Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

What does the health care ruling mean? It is today’s biggest news story, and there’s no shortage of analysis and opinion. Here are two people I trust with interesting takes on the issue: Charles Krauthammer and George Will.
Neither is thrilled with the ruling, obviously – but both see some silver linings in the Court’s decision.

The Washington Times features excerpts from the dissenting opinion offered by Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas and Alito.

Both the Washington Times and the New York Post casts the ruling as a legal victory for the Obama Administration and a political win for Republicans, since now the Democrats “are going to have to defend a massive middle-class tax hike — in an election year.”

New York conservatives in Congress were quick with their reactions. Here are statements from Ann Marie Buerkle, Pete King, Michael Grimm, Nan Hayworth, Chris Gibson and Tom Reed.

Rep. Grimm in particular hits on an important theme, saying: “I am extremely disappointed in today’s Supreme Court decision, but I am far more disturbed by the fact that the President willfully misled the nation by saying the individual mandate was not a tax.”
“President Obama has pulled the wool over the eyes of the American people,” Rep. Grimm continues, “and broke a fundamental promise by imposing on us one of the largest middle class tax increases in the history of the country.”
Or as Sarah Palin put it on Fox New: “Obama lies, freedom dies.
Do you believe Barack Obama deliberately misled the nation in saying that the ObamaCare “individual mandate” was not a tax? Vote today in our new weekly poll.
Sean Hannity, who spoke at our 50th Anniversary Dinner Gala, has a thing or two to say about the ObamaCare ruling, as you can imagine.
Rest assured Wendy Long and the Conservative Party will be pointing out Kirsten Gillibrand’s support for this massive tax increase – and we’ll have an impact on New York’s senate race. The New York Times shows how we already have, and takes a look at our influence over the past 50 years.

ObamaCare wasn’t the only story in the news yesterday. In a bipartisan vote (which the liberals and the media usually adore), the House voted yesterday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt – and as the Post notes, “Never has an attorney general so richly deserved such dubious notice.”

This week, as we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, we’ve seen that the system of checks and balances envisioned by our Founding Fathers continues to work.
It’s not a perfect system. We don’t always like the outcome. But the fight is never over – and this November the American people will be given the opportunity to check the power of Barack Obama and the liberals in Washington.  Let’s make the most of that opportunity.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS has ruled on Obamacare and we must live with the decision....for awhile.  But not forever!  President Obama said in 2009 "I absolutely reject (the) notion' that it's a tax",  however, when the Administration argued the case before the Justices, it was called a tax and Congress can impose a tax.  Short and simple, Obamacare is a tax, the biggest tax ever imposed on Americans and there is every reason to believe that it will be repealed.  The ruling today will energize American's who do not want Obamacare to elect the right people to repeal this misguided piece of legislation that was passed by the Democratic controlled House and Senate.  November 6, 2012 is the day we will be heard, loud and clear.

The Heritage Foundation calls the decision a Clarion Call for the American People.  More from Heritage here.  Rest assured there is always a silver lining.

The WSJ recaps the decision, and in this article explains what it means to small business owners (assuming it isn't repealed.)

The NY Sun explains why and how we will win in November. 

You can follow more here at the SCOTUS Blog.

Let's help make him majority leader.  (or at the very least depose Harry Reid's leadership)

Wendy Long's position on the ruling.  Wendy Long understands the whole state.   In case you missed Wendy Long on with Liz Benjamin last night you can watch it here.  NY1 covered Wendy Long's big primary night win.

Chairman Mike Long was also on with Liz Benjamin and you can watch him here.

Part III of Thomas Sowell's A Political Glossary. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Congratulations to Wendy Long on winning the GOP primary.  And congratulations to all of the people who took the time and made the effort to vote in yesterday's GOP primary. Wendy Long, already the Conservative nominee and now the GOP nominee, will go on to become our U.S. Senator. Watch her accept  here.   An active, informed and enthusiasticgrassroots effort will always win over money.

The Heritage Foundation on how unions just shot workers in the foot.

Need a room in North Carolina in September?  Apparently there are some cancellations in previously held reservations.

Tax cheats get rewarded?? 

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.  Bonus Thomas Sowell article.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Primary Day has arrived!
Polls are open now, if you haven't voted, please go vote for Wendy Long in the Republican Primary.

More on yesterday's Supreme Court decision from the Heritage Foundation,  National ReviewWashington Times and  how the feds are undermining the decision made by the Supreme Court.  Big Sis continues as Obama's enforcer when he doesn't get what he wants.   Justice Scalia's concerns with decision.

Why does President Obama have to do this?

Another reason why we need Wendy Long in the US Senate, click here to see what the US Senate is voting for, despite the fact that they have not voted for a budget in over three years.

Medicaid and Medicare fraud still costing taxpayers billions.

The right way to explore stem cell research.

Remember occupy wall street, the tax payers in upstate are socked with a big overtime bill.

This NY Post editorial hits the nail on the head.  Time for NY voters to say "Sorry, Charlie" this time to Con. Rangel, not Charlie the Tuna.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tomorrow is Primary Day for federal offices in NYS.  There is a republican primary for U.S. Senate....please remind your family and friends that Wendy Long is the only viable person who can bring constitutional law to the US Senate on our behalf when she defeats Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in November.  Help her win the Republican Primary tomorrow, Jume 26.  In case you missed these endorsements over the weekend:  The Watertown Daily TimesOneida County ExecutiveAssemblyman Steve KatzAssemblyman Marc Butler;  Hon.  Dennis C. Vacco; Hon. Rick LazioDoug Hoffman, the man who truly ignited the national TEA Party movement;  The Finger Lakes TEA PartyMayor Graham's View says this Liberty's Lifeline; Michael J. Gaynor's view; and this is from Gov Track Home; the Weekly Standard wrote about the NY Post endorsement of Wendy Long; and the Times Ledger (Queens local paper) says "An increasing number of political observers believe Long would be the strongest of the three Republican candidates for the Senate to face Gillibrand in the fall general election."  Senator Pattie Richie endorses Wendy Long; Hon. John Spencer,  so does the man who returned us to Row C, Carl Paladino and the New Yorker's for Constitutional Freedoms.

Ambassador John Bolton; Laura Ingraham and Thurman Thomas are all making robocalls on Wendy Long's behalf. 

Still not sure, listen to Wendy Long on Laura Ingraham's show.

Our future is in your hands:  Help Wendy Long win the Republican primary tomorrow! Wendy Long is the only candidate that is committed to not raising the debt ceiling, read this and listen to her own word. 

The Supreme Court rules on Arizona's immigration law.  Key provision still in place.  This breaking, Administration is suspending immigration enforcement program in response to Supreme Court ruling!  This from a man who claimed to be a constitutional lawyer, doesn't he have any respect for the rule of law?  November 6, 2012 can not come soon enough!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Great news to end the week: The New York Post has endorsed Wendy Long in this Tuesday’s GOP primary.
Noting Kirsten Gillibrand’s blatant pandering to the far-left since heading to the Senate, the Post states: “New Yorkers deserve a senator who actually stands for something — beyond the betterment of her personal circumstances, that is.”

This is just the latest in the impressive number of endorsements Wendy has earned by taking our conservative message out to voters and making a compelling case for lower taxes, less spending and a strong national defense.
Here you will find Wendy herself talking about why she’s the right candidate to take on Kirsten Gillibrand.

I hope you will give Wendy your endorsement in the Republican primary this Tuesday. And make sure to tell your friends and family who share your values to go to the polls. New York deserves a real choice this November. You have the power to give our state the best choice possible by voting for Wendy on Tuesday. .

Wendy has talked a lot during this campaign about the importance of respecting America’s founding principles – and I thought of her brave stand on behalf of the Constitution when I read this article, which makes a moral case for the free enterprise envisioned by our Founders.
“Staten Island health center receives nearly $500,000 from Sen. Gillibrand” – this headline is a great example of everything that’s wrong with the American left and the media these days.  

Did Sen. Gillibrand personally dip into her savings and write a $500,000 check to this particular health center, as the headline implies? Not at all... she dipped into the taxpayers’ pockets and very generously “gave” a nice chunk of other people’s money – and was rewarded with a flattering headline (conveniently right in the middle of the election year).

You can see why Sen. Gillibrand is such an adamant supporter of Barack Obama and his Imperial Presidency, which The Heritage Foundation explores in frightening detail today.

Obama’s rewriting of immigration law and his cowardly use of “executive privilege” to thward the Fast and Furious investigation have been the most recent examples – but Heritage points out many others, from traditional marriage to internet regulation and the environment.
As Heritage notes, “There is no telling where such disregard may go next, but the trend is clear, and it leads further and further away from the constitutional rule of law.”
Do you believe that Barack Obama, with his “imperial presidency,” is undermining the very idea of America as we know it?  Give your vote today in our new Weekly Poll.
On the specific issue of illegal immigration, Charles Krauthammer of course is spot on in his analysis of the Obama Administration’s shameful undermining of our American system.
Liberals everywhere seem to really hate it when “we, the people” have our say. Right here in New York Andrew Cuomo is furious that the Conservative Party mobilized citizens against his dismantling of New York’s marijuana laws. 

As Slate notes with great dismay of the Governor’s marijuana proposal, “Ultimately, Senate opposition to the proposal made it impossible to pass.” I’m proud to say that the Conservative Party was behind that opposition – and we did the right thing for New York.

Let’s do the right thing again this Tuesday by electing Wendy Long as the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate. Be sure to make your voice heard on June 26 – and have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, continues to travel around the state and get endorsements.

Nancy Pelosi, once the Speaker of the House, definitely lives on anther planet.  Fast and Furious is about the murder of  American AFT Agent Brian Terry.  The President's move for executive privilege is political and a distraction, a way to postpone the truth until after election day.   Congressman Rangel lives on the same planet that Congresswoman Pelosi lives on.  More on Fast and Furious from the Heritage Foundation as the scandal grows.

You be the judge, is $10B for 355 jobs, good value for your tax dollars.  You can answer the question on November 6, 2012 when you have the opportunity to change the direction of our great country.

More bad news on the jobs front.

The problem with prevailing wage laws....$57.71 an hour!  And E. J. McMahon has an article on unions will drive up the cost of the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Do you want crime to rise?  It is rising and will continue to do so if we end "stop and frisk".  Good editorial by the NY Post.

The Senate voted for this today and it is unfortunate that the parents of students who want the best for their children will not have full disclosure.  More from the NY Post's Erik Kriss.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, continues to rack up endorsements, see the latest here and here
Read what she has to say about Fast and Furious here.

Wendy Long has 6 DAYS to get her message to all Republicans in NY and she NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Please donate your precious time. If you're interested in volunteering, please click on the following links: Facebook message Wendy (, Tweet @wendylongforny or call (917) 387-6370.  We need folks to make calls, walk door to door, tweet, and "like" to get Wendy's message out and to stress how important it is to VOTE JUNE 26th!!

Please offer an hour, a day, or a weekend to Wendy Long.  She must be our next U.S. Senator and this is the first hurdle in the long race ahead.  Thank You.

Good question, Rich Lowry, President Obama certainly doesn't need Congress, except to blame for his failures.

Today's announcement that the President will use "executive privilege" to protect AG Holder is another desperate move to be re-elected.  Remember what he said in 2007.  The Heritage Foundation isn't too pleased with what the President is doing re Fast and Furious.

President Obama may be pleased with the headline, however, the poll was of likely voters which skews the results....people across our great Nation will pay more attention as the election draws closer.  Thankfully we have organizations like the Heritage Foundation who educate people on all that President Obama is doing to curtail our domestic energy production, which if enacted, will bring further harm to our economy.

What a difference a day makes.  This was yesterday's NY Times article on the "stop and frisk" bill where the NY Times writes "Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, said: “You have old folks like me who say, ‘Whoa, the decriminalization of marijuana: What are you saying? Everyone is going to walk around smoking marijuana, and that’s O.K.?’ So I think the Senate got a lot of blowback, pardon the pun.”  Today, when appearing on Fred Dicker's radio program the Governor said this. "I don’t believe this state will tolerate a party that caters to the extreme, ultra-conservative side of the party. That’s not what this state does, Fred, with all due respect to some of the positions of your paper.”  So yesterday, the Conservative Party reflected the concerns of people who live in NYS and today we are the "extreme, ultra-conservative" side of the party who he wants to blame for not being the hero of Randy Credico.  We are comfortable with being the hero of those who understand the importance of further decriminalizing marihuana.  Especially in the week following legislation passed and soon to be signed by the Governor that attempts to end the abuse of prescription drugs.  Marihuana is a gateway drug and any effort to deny that fact by trying to "normalize" its use is an affront to the citizens in this great state.  

Wednesday with Walter E. Williams and a bonus Thomas Sowell article. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wendy Long visits Binghamton, New York.  Michael J. Gaynor reviews Sunday's debate here.
Dr. Herbert London endorses Wendy Long. Did you see Wendy Long on Fox News yesterday, if not, click here to watch her discuss the forthcoming decision on Obamacare.

An imperial presidency, on steroids. 

Mychal Maisse on President Obama immigration move. 

Senator Tom Coburn, MD (R-OK) opines on President Obama's remarks that the private economy is fine. 

Some of us wish President Obama would address the "leaks".

Mr. President, there is some good advice here. And more here.

School Choice in D. C. saved, for now.

Gun ownership up, crime down. Facts prove the 2nd Amendment is good law and keeps Americans safe. 

New Yorker's win for now, but the issue is not resolved.

The only way to stop these headlines is to adopt conservative fiscal idea.

It is official:  President Obama is the biggest spender in world history.  Somehow he will find a way to blame  Bush or like many other problems, he'll just ignore the facts.

Concerned about hydrofracking?  Watch this. 

Byron York opines on President Obama's amnesia.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.  (another must read by Dr. Sowell)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hopefully you saw the debate (or you had your DVR set to record the debate) between the three republican candidates in the June 26 Republican primary for U. S. Senate.  The Conservatives nominated Wendy Long and are convinced that she will be the best candidate to run for the seat currently held by Kirsten Gillibrand.  Please remind your republican friends to vote for Wendy Long on June 26, one week from tomorrow.  In case you missed the debate, you can watch it here. Click herehere,   here  here and here for some coverage of only debate so far and quite possibly the only debate since the primary is 8 days from today. 

In case you missed the fact that Sean Hannity gave Wendy Long his seal  of approval, you can read about it here. If you are a Hannity Insider, you can listen to Wendy Long on the Hannity Show here.

More coverage on Wendy Long getting around the state here and here.  Sen. William J. Larkin endorses Wendy Long.

The Heritage Foundation on the Greek elections.

If Legislators really believe they deserve a raise to $100,000 a year, then take the vote before elections and let voters decide if you should get the raise. Most taxpayers haven't had raises either and many have lost their jobs, yet government keeps raising their taxes. 

Chairman Long makes our position on decriminalizing pot very clear.

The Washington Examiner thinks President Obama hit the panic button.

Michele Malkin has a list of those who don't believe the president has constitutional authority to suspend deportations including the President himself.  Seriously, how can David Plouffe say this with a straight face?

Many blogs and newspapers have written how close Valerie Jarrett is to President Obama, so this article caught my eye over the weekend.  I guess the President and his wife attended the ceremony after playing golf, but that is another story.  Is anyone surprised about this headline, when so many police had to cover a wedding?  Just asking....

Professor Unger is 100% right, but for all the wrong reasons

Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Last night we celebrated the Conservative Party’s 50th Anniversary.  The biggest news from our Dinner Gala is that Sean Hannity has endorsed Wendy Long for the U.S. Senate.
I’m confident that on June 26th grassroots conservatives across New York will give Wendy their support, joining Sean, Steve Forbes and the many other leaders who have are on her side.

Meanwhile the liberals had their own celebration as President Barack Obama came to town – on “official business” of course, so we taxpayers can have the honor of footing most of the bill... but Obama did manage to work in some fundraising, unsurprisingly enough.
“You’re the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes,” Obama told his celebrity supporters last night, right here in New York.  So Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour, Meryl Streep... these are the people Obama thinks represent “the American people.”

The more he says, the scarier his way of thinking becomes.  And at the same time, as John Podhoretz notes, often the more he speaks the less he actually says – and the more time heattempts to block from the record, as Byron York explains.

Here is a full transcript of Obama’s speech last night.  It’s interesting to me that, best I can tell, Obama didn’t mention his support for gay marriage – even in front of this adoring and left-leaning crowd. Maybe his pollsters are telling him this isn’t a winning issue?
As you can see from this story, the Conservative Party does not shy away from defending traditional marriage.

Obama and his celebrity hangers-on fancy themselves as warriors for the working class – but people struggling to make ends meet (who unlike Obama’s super-rich supporters don’t have the luxury of high-paid accountants who can find loopholes to avoid higher taxes) will be facing huge tax increases if the Obama Administration does nothing to stop the “Taxmageddon” that will hit us all on January 1, 2013.

According to this Heritage chart, low-income workers are facing a $1,200 tax increase next year thanks to the liberals’ tax agenda. 
Here you will find more information on the massive tax increase we’re facing – which will hit New Yorkers with an average tax hike of almost $3,800.

Could you put $3,800 to better use than sending it to Washington? Tell how you would rather use $3,800 in our new Weekly Poll. 
Here is yet another left-wing idea that is bad for the “working families” that liberal parties claim to support. Let’s hope this minimum wage increase gets minimum support.
And more Big Government insanity here. Are there many jobs in your area that pay $52 an hour?
Yesterday was a busy one for New York, for the entire nation it was also Flag Day – though the Washington Post didn’t seem to get the message. Meanwhile the Washington Times reminds us that Old Glory is under attack in many ways.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thank you George J.  Marlin and the NY Post for recognizing the contributions of the NYS Conservative Party.  We hope to see many of you tonight as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, continues to receive positive feedback as she travels throughout New York State.   Wendy Long wants to know why her two opponents will not debate more than the one debate scheduled for this Sunday on YNN news.  Wendy Long praises some members of the NY Congressional delegation for their vote to repeal the tax on medical devices and wants to know why Senator Gillibrand is silent on this issues that, if enacted through Obamacare, will hurt all New Yorkers.  Is Ed Cox schilling for Congressman Turner?  Decide for yourself after you read this.

The Heritage Foundation opines on the GM bailout. And they are getting more of your money!

More information that will get your blood pressure up.  If that didn't, this article certainly will.

Secretary Donald Rumsfield on LOST (Land of the Sea Treaty).

Once more, about that remark about the private sector Mr. President, are you ready to recognize how totally wrong it was, yet  Maybe this will help convince you.  Or this.

More information on Obamacare and how it increases the costs of health care.

In case any of our readers are expecting a Nobel Prize, you will be getting 20% less money.  Yup, the economy is fine, Mr. President.

Could it be?  Hydrofracking may happen in New York. 

Stop-and-frisk is an important element to try to stop crime in the community . . . There was a downturn in crime because you have introduced stop-and-frisk,” the Rev. Floyd Flake, pastor of one of the city’s largest congregations, Greater Allen AME Church in Jamaica, told NY1’s “Inside City Hall.”

Wednesdays with Walter E.Williams

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brit Hume opines on Obama statement that the economy is doing fine.  Investor's Business Daily has a Memo to Obama:  It's Government That is Doing Fine. More from Investor's Business on the economy.  WH Spokesman, Jay Carney, lectures reporters on "context".

Fox News has a piece on the new Deloitte report that states the US debt crisis is bigger than you think.

While the economy is certainly not fine, the leaks to the NY Times are extensive and harmful to all  Americans.
Here's what Secretary Don Rumsfield had to say about them this morning and what Congressman Peter King thinks of them.

 AG Holder is not having a good day, nor should he until he lets us know what he knew about Fast and Furious.

Bizarre reaction.  Must  have other things on his mind, things more important than to check on the health of one of his Cabinet members.

The Heritage Foundation lets us know what some unions are up to. 

Government spent how much for the Kindle?

Rich Lowry has a good column in today's NY Post.

Wendy Long is getting around the state.  Remind your friends abut the June 26 Republican Primary and that Wendy Long is the strongest candidate to take on Senator Gillibrand.   Michael Gaynor wants to know why Congressman Turner continues to run.

How long will New Yorkers have to wait before we can help the economy with hydrofracking?   The Women's Energy Leadership Coalition was in the Capitol today to make their voices heard.

File this under "government out of control"  .... $1000 fine the first time, up to $10,000 in subsequent fines for not mowing your lawn.  What do you think the of the chances the village boards members will be elected again?

The Women's Energy Leadership Coalition was not the only lobbying group at the Capitol today.  Those who want to normalize the illicit use of drugs were making their voices heard.  On one hand the  Legislature passes legislation designed to stop the abuses of over prescribing powerful and addictive drugs, but on the other hand,  may turn a blind eye to the use of marijuana?  The Assembly, under the leadership of Sheldon Silver, is poised to pass the further decriminalization of marijuana today, how ridiculous is that?  Call you local Senator at 518-455-2800 and ask them to stand strong against the further decriminalization of marijuana.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, June 11, 2012

So who did respond to the Siena Poll released today?  The 807 respondents must be too busy to read newspapers or even read some blogs because the Republican Primary on June 26 is getting coverage, here, here, and here.  But maybe the reason people are not familiar with Wendy Long is because the newspapers are not printing what Mrs. Long has to say,  in an effort to protect Senator Gillibrand and her rather strange ideas of how all woman should align themselves.

About that statement you made on Friday, Mr. President, everything is not fine in the private sector, nor is your trying to walk it back helping.  As we have noted in prior blogs, President Obama, really believes that government is the answer to society's problems, that government spending is the answer to all of society's ills. We know better!  While his belief is totally misguided, it is not the biggest problem President Obama has created.  His need to be reelected is endangering all of us.  Robert Gates should be telling President Obama the same thing he told the National Security Team.  How can the NY Times reporter defend the leaks?  Is his personal need to be in the spotlight with a "scoop" really more important than national security?  More on the subject from Michael Goodwin.

Really Mr. Holder, do you think we will trust their investigation when they answer to you and your boss.

Attorney General Holder, are you okay with this?  But of course you are, you and President Obama will do almost anything to keep your jobs.

 So Governor Cuomo, about that campaign finance bill you like, wouldn't it put a damper on this?  Maybe not, but taxpayers would still be footing the bill, if enacted.

Comptroller DiNapoli can't be to pleased with this article.

Steve Malanga has a good article on politicians and public pensions.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

We’ll end this week by recalling the recall election in Wisconsin, since there’s seemingly been little else in the news since Tuesday.

According to Charles Krauthammer, “The ultimate significance of Walker’s union reforms has been largely misunderstood.”  Read his column here if you want to know what Walker era reform really terrifies the Working Families Party-types.
Larry Kudlow explains how the stock market reacted quite favorably to the Walker win.

At National Review Online the recall results are described as a victory for free speech.

NR editor Rich Lowry explains how free speech has become the left’s big excuse for why they lose.
Michael Barone discusses the national implications of the recall vote.

And some outstanding analysis from Peggy Noonan, who notes that “There is, now, a house-of-cards feel about this administration.”

Of Obama, Ms. Noonan makes this wonderful point: “He’s busy. He’s running for president. But why?  He could be president now if he wanted to be.”

Which New York politician would you most like to see recalled? Give your vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

Noonan also notes this important story in the news this week: The growing calls for a special investigation into politically-motivated national security leaks by the Obama Administration.
And the Fast-and-Furious scandal continues to percolate, as Eric Holder continues to stonewall.

With the June 26 primary just around the corner Wendy Long continues to earn key endorsements, and she is taking our conservative message across the state. Meanwhile her opponents continue to avoid debates.
Finally this week: Do hightaxes change people’s behavior? Ask the carloads of Canadians who are bypassing tax-laden airfares in their own country and driving across the border to New York and other states to take advantage of lower ticket prices from U.S. airports.
Wherever you’re going this weekend, have a great one!