Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Regular readers know I end Tuesday's blog with Thomas Sowell, today, I will begin with his new column.
We suggested last week that you go see this movie, if you didn't take our advice, will you take Thomas Sowell's?  According to this, even residents of very liberal NYC are going to see 2016: Obama's America, upon hearing this one Hollywood person quipped that New Yorkers must have thought it was a pro-Obama film.

More of your hard earned stimulus dollars (taken without your permission)  hard at work this time promoting President Obama.


Doesn't the White House ever get tired of blaming someone else....someone quick, get him President Harry Truman's sign, the buck stops here.   The CBO is non-partisan and reporting facts, we are facing a $1.1 trillion deficit and the WH response is it is Congress' fault.  When was the last time the US Senate passed a budget?  Can you tell me Senator Gillibrand?  Or are you too busy promoting Off the Sidelines?

Some good news, for a change, from the Courts here and here,, but just when you have hope that the Court system is coming to its senses, it rules against taxpayers again, albeit this ruling, unfortunately,  is probably on solid ground. And a case to watch as it goes through the court system.

George J. Marlin opines on President Obama's war on religious freedom.

Nicole Gelinas opines on Governor Cuomo's big bank heist.

Naill Ferguson defends his Newsweek article.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

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