Monday, June 11, 2012

So who did respond to the Siena Poll released today?  The 807 respondents must be too busy to read newspapers or even read some blogs because the Republican Primary on June 26 is getting coverage, here, here, and here.  But maybe the reason people are not familiar with Wendy Long is because the newspapers are not printing what Mrs. Long has to say,  in an effort to protect Senator Gillibrand and her rather strange ideas of how all woman should align themselves.

About that statement you made on Friday, Mr. President, everything is not fine in the private sector, nor is your trying to walk it back helping.  As we have noted in prior blogs, President Obama, really believes that government is the answer to society's problems, that government spending is the answer to all of society's ills. We know better!  While his belief is totally misguided, it is not the biggest problem President Obama has created.  His need to be reelected is endangering all of us.  Robert Gates should be telling President Obama the same thing he told the National Security Team.  How can the NY Times reporter defend the leaks?  Is his personal need to be in the spotlight with a "scoop" really more important than national security?  More on the subject from Michael Goodwin.

Really Mr. Holder, do you think we will trust their investigation when they answer to you and your boss.

Attorney General Holder, are you okay with this?  But of course you are, you and President Obama will do almost anything to keep your jobs.

 So Governor Cuomo, about that campaign finance bill you like, wouldn't it put a damper on this?  Maybe not, but taxpayers would still be footing the bill, if enacted.

Comptroller DiNapoli can't be to pleased with this article.

Steve Malanga has a good article on politicians and public pensions.

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