Friday, December 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week we saw the passing of Robert Bork, and there have been several nice remembrances – from the New York Post, the New York Sun and the Washington Times, among others.

And the New York Times chimed in with a rather petty take on how Bork wasn't the first Supreme Court nominee to be “borked.”

In another big story from this week (and the one before that, and the one before that): We’re now “teetering on the cliff,” as the Wall Street Journal puts it.  

The Journal also examines what we've learned from the failure of House Speaker John Boehner’s “Plan B” for a smaller tax increase.

The Heritage Foundation is happy that conservatives stood their ground against tax hikes... and they point out that if Senate Democrats had taken action earlier this year, we wouldn’t even be in this predicament. Thanks a lot, Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand.

Meanwhile, John Podhoretz has another take on the situation – he’s not happy at all with rebellious conservatives.

I’m not at all happy with the bait-and-switch we saw thisweek with the President’s “Save General Motors” campaign... but it’s not as though anyone in their right mind ever believed this was a good deal for taxpayers.

It’s still disappointing to talk about Barack Obama as our President, and not as our soon-to-be ex-President – but there’s no changing that now, and I’m ready to close out the year with a spirit of optimism and determination for the battles ahead.

Since this is the last Weekly Wrap-Up of 2012, we have a special “New Years Resolution” Weekly Poll: What are you planning to do in 2013 to fight even harder against the Obama agenda and for conservative principles?

I look forward to seeing how people vote – and have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New York is still in deep fiscal trouble. In case you missed yesterday's article in the NY Post,  E. J. McMahon  (E. J. will be speaking at our conference) takes a critical look at the report issued by the State Budget Crisis Task Force issued on Monday and the structural problems New York faces.   The monthly report by the State Comptroller isn't much brighter as revenues continue to be less than anticipated. One of the reasons NY continues to have problems is shown in this 24/7 report on the states doling out the best (most expensive for taxpayers) and worst (most beneficial to taxpayers) benefits.  New York ranks #4 on the "best" list.

Speaker Silver is wrong in saying raising the minimum wage spurs economic growth,  yes, a few may have a small bit more to spend, but, fewer people will be working as employers won't be able to afford to hire more employees.  

Nicole Gelinas reminds us we are looking at another huge bill for the Tappan Zee and wonders how we will be able to pay it.  (Nicole will also be a speaker at this years' conference.)

Superstorm Sandy still wreaking havoc.

It isn't surprising that the Left is calling for more and tougher gun laws in the wake of the horrific massacre in Sandy Hook.  New York already has tough gun laws.  Guns are obviously inanimate object and need humans to operate them so why isn't the Left calling for more ways to "control" the evil that some humans do?  There are far too many questions that have not been answered (and may never be answered) to have a "knee-jerk" reaction and blame an inanimate object.  When a person has had too much to drink and gets behind the wheel  and takes the lives of innocent victims, we do not call for the banning of cars.  We propose and enact stricter drunk driving laws, take away licenses and punish the person responsible.  Why is it different with guns?  Should it be different?  Are we going to ban knives or demand that they are less sharp?  Some common sense has to prevail; get to the real problem. Ted Nugent lets us know his thoughts on the Sandy Hook massacre, I can't say that he is wrong.

Wow, Santa's "presents" have certainly changed since I was a kid.

We already know where VP Biden will go with gun control, seriously why make the pretense of looking at gun control and "other measures".

Red State hits the nail on the head.

The Security Chief has resigned along with two others, but, many questions are still unanswered.

Since I neglected to post any articles yesterday, you may have missed, Thomas Sowell and Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

As GOP leaders capitulate on core conservative values, the Heritage Foundation asks the question "Will they ever learn?"  No, they won't because voters are not holding them accountable, most are not engaged in the battle to save America from unnecessary spending but most of all because they keep sending the same people back to do the job.  Last month Barack Obama was returned to office for another four years, despite the extreme spending and narcissistic administration and the fact that he said to Russian President Medvedede ""This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility,"  President Obama believes his 3.3% margin gives him the winning hand and we as voters did not strengthen Congressman Boehner's hand.  Will they ever learn?  Not until we make them.

It is up to us to educate our, family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.  Discuss articles like this editorial in the Washington Examiner instead of who won this year's Survivor or Amazing Race. 

Proof that high taxes do not work. 

America falls from prosperity according to a London based think tank.

The elections are over, so the President has a new non-deportation policy.

File this under "the world is truly up-side-down".

Rich Lowry opines on the Sandy Hook tragedy.  So does John Podhoretz.

Hillary Clinton's head fake.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell  also on gun control. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Nothing we can say will help stop the pain and horror of Friday afternoon's carnage in Connecticut.  No words will ever explain the inexplicable, no one will ever truly know why 20 children will never return to their parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other family members.  Another piece of innocence was taken from all of America on Friday, another act of depraved indifference to the sanctity of life took place on Friday and all weekend the reaction has been predictable.  Yes, President Obama, these tragedies must end.  And they must end now, hopefully by fully returning to the Judeo-Christian values that were the basis of our Constitution that  formulated this great nation and understand that victims rights must outweigh criminal rights.  The Founding Fathers could have put any ideal in the First Amendment and Second Amendment, yet they chose religion and self-defense,  isn't it time we do so also?

The NY Sun  opines so does the NY Post.

Guns should not be the only consideration to end the tragedies. 

Senator Jim DeMint has big shoes to fill, but Congressman Tim Scott may just be the right fit!

This is why people do not approve of Congress.  Take care of the people who need the help, the people who need to be able to live in a home with heat and electricity, Sandy's Relief fund certainly should not contain money for Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico fisheries, nor repair jobs at Kennedy Space Center. Disaster relief is disaster relief, nothing more should be in the bill.

How convenient.

Taxes have consequences, too.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Wow... you know that if Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand oppose a tax, it must be pretty awful.

Too bad they never had a chance to oppose this tax before. Oh, wait...

Well, it’s all part of the madness that is Obamacare.

But the biggest news this week is Susan Rice and her decision to take herself out of the running for Secretary of State.

Here you’ll find her obviously self-serving account of why she made this decision – if this is a decision that she made, that is.

Seems to me that if the Obama Administration wanted to further its Benghazi cover-up, steering Susan Rice away from the confirmation hearings she would have to endure as would-be Secretary of State would be a smart strategy.

What do you think – is Susan Rice’s abandonment of her Secretary of State dreams simply a noble act on her part (as she wants us to believe)? Or is this the Obama Administration’s way of sweeping the deaths of four Americans under the rug?

Vote this week in our new weekly poll...

If you ask me, here’s the funniest line from the Susan Rice column: “I deeply respect Congress’s role in our system of government.” Her boss doesn’t seem to share that respect...

The other big news this week was Big Labor – though the unions seem smaller than ever after their juvenile antics in Michigan.  Sore losers, as the New York Post calls them.

So legalizing marijuana is no big deal, right? Wrong, according to people “on the ground” where it’s happening.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Erik Kriss has more on Governor Cuomo's litmus test  and  his future support.  Fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope as Kriss reports it appears that the Republican leaders are standing up for the taxpayers.

Question to the Members of the NY City Council:  What message do these bills send to people?  It's okay to come into our country illegally, but all the other laws we pass must be followed?  Why, if it's okay to break one law, why does anyone have to follow any laws?

Here we go again.

News on Health Exchanges required by Obamacare.  (Governor Cuomo did not wait for legislative approval in New York, like President Obama, he just issued an Executive Order to get what he wanted.)  More on the Health Exchanges from the Heritage Foundation.

As this AP article points out, some think Obama's regulations haven't gone far enough and want more.  So Obama's Administration should stifle economic growth with regulations while the Federal Reserves cranks out billions to put people to work to create more regulations and the economy is supposed to get healthy with this kind of thinking.  Did anyone pass the Economics classes they took?

Don't cave on the necessary spending cuts, Congressman Boehner.  We all know if they are not done now, they never will be. 

Grover Norquist's war plan for the GOP.

Here's Karl Rove's take on what the President may really want.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the fiscal cliff's numbers. 

Where some of your money is being spent can be found here.  And that's just one agency!

Another glimmer of hope, this time for all who believe in religious freedom.

Instead of following Europe's fiscal morass, maybe we should turn to Singapore's economic plan....if they don't change it...they have a 1.9% unemployment rate.  This isn't a typo, 1.9% unemployment rate. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chairman Mike Long speaks out in the New York Times on the "New Model" for Albany.

Apparently, Governor Andrew Cuomo, believes his high ratings has given him the ability to impose whatever legislation he wants.  Do you remember his campaigning on Campaign Finance Reform or raising the minimum wage?  I also do not recall any campaign pledge to make New York State's abortion laws even more liberal than they are now, which happen to be the least restrictive in all of America.   A piece of advice Governor:  Don't let your ratings give you the impression you are unquestionably correct, you're not.  We, the Conservative Party, will also challenge you when your agenda conflicts with what is best for all New Yorkers.

Governor Cuomo likes to say New York is open for business, then today, completely shut down the possibility of New York becoming a "right-to-work" state.  Which is it Governor, open for business or continuing to hamper business with agency shop rules?

Hydrofracking facing more delays if this lawsuit goes forward.  

New York City fails to obtain $40M in school funds.

North Korea is successful and it is no surprise that Iran congratulates them.

Larry Kudlow's    thoughts on the Fiscal Cliff.

Someone send this to President Obama and those who need a visual on why cutting capital gains taxes are good.

Bonus Thomas Sowell article:  Taxing the poor.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Warren Buffett and those who think the rich should be taxed more are doing what they can to keep what they can.  Any surprised that they really don't want to pay more taxes?? Trying to save their money isn't all that terrible, don't all of us want to do the same. The difference is we are honest about it and not preaching that we should be paying our fair share. 

Jefferey Immelt, Chairman of the White House Council on Jobs,  told Charlie Rose this "The one thing that actually works, state run communism a bit– may not be your cup of tea, but their government works."  Great.  Obama's person says this after taxpayers bailed out AIG only to have government's shares sold to China costing American taxpayers how much in losses?  Why isn't the main stream media talking about this?

It just gets better today, if you are a progressive liberal.  But Republicans will be ridiculed by the main stream media if they try to cut spending.

Political Reality, II.

How many new employees have been hired by the current Administration on a daily basis?  The number is astounding, especially when you think of the fringe benefits, i.e. pension benefits.

Nicole Gelinas "Lhota work remains"

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Does anyone in the political world believe for a nanosecond that Speaker Silver would ever consider the direction that Senator Skelos is heading into.  Where is the exchange of ideas?  Where will the choice for voters be if this is the future of the major parties? 

The Conservative Party will stand strong for the voters in New York!  Chairman Michael Long makes it very clear, our support will be for elected officials that are truly looking out for the fiscal ( and ethical)  health of New Yorkers.

Why is Governor Cuomo putting himself in a position to be criticized?  This could be a very big mistake for the normally very cautious Governor.

More bad news on the NYS economic front.

George J. Marlin's thoughts on LIPA.

The EPA is replacing To Kill a Mockingbird in your children's classroom.  

More questions regarding the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.  The Washington Times states the US knew for years about Benghazi's extremism.

Think about the benefits of closing this office, not only in federal salaries and benefits being paid, but also in ending outlandish regulations.

Apparently this school districts' strength is not in teaching math, is it is way too late for them to learn, hopefully not to late for others to learn.  

I don't remember Bob Costas letting people know this fact when he spoke about guns. So NFL players need protection, but everyday Americans don't? 

Someone should explain to this burglar the 2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to protect themselves from people like him.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

As Americans mark the 71st anniversary of Pearl Harbor, we’ll end this week with a nice remembrance from the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

Six survivors of Pearl Harbor will be honored today in Albany, while a wreath-laying ceremony will take place in New York City.

Google, which dresses up its homepage for even the most ridiculous milestones, doesn’t seem to think today’s remembrance is worth the trouble... but Bing offers some interesting links.

As we remember such an historic event, the seemingly endless “fiscal cliff” saga seems especially petty.  But it continues, and it does represent an important debate about the character of our nation, and how “we, the people” should be governed.

Too bad that, as Charles Krauthammer points out, our President knows nothing about serious leadership. “Let’s understand President Obama’s strategy in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations,” Krauthammer states. “It has nothing to do with economics or real fiscal reform. This is entirely about politics.”

It’s also too bad that, as John Podhoretz warns, the GOP seems to be incapable of explaining why the Democrats’ “class warfare” agenda gets us nowhere.

And too bad that, as we remember Pearl Harbor, our Commander-in-Chief seems perfectly willing to send the U.S. military over thecliff for the sake of scoring political points for the far left. 

But even if Obama “wins” the fiscal cliff debate, it could very well be a grueling victory.

If tax increases take effect, how will Washington spend this flood of new cash? This should give you an idea.

This is the system the Obama liberals envision for America. 

Leading the news in New York this week is the new Republican/Democrat “coalition” leadership of the State Senate. 

“Will the newreality work?” asks the Albany Times-Union. What do you think – will this Senate coalition change “politics as usual” in Albany? Or will it just open the door for liberal bills that hike the minimum wage and “reform” campaign financing? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

And have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Governor Andrew Cuomo penned an Op-Ed in today's Albany Times Union and stated "From 1966 to 2009, the Republican Conference led for 42 years and blocked much progressive legislation, including last year's efforts to increase the minimum wage, enact campaign finance reform and end the controversial "stop and frisk" policy."  Governor Cuomo is a progressive liberal and those that think he isn't should read his words.  The apple does not fall far from the tree, no matter how much the left criticizes him, his policies are the same as his Father's and those who want you to think he has not done enough.    His policies will cost you, in both money and moral values as we learned when he passed New York's same sex marriage bill.  He will try to expand New York's abortion laws, already the most liberal in the nation, and GENDA legislation, in addition to the ones he highlights.  Yes, Governor Andrew Cuomo is a progressive liberal, but we already knew that.  And we will be here to educate New York citizens as to the dangers of such legislation.

C3PO and R2D2 will take your order now. 

The case for hydrofracking is being made as crude-oil production is at its highest level in 15 years due to hydrofracking. 

President Obama seeks tax advice from a tax dodger.  What did you expect after Tim Geithner, someone who understands economics?  If President Obama is really serious about the fiscal cliff and the economy he would be meeting with  Heritage Foundation and the business leaders in today's Morning Bell.  Alas, as Wall Street Journal's Dan Henninger points out President Obama is on a ruinous course because President Obama has never learned the art of compromise.

George Will's take on the fiscal cliff:  Fiscal Cliff Is No Accident; It's The Left's Agenda.

Congratulations to Senator Jim DeMint, albeit his voice is needed in the Senate, he will continue to make a difference at Heritage Foundation.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Heritage Foundation shows how President Obama is trying to grab unprecedented power for himself and future Presidents.  How times changes, he certainly did not hold this position in 2006.  It really is time to remind him he was elected President of America, and not Venezuela and his name is Barack Obama,not Hugo Chavez, albeit sometimes it is hard to distinguish the two.

Renowned economist, Thomas Sowell, expands his Fiscal Cliff Notes in another column today.

Conrad Black, writes in the New York Sun, how President Obama could yet emerge as a transformative President, yet what he would like President Obama to do, will not happen.  "If a Damascene bolt of lightning galvanizes the incumbent president and he, even after all the false starts, makes a comprehensive compromise proposal for entitlement reform — including a radical overhaul of Obamacare, stretching out entitlements to correspond to actuarial expectations and means-testing the payments, keeping income taxes down but closing down some of the free rides and raising sales and transaction taxes on non-essential spending, and tax-incentivizing work that adds value and does not just indulge society’s self-important disdain for work in primary and secondary industry — he will be acclaimed as the transformative president he seeks to be and his party will reap the benefit for years to come.  If you think this line of thinking could come form the man who wants to raise the debt limit by himself, I have a bridge to sell you.

A Detroit Councilwoman explains quid pro quo.

Rove is back with a new commercial to inform Americans (this used to be the job of journalists) of the tax-heavy proposals put forward by President Obama.

The O'Reilly Factor should read this, maybe then Bill O'Reilly will acknowledge what the world knew, there really were weapons of mass destruction. 

There is an alternative to Obamcare, read about it here.

This paper outlines the true cost of regulations.

If the new State Senate coalition gets its way, one of their goals is to raise the minimum wage.  This will hurt New York's economy and would "kill" 22 thousand jobs.

One of the other issues that the new coalition will be pushing hard for is "medical" marihuana.  We are opposed to this idea also.  Here is an audio clip of Sen. Savino who is the prime sponsor of the medial marihuana legislation and our position.  Both begin about midway in the clip.  

As the New York Post aptly puts it Here come the clowns.

Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Speaker Boehner is caving and apparently is not the Leader he believes himself to be.  He is purging fiscal conservatives from leadership positions and he is caving on entitlement and tax reform.  Charles Krauthammer is right when he says "He (the President) wants to break the back of Republicans. This is a continuation of his campaign. He thinks he won it and now he wants to drive a stake through the Republicans. It’s all about politics; it’s nothing about economics.”  And Speaker Boehner is now giving him the stake.

This chart explains part why we are in such a fiscal battle to regain fiscal sanity as government handouts replace work ethics.

Once Speaker Boehner and the Republican Congress cave into the Administration demands with the media demonizing them when they try to stand strong, we know it is just the beginning of lasting redistribution until there is nothing more to distribute because no one is willing to work.  John Ransom writes in his column that Grover "Norquist  is telling the truth when he points out that the Democrats aren’t interested in real reform, entitlement reform or otherwise. They just want to grow government and need more money to do it."

Senator Jeff Sessions sees more spending and no cutting in the future. 

Thomas Sowell gives us his view of the fiscal crisis here

Will our Congressional delegation support New Yorkers or Obama?

Governor Cuomo is doing what is right by nixing his Public Health and Planning Council's plan.

Coalition governments do not work.  It doesn't work for constituents, but it does let politicians keep their perks.

RIP Stage Deli.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff is still dominating the national news and the Heritage Foundation explains the fiscal cliff in terms even the main stream media can understand.  Of course the Sunday News programs had a lot of discussion on the fiscal cliff by both sides, and if you happened to watch Tim Geithner on Fox News Sunday, it is surprising your television still works.  The request to give the President unilateral authority to lift the limit on the national debt is arrogance on steroids.  Let's just hope the Republicans are not suckered into the administration's rhetoric the same way voters were.  Grover Norquist is right to remain unwavering on no new taxes because we have been through this before.  Help him keep the Republican Congress strong by signing the petition against raising taxes.  Congressmen.  like New York's Chris Gibson,  are more than willing to forgo their pledge to not raise taxes, remind them, we have been down this road before and have never been given the cuts in spending we were promised, don't let it happen again. 

Any quick deal to avoid the fiscal cliff will be detrimental to New York State.  Read what E. J. McMahon has to say here. 

Another idea put forward by Governor Cuomo who is now seems to be adopting Mayor Bloomberg's Nanny-State mentality, is to recommend an increase in "sin" taxes and limiting new businesses that serve liquor.  And what makes matters worse is that at the same time serious consideration is being given to allowing "medical" marihuana in New York State.  The Daily News came out strong against "medical" marihuana and we couldn't agree more with the last sentence of their editorial.

And here is another ill-conceived idea being put forward by Governor Cuomo's appointed team to reduce  Medicaid costs.

Jim Finch wants to know if Governor Cuomo will ever lead in the hydrofracking debate?

One would think that all the national talk of a fiscal crisis, that the White House would show some restraint in Christmas decorations and Christmas vacations.  Do you think 54 Christmas trees borders on the excessive?  Or their vacation (which you are paying for) from December 17 until January 6 is just a tad too long?  I suppose we should just be happy the 54 trees are still considered Christmas trees....