Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Here’s an interesting story about a “side effect” of the European economic crisis: Monarchies across the continent are under increased pressure to rein in their spending and be more open about how they’re spending the taxpayers’ money.

I couldn’t help think about our own royalty – the Obama Administration that thinks it’s above the law and “common” demands like accountability. They’re sure spending our money like kings.

(And as Donald Lambro writes in the Washington Times, the Obama economy is even worse than you think.)

More from our imperial presidency: President Obama couldn’t be bothered to follow the rules on illegal immigration... but now immigration agents are suing to stop the Obama Administration’s non-deportation mandates.

And it turns out that the number of illegal aliens being deported by the Obama Administration – which they like to brag about to show how they’re really tough on immigration – now seems to be inflated.

And of course let’s not forget America’s other ruling class – the unaccountable, unelected left-wing judges like Shira Scheindlin who rule from on high against public safety measures like the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program.

According to a Fox News poll we, the people have a message for the federal government: “A 54-percent majority would tell Uncle Sam to ‘leave me alone,’ while 35 percent would ask Washington to ‘lend me a hand.’”

What’s your message to the federal government: “Leave me alone” or “Lend me a hand”? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

Given this political environment it’s no surprise that, as John Podhoretz puts it, “Romney is on the rise” – but can he keep up the momentum?

Finally this week City Council Speaker Chris Quinn, as staunch a liberal as you’ll find anywhere, got a taste of the far-left’s gutter politics because she opposes the anti-business paid sick leave bill.

Just as the Obama campaign accused Mitt Romney of murder-by-cancer during his days at Bain Capital, the Working Families Party is now suggesting Ms. Quinn is culpable in the death of a cancer victim who didn’t have paid sick leave.

The liberals may fancy themselves as royalty, but the fact is they have no class.

Have a great weekend!

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