Monday, August 31, 2009

What is significant about today’s date? Ask Congressional Candidate Doug Hoffman or read why here: and News coverge here:

The 23rd Congressional race is getting a lot of coverage: and here and from the Washington Times “Until senators return from summer recess and consider Mr. McHugh's appointment, Republicans can reconsider their puzzling commitment to Ms. Scozzafava.” Just one of the nuggets from Mr. Deroy’s article.

The Republican Party seems to be struggling for its identity as it seeks a new chairman next month:

Leave it to the NY Public Interest Group to issue an obvious study: somehow I don’t believe any New Yorker will be surprised at this report.

This news story certainly gives rise to concern: we certainly hope that this bill never makes it to the floor. Did he really think when he spoke of change that Americans were willing to let him change everything that is precious to us?

After this column, the President will really be upset with Fox News

Finally, a US District Court Judge rules for convenience stores and to hopefully put an end to bootlegging cigarettes in New York State the question becomes: will Governor Paterson enforce the collection of tax to non-Indians in Indian-owned stores?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekly Wrap-up

Truth is often missing when politicians are trying to sell you their agenda, which is why Howard Dean’s remarks at Tuesday’s Townhall Meeting with Congressman Jim Moran (you remember him demanding that a citizen show his identification before answering a question) were quite refreshing. Howard Dean told the truth about why tort reform is not in any version of health care reforms on the table.

Constituents have known the true reason tort reform has not been included, which is why they keep pressing the issue at townhall meetings and the left keep trying to avoid the issue. It is not often that I would give Howard Dean kudos, but this week he certainly earned one from me.

When I first read Charles Krauthammer’s column, I was a bit surprised at his words, until the end. Let me know if you agree:
Krauthammer understands that we cannot make the same mistake that Great Britain did 60 years ago

It is my sincere hope that due to the death of its chief proponent, that health care is not passed in his name. Almost every government program is poorly administered, has massive fraud, runs out of funds, and really harms those it seeks to help. Senator Edward M. Kennedy has been the champion of universal health care for almost his entire career in the Senate. When Hillary Clinton’s plan failed, he came back with SChip for children, and like most government programs, this one is running out of money. It has cost taxpayers $40 billion over its first 10 years, Kennedy projected a $20 billion cost. He was wrong in his estimates and we know that the estimates for the current plans are not accurate. Senator Kennedy, may he rest in peace and may his proposal also.

Health Care is certainly not our only problem with this administration. Freedom of Speech is being threatened and students, young children, not college students, will be asked to bring home Census kits If you are one of the unfortunate people that have lost your employment, there may be an opportunity to work for the federal government, as they seem to be hiring at record numbers and increasing salaries of those employed: No one in the federal government seems to worry about deficits.

Governor Paterson did not help himself or the citizens of New York this week: neither did Congressman Rangel: but the person who is about to bring untold harm to all of us, is US Attorney General Eric Holder. His hidden agenda is explained here: Holder, like most liberals, does not like the CIA, but that does not give him the right to endanger the lives of those who are trying to protect ours.

Have a great weekend, the last one before Labor Day and the end of another Summer.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is the main-stream media are covering this story in the same manner it covered it when Dubya was President: ?

Under the "can you believe this" Do certain Congressmen understand that they work for us!

Ann Coulter's second installment of Liberal Lies in National Health Care:

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey has another article in WSJ on health care:

The Empire Page, a website for news about New York State politics and government, has been running a series of interviews on how to improve New York State. The Conservative Party was included and you can read the interview here:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank you Congressman Peter King:

We can not let this happen: Please spread the word on this.

According to Bloomberg News, Americans are fleeing the high taxes of London:

And according to Pete DuPont, it is only a matter of time before Americans are forced to pay MORE in taxes:

Why is it that Thomas Sowell and the Rev. Harry R. Jackson are given the coverage that Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson are given? Read Rev. Jackson's article: and you will understand why the press disregard him.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The 23rd CD is in the national spotlight, with a great article in Red State, a leading blogsite for politics.

One of the local papers (in the 23rd CD) wasted no time in posting Doug Hoffman's press release on the grown deficit:

Ralph Peters tells it like it is:

What is US Attorney General Eric Holder's grudge against America?
This is the latest from a man who, for whatever reason, seems to believe that America is not worthy of protection.

"American democracy has never been democracy by plebiscite, a process by which a leader is anointed, then the populace steps out of the way, and the anointed one puts his political program in place. In the American tradition, the "mandate of heaven" is gained and lost every day and people talk back to their leaders. They are not held in thrall by them. The leaders are not infallible or a breed apart. That way is the Third World way, the way it plays out in Arab and Latin American politics." Read more here:

A new issue of concern in the health care bill:

Time for Thomas Sowell:

Friday the White House noted that the deficit would be closer to $9 trillion, this article explains that it could be much higher maybe even $20 trillion...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chairman Mike Long responded to the Watertown Daily Times editorial of last week: and the Adirondack Daily Enterprise Poll on the 23 CD is an indication that the Conservative Party will be nominating the right candidate! (55% Hoffman; 21% Owens and 24% Scozzafava) Hoffman wants a debate, Scozzafava says "not yet"

The NY Post is correct in calling the endorsement of Bill Thompson by DC 37 "An Ugly Endorsement"

Interesting poll numbers for the Members of the Legislature: but will voters forget their frustration next November?

Looks like the Obama Administration needs a refresher course in what the media's role should be...and perhaps the media is beginning to remember what its roll is:

Late Friday afternoon the White House acknowledged the deficit will be $2 Trillion more over the next ten years... what was $7 Trillion is now going to be $9 Trillion without health care reform.

How would the media react if a republican administration used tax dollars for a political message? Let us know if the main-stream media covers this story:

The Club for Growth is looking for Video's from Town Hall Meetings:

The WSJ has an article on opening up competition in health care reform. This idea will help, but tort reform is also necessary. There will never be real reform to bring down the cost of health care until the trial lawyers are unable to drive the costs up. Think John Edwards.

Breaking now: US Attorney General Eric Holder will appoint prosecutor to probe alleged CIA abuses! Can you hear the cheering in Iran? Amongst the Taliban? In North Korea? More on this tomorrow....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up
When the liberal agenda fails in its quest to take over government, those who cannot get it passed, bring out the “vast right-wing conspiracy” as the killer of their great ideas. When will they learn that Americans do not want government running their lives? The left wing profess the same words when it comes to abortion and marriage, yet are more than willing to impose government in every other aspect of our lives.

President Obama actually stated Republicans are out to kill health care reform: never realizing that Democrats are also dismayed with the proposals for health care reform. Obama has been quick to take on critics: and seems to be desperate to pass anything that will further his agenda of having government take over health care: including reconciliation in Congress. I always believe that reconciliation was means to restore a rift between two parties, and certainly, reconciliation would not be the means of forcing bad legislation through Congress against the will of Americans. I guess “Change we can believe in” also means changing the meaning of words.

Canada indicated this week that its health care system is sick and if we really want to know how government health care would be run in America, Glenn Beck investigated how American Indians are treated:

I’ll get back to health care in a moment as this is the dominate issue of the summer, however we should also be concerned about voter intimidation and the lack of enforcing the law when voter intimidation takes place:

Cap and trade has been off the radar screen lately but President Obama, who will not consider using America’s own resources, has no problem “lending” money to Brazil’s oil companies to drill off their shores.

Will Governor Paterson appeal yesterday court ruling against his appointing a lieutenant governor? My advice to the Governor, do not waste any more tax money on an appeal.

The Politico reports that Charlie Cook, one of the premier political handicappers, sent out a missive that the House could lose in excess of twenty seats.

This report is no surprise to me when you learn of the arrogance of New York’s freshman Congressman, Eric Massa, at a Townhall meeting stating that he will vote for health care reform even if his constituents do not want it! What is even more upsetting is his local paper supporting his position, editorializing that he is doing the job he was elected to do: Is this their idea of representative government?
Speaking of arrogance, maybe we should change the spelling to Axelrod Hugh Hewitt has some good questions for Mr. Axelrod:

All told, the “vast right-wing conspiracy” without busloads of professional protesters, had a good week. Here’s to a good “vast right-wing” weekend.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Care is still the topic of the day. Interesting how biased the press of our County Chairs in Congressman Acuri's district attended his Town Hall meeting yesterday. This is what they observed "The place was stacked with unions and their mass-produced signs, Planned Parenthood, college-aged liberal radicals and their professors. They purposely avoided giving the microphone to certain people they knew were against the bill, and actually gave the microphone to personal acquaintances of Arcuri. Even one of his interns got to speak to tell everyone what a great boss he is. It was so orchestrated it was sickening.
The local press reported attendance as 50-50.

Thankfully, there are some honest reporters out there:

Can you imagine how the press would report George W. Bush doing this:

Or what they would say if he had these ties:

The third installment of Whose Medical Decisions by Thomas Sowell is here:

The first in a series regarding "Liberal Lies About National Health Care" by by Ann Coulter:

The Wall Street Journal has an article on "Obama Contradicts Himself on Health Care"

The New York Times has an article on how government jobs have grown:

While the Batavia Daily News' Editorial could have been written by any one of us:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Isn't it amazing to know that we are "evil" people. Because we dare to disagree, based on facts, with the enlightened Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, we are "evil":

Personally, I think it is morally reprehensible to continue to misinform the American people of what is in the current versions of health care reform. Perhaps if Senator Reid, took the time to read all of the current pending bills, he would understand that Americans do not want to destroy the best health care system in the world.

So much success in this administration:
Time to end all of this nonsense! Taxpayers want to keep their own money and spend it as they deem necessary! But if this man has his way, will they be able to earn what they are worth?
Or will government actually set the pay scale? Will it be 20% of your salary if you work, and 20% for those who don't work but are still entitled to your salary and 60% to government? After all they will have to pay for their health care system, which will be far superior to what they impose on the rest of us.

We now know why Sen. Pedro Espada did what he did in June and July: and if that doesn't get your blood boiling, this certainly will: and more on this:
My question to the Legislators collecting twice is this: If you thought this had to be addressed by passing legislation barring anyone elected after 1995 from "double-dipping", why are you? (It will be interesting to see if these double dippers voted for the measure....I will let you know.)

Part two of Thomas Sowell's article "Whose Medical Decisions" is here:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Congressional Candidate, Doug Hoffman, challenges opponents to sign "no-tax" pledge:

It isn't only about new taxes, we must demand that wasteful spending is stopped to reduce current taxes:

People are becoming more informed, therefore there is hope that they will demand more from all their elected officials:

Manhattanites should look at the Albany County D.A.'s record as he has strong ties to the WFP and very little is accomplished in his office:

I'm sure Speaker Silver is quivering in his boots over this report:
After all, Tom Golisano has accomplished so much in the political world. Word of advice to Mr. Golisano...stick to business and charity where your track record is better.

As noted earlier in the blog....people are understanding more about the political world:

The NY Post Editorial says "Junk It All"

Another great article by Thomas Sowell:

Words of wisdom from a great political reporter who will be sorely missed:

“Always love your country — but never trust your government!

“That should not be misunderstood. I certainly am not advocating civil disobedience, must less insurrection or rebellion. What I am advocating is to not expect too much from government and be wary of it power, even the power of a democratic government in a free country.

“Ours is one of the mildest, most benevolent governments in the world. But it too has the power to take your wealth and forfeit your life. ... A government that can give you everything can take everything away.”

Rest in Peace, Robert Novak

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday! Today's Gallup Poll indicates that Conservatives outnumber Liberals in all 50 States!

And the Conservative Voice is certainly making the administration nervous as they try to back peddle on a Public Option for health care reform. But don't fall for the back peddling, yet! The Heritage Foundation cautions those who might fall into the "its okay now we have made our point" mindset. Our Congress should read this

Congressman Eric Massa states he will vote AGAINST the interest of his district:

What is Mayor Mike thinking?
His spend, spend, spend attitude will bring this on:,0,5433952.story

Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

As we wrap up this week, let’s look at some names in the news from the past few days...

Bill Owens – he’s the Democrats’ nominee for the 23rd congressional district. Some links...

From the Syracuse Post-Standard:
From News Watch 50:
From the Adirondack Daily Enterprise:

Owens is a registered independent. He opposes same-sex marriage and is already making fiscal responsibility as centerpiece of his campaign. So here’s where that puts us: We have a Democrat running who seems to be to the right of his party, and we have a GOP candidate in the race who is far to the left of most Republicans.

That takes us to Doug Hoffman, our Conservative Party candidate. Doug is the ONLY consistently conservative candidate in this race. I know he’s looking forward to getting together with these other two candidates and talking about the issues, because Doug knows that voters in the 23rd district will respond to his ideas.

One thing’s for certain: This is shaping up to be an interesting race – and a real opportunity for the Conservative Party. We’ll keep you posted, of course.

If Bill Owens wants to stand out as a fiscal conservative in the Democrat Party, he’ll have to distance himself from free spenders like Gov. David Paterson and left-wing billionaire George Soros. We owe a big thanks to former Sen. Ray Meier for exposing their multi-million dollar, top-secret stimulus “giveaway” that’s going to turn back the clock on welfare reform.

Get the full story here: and here:

Owens will also have to explain his position on health care – especially as more and more false claims by President Barack Obama are exposed. The latest? Obama’s promise that “preventive care” will sharply reduce health care costs. Charles Krauthammer, as usual, comes through with the truth:

Some strategic questions: Will “New Yorker” Hillary Clinton campaign for Bill Owens? That could be interesting, given how gaffe-prone our Secretary of State is these days.

After being upstaged by Bill’s picking up women in North Korea, Hillary snapped at a student in Congo when she thought he asked about our 42nd President:

She then foolishly compared the 2000 Florida recount to the massive and often violent corruption in Nigeria:

Another question: Will Owens ask House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to campaign for him?

Let’s hope so. In fact, the Conservative Party will buy her a plane ticket up from Washington if she wants to stump for Owens. That could only help Doug Hoffman and the Conservative Party.

Pelosi is once again on the warpath against the American people, attacking opposition to government-rationed health care as “un-American.” If you missed it, you can read that column here:

As FOX News notes, this isn't the first time Madam Speaker has resorted to name-calling:

Nancy Pelosi – let’s put a face with that name. Here’s a link to a photo gallery on her House Speaker website:

Pick a picture, and save it on your computer. That way, you’ll have a constant reminder of why the Conservative Party needs to send Doug Hoffman to Congress.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where do these people think the money comes from?

On the positive side of things, people are really starting to take a stand on the outrageous waste of money, albeit on the issue of health care reform. However, once the average voter begins to pay attention in one area, the other abuses in spending become apparent as well. It is about health care now, especially among those who receive Medicaid, but when you read Chuck Norris's article, the young families will also respond:

More on health care:

And Michele Malkin wants to know who the real thugs are:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looks like we are not the only ones upset with Gov. Paterson's idea to give away OUR money:

In case anyone is wondering what the Working Families Party is up is an article that brings some of their activity to light:

Daniel Henninger's weekly piece in the WSJ on line edition explains why Obama may fail:

Dorothy Rabinowitz believes Obama is tone-deaf on health care reform:

And Betsy McCaughey opines how the health care will hurt NYC:

Ambassador John Bolton questions (rightly so) the President's decision to give Mary Robinson a Medal of Freedom award:

The 23 Congressional District will certainly be a very interesting thing is certain...voters will be informed as there is a lot of press coverage:

Some of Thomas Sowell's best columns are titled "Random Thoughts"

Monday, August 10, 2009

When do the people who PAY taxes get a break? Can you believe this?

In the related story we thank (former) Sen. Ray Meier for alerting us to this step backwards:

While New York is using stimulus money in ill-conceived ideas, Treasury Secretary has asked Congress to increase the $12.1 trillion debt limit!

And while some are hailing the "drop" in unemployment percentage and the increase in corporate earnings, Zachery Karabell has a few words of wisdom:

And James Taranto reminds us of President Obama's authoritative style:

I am beginning to believe the "change" President Obama spoke of during his campaign to be president was the change in himself once elected!

Please do not forget to contact your Congressman and let them know that voting for the current health care reforms is detrimental to your health:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

The big story this week is Doug Hoffman.

Doug will be taking on Dede Scozzafava, who I’ve described before as “a very nice lady who is too liberal.” How liberal? She’s already getting supportive coverage from The New York Times...

Shaun Marie has been on top of this story all week, and we’re looking forward to plenty more coverage over the coming weeks and months. If you’re not caught up on the story, make sure you check out these links from the past few days.

From Human Events:
From News10Now:

From the Press-Republican:
From the Watertown Daily:

I’m looking forward to a fair and open debate in the upcoming campaign – so that “we, the people” can ask questions, the candidates can give their answers and the voters can make a decision. That’s the way a representative democracy should work.

As we’ve seen this week – especially in the health care debate – that’s NOT the way the Obama/Pelosi liberals in Washington want our democracy to work.

Opponents of government-rationed health care have been compared to Nazis, by individual members of Congress ( and even by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (

The liberals are labeling any opposition to government-run health care as “phony”:

If you oppose socialized health care, the Obama Administration wants to know:

And consider this breaking news from The New York Times: After pressure from the Obama Administration, Rep. Carolyn Maloney will reportedly NOT challenge Kirsten Gillibrand in the Democrats’ Senate primary:

How about that? The Obama Administration and the liberals in Washington don’t even want Democrats to debate each other.

I say let’s have a debate – because when it comes to taxes and spending, marriage and values, Big Government vs. individual freedom... these are debates that principled conservatives like Doug Hoffman can win.

How will you be taking part in this debate? Speak out in our weekly poll.

And as always, have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hillary Clinton stands in Kenya and says it is a "great regret" that the US is not a member of the ICC What is wrong with this administration?

Ambassador John Bolton has it right:

Members of the administration certainly do not like it when the tables are turned:

With all of this going on, it only makes it possible for the voters in the 23rd to have a real choice in the soon to be called special election for Congress. Local Conservatives will meet Friday in Central Square to let voters know they will have a voice in Congress when the pull the conservative lever! Get ready for another "Jim Buckley" win:

Even New jersey is talking about the 23CD:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More concern regarding former President Clinton's trip to N. Korea:

Just a quick reminder, Mr. Chang was a guest speaker at our 2008 CPPAC:

What else is hidden in the health care bill?

Do you think the administration is getting nervous as the voters become more aware of what is in the health care bill? and here: and here:

The Special Election in the 23rd Congressional District continues to be a major news story: and

Check out Doug Hoffman's website here:
and his today's press release:

Chairman Mike Long was on the Fred Dicker program this morning and you can listen here: You can fast forward to 17:55, where the interview begins, if you are short on time.

Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What ever happened to the most transparent administration ever?
and will this be another "read my lips" administration?

Do we really understand what the cost will be in freeing the journalist from N. Korea?

Congressman McHugh will most likely be confirmed this week:

And the Conservative Party has a lot to offer the voters in his eventual replacement:

It must be Tuesday, as Thomas Sowell has a new column on

Monday, August 3, 2009

And the race is on....

The battle for the Republican mantle in NY-23 is already turning ugly, and Rep. John McHugh hasn't even been confirmed yet.
Doug Hoffman, who lost out to Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava for the GOP line in the yet-to-be-called special election for McHugh's seat and is now favored to land the Conservative nod, did a round of interviews this weekend with his new consultant, Rob Ryan, conferenced in.
Read more:

And another article:

John Gizzi also writes about the 23rd CD:

When you read about "seasoned" politicians
it is refreshing to know that people like Doug Hoffman want to run for Congress for all the right reasons.

And Mr. Hoffman will certainly not fall into the "high tax trap" as E. J. McMahon writes in an op-ed piece in today's NY Post:

New York and California are not the only places facing serious fiscal problems:,0,4552111.story

Did this article actually appear in the New York Times? "“This idea that everything new that government provides ought to be paid for by the top 5 percent, that’s a basically unstable way of governing,” Mr. Burman said." Read more here:

Just one on health care reform today: