Times Union for their coverage.

Governor Cuomo is setting a good example by cutting his own salary by 5%, as well as some of his Executive Staff.

E. J. McMahon reiterates the need for spending and property caps.

New York is not the only state facing serious fiscal problems. And the Heritage Foundation believes "No bailouts for Government Unions".

Thanks, Mr. McManus, couldn't have said it better myself.

And just in case you missed this over the weekend, another Senator seems to let our tax dollars disappear in his member item list.

Governor Cuomo, maybe instead of the Executive Order for Ethics Training, which is for Chamber Staff and top state officials, you should consider a eliminating Member Items from the Executive and Legislative Budgets, thereby saving tax payers and eliminating the temptation. Just a thought for consideration.