Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big win for taxpayers, lets hope Judge Cozzens decision is upheld on appeal.   More coverage here and here.   Governor Cuomo thinks the ruling is wrong, no surprise in his analysis, because it leaves taxpayers with more of their own money and less for him and the MTA to spend.  Governor, tell the MTA to keep its expenses within its income and stop looking for more ways to take it from the hardworking citizens of New York State. 

Hey,  Keynesians:  you built the cliff!

Sen. Tom Coburn, MD writes about Congressman Paul Ryan and his plan.

Certainly not what anyone wants to read, but Heritage Foundation does give us some hope, albeit not much, if we do not take the reigns and elect the right people.

Bad news for hospitals and more bad news for people forced into the Medicare system. 

The problem is that VP Joe Biden really believes it won't cost anything to refinance 12 million mortgages, and for most it won't, but you and I, who have paid our mortgages will be paying them along with ours.

Thanks to the Weekly Standard for this audio clip and this video clip explaining where President Obama stands on late term abortions.

The NY Post writes about "See-no-evil Shelly", not the first time the Speaker had defended a Member or a member's staff. 

Another county facing a serious financial crisis and George J. Marlin's insight as to why they are going broke. 

We are not the only ones not to thrilled with Gov. Cuomo's on-line voter registration idea.

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