Monday, May 24, 2010

The Heritage Foundation writes about the Buck Stops Nowhere.

National Health Care in trouble.

Oil Tax to clean up the Gulf?

New York Post Editorial to Mike Bloomberg: Save Lives!

Born to Veto, other states could learn a lot.

Michael Barone: The Gathering Revolt Against Government Spending

Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Some big news this week, but for the most part it was really just more of the same...

More of the Obama Administration’s apologies for America being so awful – from the suggestion that Arizona is as repressive as China to groveling before the President of Mexico and criticizing efforts to secure our borders.

Well, actually President Obama seems to be
apologizing for America even having borders in the first place.

Oh, and more liberals who can’t be bothered to read the Arizona law they hate so much.

What do you think about this latest Obama Administration “blame America first” crusade? Give your opinion in our new Weekly Poll.

Also this week...

More of what Charles Krauthammer calls “the fruits of weakness.”

More Big Government regulations - and more turbulence in the stock market.

More attacks on the Tea Party movement...

... and
more spending by Big Labor to help save Democrat incumbents.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

With all due respect, I really do not think the President of Mexico has any right to lecture us on immigration! Risk to who? This is AMERICA! If he ran is country better, would HIS people come here? But is his goal to send everyone out of is country?

Maybe our President should read the bill. Does he even know what Mexico's immigration laws are? Mr. President read this.

Is Senator Dodd really trying to destroy America before he leaves?

E. J. McMahon on the school board votes.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The American Thinker writes about the probability of voter fraud.

And the Heritage Foundation writes about taking back our government.

E. J. McMahon and James Copland have an article on the latest job killing proposal in Albany.

Today we have a double treat -- two articles by Thomas Sowell -- Enough Money and Another Judicial Power Grab.

Walter E. Williams on Immigration and Liberty.

Newt on stopping Obama.

Bye, Bye Arlene.

Another reason to say Bye Bye to Chuck.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Conservative Party in the news here and here regarding the Governor's race!

On this primary day, the current administration, best take heed to what is happening in America. We are proud of our country and tired of our government leaders trashing us, what we stand for and what we have accomplished. The Pilgrims landed on these shores 390 years ago and since the very beginning of our existence we have been the standard for other countries to emulate, not desecrate. The Islamic terrorist extremist are determined to destroy us, we certainly will not put up with our government leaders trying to do so. And the Investors.Com opines as well. Why hasn't Hillary Clinton fired Michael Posner?

January 1, 2011 can't come soon enough for those who love this country.

Time for Big Sis to go? And another reason here.

Hold on to your wallet.

Hopefully NJ will get this, and our new governor will propose this for New York.

The Heritage Foundation on the START Threat to Missile Defense.

Monday, May 17, 2010

File this under "Are you kidding?" Some pressure should be made on Empire State Building Lighting Partners to reverse their decision.

Human Events and Rick Lazio on the Anti-Terror Cuts.

What is surprising in this decision are the two Supreme Court Justices who dissented, but then when you read their reason for dissent, it makes sense as they are strong supporters of State's Rights.

Over the weekend, the NY Post had two good editorials: here and here. And George Will had a good column. As did Michael Goodwin especially the part on Obama's "truth" be damned.

Did the Federal government play a roll in the oil spill? And here.

True words by Marco Rubio.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Here’s what we’ve learned this week...

Turns out Attorney General Eric Holder hasn’t bothered to read the Arizona immigration law he’s been criticizing...

Holder also refuses to say that “radical Islam” is a cause of terrorism ...

And he refuses to absolutely protect New York from the mayhem and dangers of putting 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial in our state...

Is Holder the right man for the job? Tell us what you think on the new Weekly Poll...

Turns out ObamaCare is going to cost way more than we were told...

We've also discovered that, even though President Obama talks big about protecting New York, he is not all that serious about it...

Oh, and remember Chuck Schumer’s “lone wolf” theory?

Turns out that may not be the case...

Believe it or not, under the Obama Administration soldiers might soon be rewarded for NOT firing their weapons...

It's also becoming clear that the Democrats in Washington see the no-budget politicians in Albany as their role models...

Have a great weekend...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mr. President, don't complain when Elana Kagan is scrutinized, people are just taking your advice. Apparently, there few clues to her views, just remember what you said. This article gives some more insight.

We are learing of Ms. Kagan stands on the 2nd Amendment here and here.

Are Congress and the President determined to destroy America's financial future? Another tax? And then leave us vunerable? A history lesson on terrorism spells out the need why we should not tolerate any cuts in funding for homeland security. There are numerous other places that should be cut, protecting the homeland is the function of our government.

Does the situation in Greece worry you, it should. George Will has a good column on what the impact will be on us. Who will bail out America? Can we Avoid Becoming Europe?

Well now, according to AG Andrew Cuomo, private enterprise cannot set up dress codes for their employees. Think about what happened ... do you really want Andrew Cuomo as your Governor? Or for that matter ... to continue as the Attorney General? Think about what happened....AG Cuomo forced American Eagle Outfitters to change their "personal appearance" dress code. What will he force other companies to do? Remember what Thomas Jefferson said "A Government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enought to take everything you have."

The NY Post Editorial ask the question "Which David will be on duty today?"

The 23rd CD still making news.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is disgraceful! What is happening to our Country? Students sent home when they wear a tee-shirt with an American Flag and when you can't get what you want from legislators you sue in Court. Enough! America has always welcomed discussion and has a political system that encourages political discussion, but lately it is no longer discussions, it is demands and when some do not get what they want they are taking the law into their own hands. This is crossing the line...our veterans gave their lives for us to be able to have civil discussions ... to desecrate a monument to them absolutely crossed the line.

Fannie and Freddie bailouts cost how much? U. S. Debt Shock to hit when?

The Heritage Foundation discusses What's Worse Than Energy Taxes?

Sen. Orrin Hatch on Elana Kagen. Ed Meese on Elana Kagen. David Limbaugh on Elana Kagen.

Thomas Sowell: A Duty to Die

Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

In our most recent Weekly Poll, 97% of respondents support measures similar to the law in Arizona that increase enforcement of America’s immigration laws.

Unfortunately, Gov. Paterson is taking our state in the opposite direction. He wants to weaken enforcement of immigration laws and pardon immigrants who face deportation.

The Times and Gov. Paterson try their best to dress this up as a “compassionate” measure reserved for “legal” immigrants – but for anyone who doesn’t think this is just the first step towards making New York a “sanctuary” state for illegal aliens, I have a bridge to sell you.

And by the way, none of those “sanctuary” cities seem willing to offer sanctuary to the more than 400,000 illegal aliens living in Arizona.

Gov. Paterson isn’t the only New York politician who’s out of touch with reality.

From “lone wolf” Chuck Schumer to Michael Bloomberg and his blame-America-first reaction to the attempted Time Square bombing (and his ongoing “irresponsibility race,” as the Post puts it, with Gov. Paterson), we’ve got more than our fair share.

Charles Krauthammer offers a much-needed “voice of reason” to the debate over Miranda rights and terrorism.

Are we headed for our own
Greek tragedy here in New York?

Tell us what you think in our new Weekly Poll.

Maybe it’s me, but if we were back in the Bush years I can’t imagine the media heralding a rise in the unemployment rate as a good thing – but times have changed.

See why The Heritage Foundation calls this
“A Recovery Only Washington Could Love.”

And finally, Sen. Harry Reid joins Kirsten Gillibrand in the ranks of Senate hypocrites...

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is this our future?

Fannie and Freddie continues to be a problem. More on Fannie/Freddie from the Heritage Foundation.

ATR wants you to take action to stop the government takeover of our banks.

With all due respect to the Brooklyn Judges that demonstrated in front of the Kings County Supreme Court yesterday: no one is forcing you to be a judge. How do people appearing in your court respect you when you demonstrate in the streets bemoaning your taxpayer paid salary of $136,700?

New York Legislators take notice: LA closing 439 marijuana dispensaries. California passed medical marijuana and it is out of not make the same mistake here in New York.

Hypocrisy? Thy name is Gillibrand.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More on Obama's dangerous naivete.

Thank you Ralph Peters! Congressman Peter King understands.

Larry Kudlow writes about the Spend and Borrow Mess.

Terry Jeffrey writes about the Arizona law.

The Heritage Foundation continues its series on protecting America.

The NY Post takes Mike Mulgrew to task.


After reading about hutzpah, you need to be inspired. This will inspire you to help him win in November.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg your statement on CBS was foolish to say the least. It was uncalled for and you really should think twice before you place Americans concerned with fiscal policies in the same category as terrorists. Shame on you! I really don't think an apology would even be able to change the obvious disdain you heaped on untold Americans who do not support the health care bill.

More arrest made in Pakistan.

At the very least this was poor judgement. Declassify previously Top Secret information and let the entire world, including our enemies know how many nuclear warheads we have, does releasing this information to our enemies make you feel safer? Taking Hillary to task.

Fred Barns writes about Democrats At Ramming Speed.

Good news for Charter Schools in NYS. Now lets see if Speaker Silver can stand with NY's students and not the Teachers Union.

Bill Hammond has some good questions regarding Andrew Cuomo's likely run for Govenor.

Governor Paterson this kind of thinking has created far too many problems.

Really, who would have thought this!

The Heritage Foundation: Defending Freedom is a choice.

Tuesday is Thomas Sowell day. And Cal Thomas on Britain's elections.

Monday, May 3, 2010

How many times can we get lucky? Everyone is grateful that the gentleman selling "T-Shirts" alerted the police, but what would have happened if he wasn't selling "T-Shirts"? New York City has the best policemen and firemen ~ totally dedicated to protecting everyone ~ and we have alert citizens also being eyes and ears to thwart terrorist, but our "luck" will only last so long. The Heritage Foundation has an excellent article on what America must do to protect our citizens. The WSJ also. If we don't, well, none of us really want to think about what could happen as our government continues to let its vigilance down.

Government has let its citizens down by not being vigilant on our borders. Many of Arizona's residents arrived on our land legally and support the law passed to protect them from those who have no regard for our law. Ralph Peter's piece is excellent. What was that President Calderon?
Ted Nugent on Arizona's law.

Finally: From Fox News "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the United States Monday of committing "acts of terror" and blamed the host nation at a U.N. nonproliferation conference for a worldwide spread of nuclear weapons, prompting representatives from the U.S., Britain and France to walk out. " Ambassador John Bolton on getting ready for a Nuclear Iran.

Betsy McCaughey writes about Obama's Commission on Fiscal Responsibility. Sen. Jim DeMint does also.

George J. Marlin writes about the Museum of the City of New York's revisionist history on J. V. Lindsey's administration as Mayor.

Congress and the New York State Legislature believe free speech is allowed for only some. Both are trying to change the US Supreme Court's decision on Citizens United.