Monday, August 6, 2012

President Obama spends campaign money almost the same as he spends our money (the difference being, he borrows from China when he can't take it from us) , then he trolls for more cash to spend.  

Is this why President Obama would not allow the Keystone XL Pipeline, as the article says, one cannot blame Canada, we can only hope that Canada will give us another chance after the November elections.

When the President can't get his way in Congress, he turns to Executive Orders.  All Hail the King!

What is going on with the White House Press Corps?

Michael Barone on  Two Liberal-Media Blindspots.

Carney dances, but not very well, while the WSJ calls on Sen. Reid to stay classy, Harry.  (he can't!!)

The Heritage Foundation with more on Solyndra. 

You won't read this in the main stream media.

Arthur Laffer on the real stimulus record.

Surprise, Mayor Bloomberg gets it right! Mr. Mayor stick to this and quit being a Nanny Mayor.

Let's hope Christine Quinn sticks with her position.

George J. Marlin is right! No one is forcing any official to run for re-election, they know what the salary is when they make the choice to run again.

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