Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

I was impressed with Mitt Romney’s speech last night, and I certainly wasn’t the only one.  Fred Barnes says he “aced the convention test,” while John Podhoretz applauds Romney’s “straight appeal to swing voters.”
Here is the full speech.

I have to say, the Republicans put on a good show this week and highlighted a number of strong conservative voices that will lead the party into the future.

Here is a database of all the week’s speeches.

(One is missing though: Mia Love from Utah, whose speech you can find here.) 

As the New York Post states, “If the Republican Party has in fact declared a war on women, the parade of high-profile female speakers at the party’s national convention this week suggests strongly that the women are winning.”

All of the Republican Convention speeches provided a good deal of hope for what the Washington Times describes as “Obama’s Diminished Nation.”

And John Bolton delivered an important address on reasserting U.S. power that should not be overshadowed by the convention festivities.

I’m sure Sheldon Silver would be thrilled to let the conventions (and the start of the football season) overshadow his latest ethics scandal... but it’s looking more and more like this story is not going away. 

What’s your overall impression? Was Shelly Silver just trying to do the right thing, or is he rotten to the core? Vote now in our new Weekly Poll.

And have a great (long) weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vice Presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, reminds people that our US Constitution is based on the fact that our rights are granted not by government, but by God and nature. The transcript of last night's acceptance speech is here.  More on Congressman Ryan's speech here, here and here.  

Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico delivered (in my opinion) one of the best lines of the night "I'll be damned, we are republicans".

Reagan and Obama: A Tale of Two Recoveries.

Is it possible we may return to sound money?

The Heritage Foundation takes President Obama to task "Defending America takes more than Hope".

After reading this, I'm not sure I'll ever believe another Gallup Poll again.

Government cannot create private jobs but government can sure help by cutting the corporate rate tax. 

File this under chutzpah  and why government costs too much.

My question to the three judge panel is simple:  Would I be able to get into your office building without a photo ID?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Solyndra investors may be happy, but this is just another costly hit on hardworking taxpayers.

Will this be another black eye for Rahm Emanuel?

Where are all the doctors in Great Britain?  Pay attention America, Obamacare/tax will do the same here.

Great editorial in, ask your liberal friends is this all you have to support your guy?  If they still say yes, show them this.

The New York Post Editorial Board likes what they heard last night at the RNC convention.

The NY Sun thought Mrs. Romney stole the show.  However, many only watched their favorite cable station or the main stream media and missed Mia Love and Artur Davis and if you missed them, you missed very good speeches.  (Watch C-Span tonight  you really don't need all the talking them after if you do!)

As science evolves, America is becoming more pro-life, and a survivor of a botched abortion speaks to President Obama's views on late term abortions.

Our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long,  is on the move all over New York State.  Here she is in Corning, NY,   more coverage here.  Did you hear who endorsed US Senate Candidate, Wendy Long, today?   Sen. John Cornyn, read it here. 

What?  Is Tom Selleck unavailable?   As good an actor that he is, he will not come close to portraying Ronald Reagan!

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams and a bonus Thomas Sowell column.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Heritage Foundation on how Obamacare/tax robs Medicare and  hurts seniors. 

More on health care and its costs. 

News from our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, she will cut her salary if the national debt isn't reduced.  In case you missed this in Sunday's New York Times.   You can see US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, on EWTN, this Thursday, August 30 8:00p ET (LIVE PREMIERE) Friday, August 31 1:30a ET (reair) Sunday, September 2 7:00p ET (reair) Monday, September 3 10:00p ET (reair).  Click here to find your local channel listing.


Larry Kudlow on the economy.

Dinesh D'Souza spells out President Obama's vision for America, certainly not one that Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice for nor one that brings hope to those who want to wait years to immigrate to America.  Read this to learn why you need to see 2016:  Obama's America.  Since when does a news organization try to diminish a documentary?  When they shill  for the subject as AP does here.

National Debt almost $16 trillion, states have additional debt.  Spending must be curtailed.

Nicole Gelinas, not thrilled with Judge Cozzens decision, has a few suggestions where the MTA can make some cuts.  Meanwhile the MTA is looking to recoup lost money due to Irene disruptions from insurance.

In a change of heart,the DNC allows Cardinal Dolan to say closing prayer.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, August 27, 2012

RIP Neil Armstrong.

CNN poll show Americans are becoming more pro-life.

Taxpayers hit twice, first to fund hospitals, and then to pay for their mistakes.

HHS mandate is a threat to religious liberty.  

Hard hitting (on Obamacare/tax)  blog article by the Father of Health Savings Accounts.

Facts and myths on an Internet tax.

Why didn't they stay out of this race?  While every American is presumed innocent until proven guilty, we all know some guilty people get away with crimes, DC 37 reputation will take a hit for this and dilute future endorsements.

Seriously, didn't they think someone would verify the fact that they are registered republicans?

Food for thought from an economy professor.   Then take a look at this New York Times interactive map that shows how government benefits have increased over the last 40 years in the United States.    Obviously, we are in serious financial trouble and one thing is absolutely certain, we can not continue down the same road of self destruction. Changes must be made and this is certainly a benefit that must be reconsidered and hopefully eliminated.

The CATO Institute on corporate welfare.

Fred Dicker may be right, but the economy is the biggest reason for legislators to not vote themselves a pay raise after the November elections.

Have you see this:  Freedom's Candidate in New York. an article on our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long by Katherine Jean Lopez in the National Review on line edition.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Here’s an interesting story about a “side effect” of the European economic crisis: Monarchies across the continent are under increased pressure to rein in their spending and be more open about how they’re spending the taxpayers’ money.

I couldn’t help think about our own royalty – the Obama Administration that thinks it’s above the law and “common” demands like accountability. They’re sure spending our money like kings.

(And as Donald Lambro writes in the Washington Times, the Obama economy is even worse than you think.)

More from our imperial presidency: President Obama couldn’t be bothered to follow the rules on illegal immigration... but now immigration agents are suing to stop the Obama Administration’s non-deportation mandates.

And it turns out that the number of illegal aliens being deported by the Obama Administration – which they like to brag about to show how they’re really tough on immigration – now seems to be inflated.

And of course let’s not forget America’s other ruling class – the unaccountable, unelected left-wing judges like Shira Scheindlin who rule from on high against public safety measures like the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program.

According to a Fox News poll we, the people have a message for the federal government: “A 54-percent majority would tell Uncle Sam to ‘leave me alone,’ while 35 percent would ask Washington to ‘lend me a hand.’”

What’s your message to the federal government: “Leave me alone” or “Lend me a hand”? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

Given this political environment it’s no surprise that, as John Podhoretz puts it, “Romney is on the rise” – but can he keep up the momentum?

Finally this week City Council Speaker Chris Quinn, as staunch a liberal as you’ll find anywhere, got a taste of the far-left’s gutter politics because she opposes the anti-business paid sick leave bill.

Just as the Obama campaign accused Mitt Romney of murder-by-cancer during his days at Bain Capital, the Working Families Party is now suggesting Ms. Quinn is culpable in the death of a cancer victim who didn’t have paid sick leave.

The liberals may fancy themselves as royalty, but the fact is they have no class.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big win for taxpayers, lets hope Judge Cozzens decision is upheld on appeal.   More coverage here and here.   Governor Cuomo thinks the ruling is wrong, no surprise in his analysis, because it leaves taxpayers with more of their own money and less for him and the MTA to spend.  Governor, tell the MTA to keep its expenses within its income and stop looking for more ways to take it from the hardworking citizens of New York State. 

Hey,  Keynesians:  you built the cliff!

Sen. Tom Coburn, MD writes about Congressman Paul Ryan and his plan.

Certainly not what anyone wants to read, but Heritage Foundation does give us some hope, albeit not much, if we do not take the reigns and elect the right people.

Bad news for hospitals and more bad news for people forced into the Medicare system. 

The problem is that VP Joe Biden really believes it won't cost anything to refinance 12 million mortgages, and for most it won't, but you and I, who have paid our mortgages will be paying them along with ours.

Thanks to the Weekly Standard for this audio clip and this video clip explaining where President Obama stands on late term abortions.

The NY Post writes about "See-no-evil Shelly", not the first time the Speaker had defended a Member or a member's staff. 

Another county facing a serious financial crisis and George J. Marlin's insight as to why they are going broke. 

We are not the only ones not to thrilled with Gov. Cuomo's on-line voter registration idea.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Regular readers know I end Tuesday's blog with Thomas Sowell, today, I will begin with his new column.
We suggested last week that you go see this movie, if you didn't take our advice, will you take Thomas Sowell's?  According to this, even residents of very liberal NYC are going to see 2016: Obama's America, upon hearing this one Hollywood person quipped that New Yorkers must have thought it was a pro-Obama film.

More of your hard earned stimulus dollars (taken without your permission)  hard at work this time promoting President Obama.


Doesn't the White House ever get tired of blaming someone else....someone quick, get him President Harry Truman's sign, the buck stops here.   The CBO is non-partisan and reporting facts, we are facing a $1.1 trillion deficit and the WH response is it is Congress' fault.  When was the last time the US Senate passed a budget?  Can you tell me Senator Gillibrand?  Or are you too busy promoting Off the Sidelines?

Some good news, for a change, from the Courts here and here,, but just when you have hope that the Court system is coming to its senses, it rules against taxpayers again, albeit this ruling, unfortunately,  is probably on solid ground. And a case to watch as it goes through the court system.

George J. Marlin opines on President Obama's war on religious freedom.

Nicole Gelinas opines on Governor Cuomo's big bank heist.

Naill Ferguson defends his Newsweek article.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Heritage Foundation wants to bring Medicaid into the debate along with Medicare.  And more from Heritage on Obamacare/tax taxes.

Betsy McCaughey  has another good analysis of Obamacare/tax in today's NY Post.

More on Congressman Ryan's Plan. 

Fred Barns extols Congressman Paul Ryan in this WSJ article. 

Is one of President Obama's campaign chairs covering his bets or was he just putting his money into a campaign that he believed in?

Meanwhile back at the White House, President Obama is employing former Bain employees....gee, Mr. President, in public you degrade Bain and in private you hire former Bain employees.  Well, Americans will be hiring another former employee on November 6, 2012.

About that "press conference" yesterday, Mr. President, perhaps you and VP Biden should both abstain from speaking for awhile.

Why doesn't this surprise me?

That former Bain employee, Mitt Romney and his VP choice, Paul Ryan, already know what Stephen Moore explains in this Manhattan Institute article.

Wise words from George Gilder in National Review.

The GOP National Convention is currently writing its platform and happy to say they still support traditional marriage. 

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Well,  all of the criticism of President Obama not talking the the White House Press Corps obviously hit a nerve, since he is talking to the WHPC today. Or maybe it was Newsweek's cover story.  Maybe it was just to get the press corps to pay attention to him and not VP Joe Biden. 

Then again, perhaps President Obama should let them cover VP Biden, he after all suffers from foot in mouth disease (obviously not the only one), while President Obama is more prone to stretch the truth or accept a "new normal" to mislead the voting public.  Or clearly lies to the voters.

Andrew Malcolm explains all that needs to be done is clear up this media bias business.

Jimmy Vielkind writes in the Albany Times Union:  Broke cities, What's next?  (The first of 3 parts.)

Wendy Long, our US Senate candidate, is happy that Sen. Gillibrand finally found Staten Island, but has a question for her.... while this article is a little dated, it shows how Mrs. Long is traveling around the state and being available to the press.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

The summer is, unfortunately,  quickly  ending.  On the bright side, that means the 2012 elections are just around the corner and if you are like me that is none too soon.

Just last Saturday, the Romney/Ryan campaign got off to a great start and Congressman Paul Ryan was warmly received in his home state of Wisconsin.  In case you missed his remarks, you can watch what he said here.    

Congressman Paul Ryan appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box  on July 10, 2012 and explained why President Obama’s plan to raise taxes only fuels more spending.  Here he is again, on Fox and Friends, explaining how important this upcoming election is since the US Supreme Court ruled Obamacare a tax. 

Larry Kudlow, writing in the New York Sun, explains that the current economic numbers are anemic, and should be better.

Charles Krauthammer outlines the presidential race in his column today aptly titled Romney’s present, Ryan’s future.   

The Guardian writes that democrats’ nerves start to show as Ryan fires up conservative voters.

Let us know what you think of Governor Romney’s choice of Congressman Paul Ryan in this week’s poll.

E. J. McMahon’s Empire Center has a new report out, the Graying of the Empire State that reinforces what we have been saying for years.  The policies of this state, albeit Governor Andrew Cuomo has made minor, yes minor, changes, are driving our youth and future to states with less government regulations and taxes.

Speaking of the Governor, did you take notice of what he did yesterday?  Now I’ll be the first to admit, I am not “tech savvy”, but allowing people to register on-line when New York does not require any photo identification when you vote, is a recipe for voter fraud.  Why would the Governor do this without any advance notice to anyone, even the Board of Election Commissioners?  We all know the answer, but government officials abandoning public input is becoming far too common.

According to the Sixth Circuit Justices, technology is taking away our personal privacy.  And according to this Oxford Professor, genetically engineering “ethical babies” is a moral obligation.   Technology has done wonderful things in our lifetime, but some people, as noted in these articles, are completely wrong on the wonders of the 21st century. 

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Medicare is no longer the "third rail" of politics.

Does anyone know the percentage that Sen. Harry Reid pays?  Romney says he has never paid less than 13% in taxes. (Do you remember when the Clinton's listed his underwear under charitable donations? Some thing you just do not need to know.)

Former Congressman Arthur Davis to stump for Romney.  If you wonder why this is newsworthy, well, Congressman Davis was a Co-Chair for the 2004 Obama campaign and nominated him at the convention.

Republican Governors get things done.

Paul Ryan will also, and with a great sense of humor.  It will be interesting to 1) see how the MSM plays this and 2) how seniors react to his visit. 

I guess they, the Chicago Tribune, is tired of writing about all the crime in Chicago, so they came up with this.  I'm sure this will help stop the crime wave, what's next, a plaque where Rahm Emanual practiced ballet?

Mission Impossible:  Managing Joe Biden.   And, Inside the mind of Joe Biden.

Yesterday, we said he had chutzpah, today the NY Post calls it a coverup. At least he won't be returning to Congress.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If ever there was a reason to end public financing of campaigns, the NY Post Editorial spells it out today.  Elected officials are the only ones calling for "campaign finance reform", reform meaning you should pay for their campaigns, (well maybe a few left wing organizations also) and if the public remains silent, they will pass it statewide.  Don't let it happen, speak out against public financing of campaigns, it is your money.

Speaking of money, our U.S. Senate candidate, Wendy Long, has an Op-Ed in today's WSJ on A Smarter Approach to New York's Banks.  Kathryn Jean Lopez, NRO contributer, follows up on the WSJ article.  Wendy Long also takes on Sen. Gillibrand's absence of support for New York Dairy Farmers and Yogurt producers.

According to the Heritage Foundation, President Obama has already tossed the Food Stamp work requirement. 

Yahoo news reports the economic recovery is the weakest since WWII.  It may be news to them, but certainly not to us.

RIP Nellie Gray: thank you for your dedication to Life.

I will refrain from saying "we told you this would happen" , but we did.

Eric Holder, read this, as in many other stands you take, you are wrong on this issue. 

Congressman Towns, you certainly have chutzpah.

Comptroller John Liu, do birds of a feather stick together?

Kudos's to Shenendehowa School District  (Clifton Park, NY) for taking a stand!  Let them know you support them: Superintendent: Dr. L. Oliver Robinson, 5 Chelsea Place, Clifton Park, NY 12065 • 518-881-0600

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well,  this will get your blood boiling and if it doesn't, why not?  Seriously, our tax dollars being used by the Energy Dept. on projects "too risky for the private sector".  All the projects seem to be for electrical car batteries that most consumers are rejecting.  While I am certain that government has invested our hard earned tax dollars in projects that appeared to be too risky for the private sector -- NASA comes to mind --
now, when we are facing fiscal Armageddon,  is not the time to invest in projects that consumers are not interested in buying. We are still "on the hook" for the GM bailout and stand to lose billions. More on the  loss from Heritage Foundation. Fix our economy first!  President Obama says one thing, the government  must do its part in cutting wasteful spending, then continues to spend wastefully. 

Another case of President Obama saying one thing and enforcing the exact opposite.

News coverage of our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, here,  here,  here, here and here.  Obviously, our current Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, has not read the report by the Congressional Budget Office that states lifting drilling restrictions could increase US reserves by 30%.   Congressman Bob Turner endorses Wendy Long.

More on Congressman Paul Ryan, from Rich Lowry, John Hayward, the NY Post Editorial PageCal Thomas. and Dennis Prager.

VP Biden needs President Obama's teleprompter or does he?  He owns his words and how pathetic is that.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell (and another thumbs up for VP choice, Paul Ryan)

Monday, August 13, 2012

If you only have time for one article, this is the one to read! Extremely hard on Romney and his campaign, until his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan on Saturday.  Send the link to everyone on your list, save the article and send it out again on November 5.  It is time to take back our Country and cast a vote for those who are committed to doing just that.

Some coverage including Chairman Long's reaction to Congressman Ryan as VP, note the misrepresentation of Ryan's budget plan by the WFP,  unlike what Democratic Erskine Bowels said last September when he called it "sensible, straightforward and serious".

The NY Post Editorial on the Romney announcement of Ryan. More from Editorial Boards across the Nation.

Stephan Moore on  the influence the late Jack Kemp had on Paul Ryan.  

Michael Barone on the Romney/Ryan ticket. 

Lawrence Kudlow's column prior to the Ryan choice for Vice President.

The Heritage Foundation opines the upcoming battle on Medicare.

Look at what happened today in Florida.

Newsmax takes a closer look at the future of  Social Security and the looming problem.  The Economist looks at pension problems.

Seriously, how can she keep a straight face?  Mr. President, can you tell us about your plan?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week we learned that not even pizza is safe from the side effects of Obamacare. Papa John himself has said that the new health care bureaucracy will hit consumers with increased costs.
Obamacare is yet another example of this president’s failed, flawed agenda. Here Charles Krauthammer makes “the case against reelection.” His strategy: Stick to the issues and ideology. Let’s hope the Romney campaign has what it takes to win this argument.
Meanwhile the Washington Post seems almost desperate to bolster Obama’s reelection chances. They really grasp at some numbers here to prove that the Obama-nomics is working.
As for who’s not working... Kirsten Gillibrand, who along with her Democrat cronies in the Senate can’t be bothered to pass a budget. The Weekly Standard notes, “It’s been 1,200 days since Senate Democrats passed a budget, during which time Congress amassed $4.8 trillion in new debt.”

Do you think Kirsten Gillibrand owes it to the people of New York to get a budget written and show exactly how she thinks our money should be spent?  Vote now in our new Weekly Poll.

News from New York City...

As stop-and-frisk is cut, shootings skyrocket... welcome to the “Summer of Guns.”
New York City’s proposed sick leave bill is amazingly bringing out some common sense, even among hard-core liberals.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

This AP headline is not good news for Americans nor the President.  And the Heritage Foundation gives us more glum news.  I wonder if the bad economic news is the reason why President Obama is complaining that the First Lady isn't getting paid. 

IRS overlooks fraud in some cases;  ours would be scrutinized.   More on this from the Washington Times.

Can't help but wonder how much fraud can be found in these numbers?  Just think, over 100 million now receiving federal welfare and these numbers do not include social security and medicare recipients.

The Drug is Government; the Pusher is President Obama.

If this CBO report was a Republican Congressional report, it would be slammed as a distortion by the main stream media.

Californians need a simple math class maybe then then they would prevent this from happening.

The advertisement that breaks all rules of civility, honesty and shows just how desperate the Obama Team is to stay in the White House.  

 Big Brother is alive and functioning well in New York City.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

 The Heritage Foundation writes that President Obama denies gutting welfare reform.  Just once, could President Obama remember what President Truman's famous motto was (The buck stops here).

 Investors' Business Daily sets the New York Times straight.

Judicial Watch exposes more White House interference in things it should not be involved with.

Sen. Jeff Sessions explains on Fox News Radio the problems with President Obama's new immigration plan.  More here on the plan.   Can't help wondering what it will do to the unemployment rate...for legal citizens!

Obama by the numbers.

A must see if you are in NYC this weekend, soon to be around the state.   Check the link for further releases.

Governor George E. Pataki endorses our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long.  This proves you can win without a lot of money...grassroots is still the strongest way to get elected.  Help Wendy win by talking about her every day.

 Governor Cuomo is flexing his muscles on gun control.   Governor, guns are not the problem and more gun control in a state that already stifles the 2nd Amendment is certainly not the answer.  Everyone is outraged that evil madmen (for lack of a  better definition of people who perpetrate such horror) shattered the quiet of a movie theater and the solemn sanctity of a Sikh temple, but the knee-jerk reaction to call for more gun control laws will not change what has happened nor will it prevent future atrocities.  If you really want to help change what has, unfortunately, become far too common; why not emphasize the sanctity of life, how precious each life is.  Why not campaign for elevating how precious each day that we enjoy the beauty of a sunrise can be a day that we celebrate what each and every one of us has to offer to make our world a better place to live in.  Some may say that this approach is too simplistic, and it may well be, but for far too long we, as a society, have forgotten and ignored how precious life can be...until some evil madman reminds us how fleeting life can be.

Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams. 
And a bonus Thomas  Sowell.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Heritage Foundation writes about its concerns in the Middle East.

More from Heritage regarding the probable executive fiat regarding cybersecurity.

So Mr. Carney, Drudge has to be mindful of his sources, but Senator Harry Reid doesn't?  Just asking...

Always read the fine print. And know that the person you are signing for will repay the debt.

If anyone still had doubts that Obamacare/tax must be repealed, read this.  Then go here to find out how you can help dismantle Obamacare/tax.  While New York Governor initiated a Health Exchange by fiat, number three on the list is to take back the U.S. Senate and we can help by electing Wendy Long to the Senate.  Save the date:  October 17 for the first (only?) debate. Talk her up to your neighbor and friends....your friends and family will listen to what you have to say and trust you more than a TV or ratio ad.  We will make the difference in November and take back the US Senate and our Country.

More on health care here.

Is this our future?

How about some relief to the taxpayers?  "Extra" money isn't extra, it is an excess taken from people struggling to pay their bills, people who have gone without some perks despite the long hours they work to meet their obligations...every elected official should remember this fact when they are tempted to give it away or make improvements.  (Note the expansion requested for health care unions....)

Speaker Christine Quinn, listen to the people who create jobs.

Is anyone really surprised?  (When did people/elected officials loose their common sense?)

Explaining conservative economics in 25 quotes.

Arthur Brooks on earning your success.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.