Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brit Hume opines on Obama statement that the economy is doing fine.  Investor's Business Daily has a Memo to Obama:  It's Government That is Doing Fine. More from Investor's Business on the economy.  WH Spokesman, Jay Carney, lectures reporters on "context".

Fox News has a piece on the new Deloitte report that states the US debt crisis is bigger than you think.

While the economy is certainly not fine, the leaks to the NY Times are extensive and harmful to all  Americans.
Here's what Secretary Don Rumsfield had to say about them this morning and what Congressman Peter King thinks of them.

 AG Holder is not having a good day, nor should he until he lets us know what he knew about Fast and Furious.

Bizarre reaction.  Must  have other things on his mind, things more important than to check on the health of one of his Cabinet members.

The Heritage Foundation lets us know what some unions are up to. 

Government spent how much for the Kindle?

Rich Lowry has a good column in today's NY Post.

Wendy Long is getting around the state.  Remind your friends abut the June 26 Republican Primary and that Wendy Long is the strongest candidate to take on Senator Gillibrand.   Michael Gaynor wants to know why Congressman Turner continues to run.

How long will New Yorkers have to wait before we can help the economy with hydrofracking?   The Women's Energy Leadership Coalition was in the Capitol today to make their voices heard.

File this under "government out of control"  .... $1000 fine the first time, up to $10,000 in subsequent fines for not mowing your lawn.  What do you think the of the chances the village boards members will be elected again?

The Women's Energy Leadership Coalition was not the only lobbying group at the Capitol today.  Those who want to normalize the illicit use of drugs were making their voices heard.  On one hand the  Legislature passes legislation designed to stop the abuses of over prescribing powerful and addictive drugs, but on the other hand,  may turn a blind eye to the use of marijuana?  The Assembly, under the leadership of Sheldon Silver, is poised to pass the further decriminalization of marijuana today, how ridiculous is that?  Call you local Senator at 518-455-2800 and ask them to stand strong against the further decriminalization of marijuana.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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