Thursday, December 13, 2012

Erik Kriss has more on Governor Cuomo's litmus test  and  his future support.  Fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope as Kriss reports it appears that the Republican leaders are standing up for the taxpayers.

Question to the Members of the NY City Council:  What message do these bills send to people?  It's okay to come into our country illegally, but all the other laws we pass must be followed?  Why, if it's okay to break one law, why does anyone have to follow any laws?

Here we go again.

News on Health Exchanges required by Obamacare.  (Governor Cuomo did not wait for legislative approval in New York, like President Obama, he just issued an Executive Order to get what he wanted.)  More on the Health Exchanges from the Heritage Foundation.

As this AP article points out, some think Obama's regulations haven't gone far enough and want more.  So Obama's Administration should stifle economic growth with regulations while the Federal Reserves cranks out billions to put people to work to create more regulations and the economy is supposed to get healthy with this kind of thinking.  Did anyone pass the Economics classes they took?

Don't cave on the necessary spending cuts, Congressman Boehner.  We all know if they are not done now, they never will be. 

Grover Norquist's war plan for the GOP.

Here's Karl Rove's take on what the President may really want.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the fiscal cliff's numbers. 

Where some of your money is being spent can be found here.  And that's just one agency!

Another glimmer of hope, this time for all who believe in religious freedom.

Instead of following Europe's fiscal morass, maybe we should turn to Singapore's economic plan....if they don't change it...they have a 1.9% unemployment rate.  This isn't a typo, 1.9% unemployment rate. 

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