Friday, January 28, 2011

Don’t forget: Our 44th Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference – CPPAC – begins this Sunday at Noon.

Sunday and Monday at CPPAC we’ll be talking about the many challenges facing New York. Which issues are you most concerned about right now? That’s the question in our new Weekly Poll. Vote today!

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have a new priority: Scaring seniors about their Social Security and Medicare.

For those not just out to score partisan political points, there's plenty to be concerned about.

Remember this story from earlier in January? "'We are going to be more responsible fiscally,' the senator [Schumer] asserted, but quickly added, 'I will not comment on any specific plan.'"

So yeah, don’t expect many specifics from Chuck about his mighty plans to magically wipe out the Social Security deficit and fully fund the program for eternity.

The Conservative Party has just released our agenda for 2011. It features “Five Steps for New York's Future” – specific plans to get New York back on track. Our recommendations include holding the growth in State spending to no higher than the inflation rate; capping the growth in both real estate and property taxes; reducing the personal income tax for all New Yorkers; and requiring a two-thirds majority vote for any new tax increases.

And this week we launched a statewide phone campaign to get people to take a specific action: Calling Albany and telling our elected representatives to "be more fiscally responsible," as Chuck Schumer might say.

But back to big talk and few real ideas - sound familiar?

Charles Krauthammer once again offers up some unimpeachable analysis.

But if Obama's meaningless rhetoric offers up a history lesson (or makes young people Google "Sputnik") maybe all is not lost...

And if the President’s speech inadvertently undermines his left-wing agenda? Even better...

Have a great weekend!

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