Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Primary Day has arrived!
Polls are open now, if you haven't voted, please go vote for Wendy Long in the Republican Primary.

More on yesterday's Supreme Court decision from the Heritage Foundation,  National ReviewWashington Times and  how the feds are undermining the decision made by the Supreme Court.  Big Sis continues as Obama's enforcer when he doesn't get what he wants.   Justice Scalia's concerns with decision.

Why does President Obama have to do this?

Another reason why we need Wendy Long in the US Senate, click here to see what the US Senate is voting for, despite the fact that they have not voted for a budget in over three years.

Medicaid and Medicare fraud still costing taxpayers billions.

The right way to explore stem cell research.

Remember occupy wall street, the tax payers in upstate are socked with a big overtime bill.

This NY Post editorial hits the nail on the head.  Time for NY voters to say "Sorry, Charlie" this time to Con. Rangel, not Charlie the Tuna.

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