Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

Greetings from Washington, where I’m taking part in the annual CPAC convention.

You can follow CPAC online, and get caught up on speeches from yesterday and this morning:

Conservatives representing practically every issue and every part of the country are here in our nation’s capitol to find out the best ways to take on the Obama Administration, the liberals in Congress and the left-wingers in our own states.

This week has given us a look at just how tough a fight we’ve got on our hands...

President Obama’s State of the Union Address proved what you and I already knew – that our new President who talked so much about “change” is really just an old-school, tax-and-spend liberal. As for the new budget he just released... I think the New York Post says it best: “Big government is back - and so are big taxes.”

Here are the numbers: $3.6 TRILLION.... that’s the total cost of the Obama budget – paid for with $1 TRILLION in higher taxes.

These are taxes on “the rich,” according to the Democrats. I have a feeling more and more of us are going to be considered “rich” as the liberals look for more money to pay for all this new spending.
Make sure you read this Wall Street Journal editorial, if you haven’t already – it explains how the Obama Administration’s “class warfare” agenda is going to hurt all of us...

In New York, the big story of the week has been Sheldon Silver’s push for more taxes and new tolls to bailout the MTA.

According to Sheldon Silver, “Nobody likes taxes and no one likes tolls.” You’d never know it from all the taxes, tolls and fees he has supported.

What do you think about this new plan? That’s our poll question this week. Make sure you take a minute to vote.

Even with all these taxes and tolls and spending, there is some good news: Spring training is underway, and baseball will be here before we know it. The Mets are 2-0 so far in spring training, with a nice 9-0 win against the Marlins yesterday.

Is it too early to hope for a great season?

And don’t forget these guys...

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spend, Spend, Spend....
The great orator has spoken and the liberal media is pleased with the speech. Unfortunately, many who listened only heard what they wanted to hear and the rest of us realize that the shift in policy will be much worse than we anticipated.
We must be diligent and not allow the greatest nation in the world...the nation that has, in its short history, made life better for most of the world...allow the fundamental changes the current administration is looking to make.
President Obama is right on one issue...America’s economy will long as government keeps out if its way!
More from Michelle Malkin on the foreclosure “victims”:

We have new video’s posted on our website: one on the foreclosure victims and one that creates a virtual debate between the our greatest orator...Ronald Reagan and the current great orator Barack Obama. Listen to it, then come back and comment on the differences.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I don't remember if I read this or heard someone say it on my favorite news station, but it was a pretty good analogy. The question was, if a family is deeply in debt, how does the debt "go away" by spending more on their credit cards? Personally I think every elected official should offer an answer to that question, beginning with the President right on down to your local councilman. Maybe President Obama will explain tonight how he will cut the deficit by spending more on his beloved social programs.

Even organizations who have leaned to the left in the past, understand the importance of cutting spending:

Cal Thomas speaks for us in his article:

While many are focused on the enconomy, raising taxes, and what CEO's should make, Thomas Sowell reminds us just how serious the threats of those who are determined to destroy America as we know it are:

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Mayor of New York City wants one more term but it appears that he is having some trouble in finding a political party that wants him to have one more term:

But there are some who appear to support his quest:

Our newest Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, may be having second thoughts on giving up her congressional seat:

The MTA must look internally to cut costs before tolls and taxes are considered.

And New York's Senator Schumer should really start listening to the people he represents:

While former President Clinton is hailed for welfare reform, we know it was the pre-RINO Congress, that forced the President to sign onto welfare reform, which is now in serious jeopardy due to three current RINO Members:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Weekly Wrap-Up has been posted as well as our new question. Last week 97% of the respondents agreed that increasing the personal income tax does not solve the budgetary problems. We had the most respondents last week since we began and hope that each week the number of respondents can help by telling your friends and families about our blog.

Are we no longer a nation that believes in personal responsibility? Our government, both state and federal, seems to reward those who have abandoned personal responsibility. What message is being sent to our children? What we teach in our home is undermined by what this administration is doing. If 92% of us pay our mortgage/rent on time...why do we have to bail out those who don't? It is time for the silent majority to speak up!

And support the few in government that get it right some of the time:

Weekly Wrap-Up

Let’s close this week with a new blog feature, and a look at some interesting poll numbers...

We now have a “Conservative Call to Action” on the blog – a place that we’ll be updating frequently, that will tell you about a hot issue that is up for debate in Albany... so you can call members of the state Senate and Assembly and tell them where you stand as a voter and taxpayer.

Now, the polls... Shaun Marie noted this earlier in the week here on the blog, and in a Conservative Party press release: Most New Yorkers understand what the Conservative Party has been saying for years... that spending is the problem.

According to the Post, “More New Yorkers back spending cuts than tax hikes in the battle over how to close next year's projected $14 billion budget deficit, according to a poll released yesterday.”

Sheldon Silver isn’t listening... he’s pushing for higher taxes – supposedly just on “the rich,” but we know that more and more of us would fall into that category if the politicians get creative enough.

But even some Democrats are put out by Sheldon’s devotion to higher taxes. Most notably, Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, who believes that higher taxes will chase even more people out of our state:

“Obviously, taxes have the ability to shift people’s desires and interests,” Smith notes. “I’m not sure that we want to explore that possibility by instituting an income tax and then wait to see what happens.”

Can we get Sen. Smith to teach some of his fellow liberals how the world really works?

Quinnipiac University also released poll numbers this past Tuesday showing that Gov. David Paterson is in deep trouble with the voters of this state:

The big findings: Andrew Cuomo would best Paterson 55 percent to 23 percent in a Democratic primary. And the Governor’s job approval rating dropped to just 45 percent – his lowest as governor – with a 41 percent disapproval rating.

It’s not hard to imagine why New Yorkers aren’t sold on Gov. Paterson. Seems like every single day there’s a new scandal. The latest: Big pay raises for political appointees, at a time of fiscal disaster for our state – and at a time when Gov. Paterson has proposed more than $4 billion in new fees and taxes...

But on this question, Mr. Cuomo can’t hit Gov. Patterson with too much criticism. According to this article, Cuomo dished out 15 raises totaling $108,000 – and “all but three of the raises went to assistant attorneys general, many of whom made well over $100,000.”

As I told the Daily News: “You solve the deficit problems before you consider raising people’s salaries.”

Check out this week’s survey question, which is based on the following article:

Some headline: “Queens homeowner pleads: I need your help, President Obama”... Do you think this guy deserves to be helped out with your tax dollars, after he bought more house than he can afford, and ran up huge credit card bills?

Vote today... and of course, have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's nice to know that the New York Post agrees with the NYS Conservative Party's press release issued yesterday:

And that Mayor Bloomberg has learned about the consequences of raising taxes

Nicole Gelinas explains the long term consequences of relying on the "windfall" handed to New York by those reaching deep into your pocket:

How can the State Senate accomplish any change in public pensions with Staten Island's Senator, Diane Savino, the head of the Civil Service and Pensions Committee?

Regarding President Obama's housing fix, Wilbur Ross states in his NY Post column that "In effect, the plan will force all home-mortgage borrowers to go through the government - meaning politicians will play a fundamentally greater role in all Americans' home-ownership decisions". (Great, politicians have done so well in their decisions lately, we can't wait to see how this will evolve.) Read more of Ross's column here:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The ink is barely dry on the "Stimulus Bill" and President Obama is back for more of our money to stabilize the housing market.
And you can be certain that the auto industry will get what they want as well. Apparently deficient spending is okay as long as it is democrats who control it.

We believe President Obama could learn how to truly help our country if he made it a practice to read Thomas Sowell or Walter E. Williams or Armstrong Williams each day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The problem with Governor Paterson is his mixed messages. New York is facing the same fiscal problems as California and various other states and the federal government; all are out of money. Gov. Paterson sounds the fiscal alarm, as he certainly should, then he undermines himself, by giving raises to his executive staff, goes off to Washington to party last month, purchases rugs for the mansion and then wonders why no one is paying attention to his fiscal alarm. No wonder the NY Post wrote an article on "Deciphering Dave":

When will certain members of the Legislature learn that any increase in the personal income tax will encourage people to vote with their feet? Distribution of income or what the liberal progressives are calling "fair share" is an affront to all of us who work hard for what we have.
Take action now, against this bill and similar bills designed to distribute your hard earned dollars to those unwilling to work as hard as you do. (see our new Conservative Call to Action Section.)

Seems to me that Speaker Pelosi stated that she would have the most ethical House ever. Does that include Congressman Charlie Rangle? Where is the concern for the lapse of tax knowledge the "esteemed" head of the powerful Ways and Means Committee had? Do you think she is just waiting for people to forget? How can we, when President Obama's chief of staff, former congressman, Rahm Emanuel, forgot to report his living rent free for five years.
Maybe ethics is only on one side of the aisle...or not on any side unless we demand it from our elected officials.

Cal Thomas writes more about the changes in health care uncovered in the "stimulus bill":
And Ken Blackwell explains the importance of the independence of the census:

Please call your state legislator as outlined in our new feature Conservative Call to Action

Monday, February 16, 2009

Legislators in Albany and the City Council in New York City are considering state income-tax hikes to close a budget gap, but at least one person in New York City knows how misguided the proposal is. Mayor Mike Bloomberg, on Saturday, certainly understood the problem with the concept of increasing the taxes on the "rich". The Mayor, said on his weekly radio show, that doing that would drive them from the city. Read more here:

Another problem in New York City is the "Madness of Rent Stablization". New Yorkers are subject to the most perverse rental situation in the nation. Read more here:

One may wonder why a person has a problem living in an apartment under rent stabilization, but you will understand when you read the following:

With the "Stimulus Bill" being signed tomorrow, we can rest assured that New York lawmakers will not be in a hurry to cut spending...the only true way to fix the economy. I don't know what you will do with your $13 a week, beginning in June, but I'm pretty sure it won't even buy a tank of gas, certainly not a pair of sneakers for your children, even though they will be paying for this all their life. One has to ask, is the $13 a week worth it? Of course the $13 is only until the first of the year, then it drops to $7.70. Read how the bill affects you here: and read about the "transparency" here: This bill is far more than a "stimulus bill"; it contains major policy changes and unfortunately we have not even been able to determine all of them it yet. Here is some on the Health Care changes:,_health_care_reform,_and_your_duty_to_die

and reversals in welfare reform: More to come as the changes become more apparent, unfortunately, the President will have signed it into law before we know all of the policy changes pushed thought by the far left.

For New Yorkers' the "Stimulus Bill" sadly means one very important thing: the Legislature will continue to spend at unsustainable rates.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

The big news this week is still the stimulus.

There’s a lot of information to process, and – as you’ll read in just a minute – most members of Congress can’t even be bother to get all the details.

The Heritage Foundation has put together a helpful overview of this disastrous bill. It’s worth a look... but be warned, there is some scary stuff in here:

Now let’s look at some numbers from this past week...

$790,000,000,000 – that’s 790 BILLION dollars... the cost of the “stimulus” bill that Chuck Schumer and the liberals in Congress are ready to approve and rush over to the White House for Barack Obama’s signature.

1,071 – the number of pages in this monstrous bill...

0 – the number of Senators and Representatives who claim to have actually read the entire bill.

$13 – that’s how much some workers will see added to their paychecks each week thanks to this stimulus bill. That’s the Democrats’ idea of “tax relief.” This bill is such a failure, even the paltry amount of money given back to some taxpayers is an unlucky number.

$300 million – that’s how much is reportedly included in the stimulus bill for hybrid and electric cars for the federal government... including golf carts for federal workers.

$30 million – the “stimulus” spending reportedly earmarked for wetlands restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area (Nancy Pelosi’s home base, of course) to protect, among other things, the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse.

Check these links for more info...

MORE STIMULUS NEWS: The Democrats have broken another promise to the American people: They said the bill would be available for review for 48 hours before a final vote was held. Anybody who believed that in the first place deserves to be disappointed...

Here at home: Gov. Paterson has admitted the obvious... that his “fat tax” on soft drinks is just another failed liberal idea:

“In meeting with college students over his budget, Paterson told the young New Yorkers not to worry about his soda tax because the Legislature won't go for it. But he said it has served its purpose of raising awareness of childhood obesity.”

Yet another reason that we simply cannot take the Governor seriously... and another reason why he needs a serious challenger in 2010.

An interesting article from The New York Times: “To Some in Gillibrand’s Old District, Her Evolution Is a Betrayal”

Is the Times really surprised that voters might be disappointed, outraged even, when an elected official completely abandons her principles just to appease her party’s bosses? Still a pretty fair article – and more evidence that Sen. Gillibrand is probably in for a tough 2010, as well.

Hope you’re getting ready for a pleasant weekend, and that you will take some time to remember the Presidents who worked to make this country great. The best way we can honor them is to work as hard as we can to fight the good fight, and keep America strong.
Unfortunately, the “Stimulus Bill” will be passed and signed into law (because the democrats want it and have the votes to pass it; certainly not a bipartisan bill) and New Yorkers and all Americans will pay for this boondoggle for generations. New York’s budget will continue to be out of control, because the “leaders” will justify their spending by pointing to the money coming in from the federal government.
It really is unfortunate that our “leaders” do not fully understand the fiscal chaos being created by their need to continue spending that we simply cannot afford. John Faso, who ran on the Conservative Party line for Governor in 2006, obviously understands the long -term consequences of relying on income that will be reduced, perhaps never to return.
If City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has her way, residents in New York City will be paying more in personal income taxes.
And New York will be rewarded with more people on welfare
All of the pork in the “Stimulus Bill” is okay according to our senior Senator Schumer
Maybe Senator Schumer could learn a thing or two from Senator Judd Gregg

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Congress is currently holding hearings on the misuse of the original TARP funds, yet wasn't it Congress who rushed their release? Now they are trying to rush through a "stimulus bill" that contains untold items that has absolutely nothing to do with stimulating the economy. Over $800 billion of our money, our children's, grand children's and great-grand children's money is being allocated to things we really know nothing about and we are purposely not being told because the President and the Pelosi's of the world do not want us to know. Kudos to former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey for bringing some of it to light: Then read the story in the WSJ by Nadeem Esmail on "Too Old for Hip Surgery"

We must educate our friends and families on the latest hidden gems buried in the stimulus bill.

Is this the health care that President Obama wanted for his mother?

Well it is hard, earn a good salary and be overly taxed for it! All your hard work, earning a living that enables you to afford to buy items that keep others working is going to be taxed to enable government to redistribute what you earn. The New York Post Editorial points out the absurdity of what government wants to do.

E. J. McMahon has a good article on the importance of not raising the rate of personal income tax on New Yorkers as the unions and the Working Families Party are now demanding. They have begun airing ads calling for the wealthiest to pay their fair share.

Dave Ramsey (financial expert) was on Fox and Friends this AM with a symbolic bag of tea and asked the question if it was time for a new revolution. You decide.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yesterday, the NYS Conservative Party concluded its annual conference and if you were unable to attend, you missed a great conference. Congressman Peter King, exploring a run for US Senate, former Congressman Rick Lazio, considering a run for Governor, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, definitely staying in public service, either as Attorney General or possibly another office, all received press coverage and the applause of those in attendance.,0,2194740.story

Dan Janison blogged from the conference, but his title of “Conservative Party conference one of doom and gloom” is certainly controversial at best.,0,1786413.story It is true that the speakers reported on the fiscal problems that the state and nation face, but in doing so; offered ways to change the fiscal Armageddon government has and continues to create. Participants at the conference were energized to know that many in government understood the need to change the wasteful spending habits that have driven government so very long. Conservatives understand that the populist message is easy for many people to seek and fall into a trap with, but conservatives know that it is not in their best interest to let government be the provider. Our Constitution is not based on government is based on the least amount of government interference in our lives.
Rich Lowry has a great column in today’s New York Post .

Breaking on Fox News this AM was a story about health care rationing for the elderly being hidden in the “stimulus bill.” More on that later...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

What will people be talking about this Sunday at our 42nd Annual Political Action Conference? This week has given us plenty of topics...

First: Sen. Gillibrand – the latest example of Gov. David Paterson’s utter incompetence and the liberals’ complete lack of principles. Here’s a good overview of the whole mess...,0,2350266.story

Sen. Gillibrand’s first act was to sell out virtually everything she’s ever claimed to believe in, and make a pathetic bid for acceptance by New York’s most extreme special interests. First up: The mass immigration lobby.

All this pandering will have Sen. Gillibrand in hot water when she runs for election in 2010 and tries as to actually win the seat she was given by Gov. Paterson – who will be facing a tough election fight of his own. Can anybody believe anything these two say?

But that’s the least of the Democrats’ worries right now. The big focus in the coming weeks will be the special election to fill Gillibrand’s House seat – which just happens to be a heavily Republican district. The Democrats are worried...

This week also saw President Obama looking more and more desperate to pass his so-called “stimulus” (AKA “spend like there’s no tomorrow”) bill.

Our new leader sold himself as the President of hope, not fear. “Until, that is, you need fear to pass a bill,” writes columnist Charles Krauthammer. As usual, he hits the nail on the head several times. Read it here...,_catastrophe_are_these_words_of_hope

The stimulus battle has shifted to the Senate, and The Weekly Standard ( has a look at the GOP amendments the Democrats have rejected this week. They include...

- An amendment by Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) to cut $47 billion in wasteful spending.
- An amendment by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) cut corporate and individual income taxes and repeal the AMT.
- An amendment by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) to cut $5.2 billion in pet projects and replace it with the same amount of defense spending.
- An amendment by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) to cut the tax rate for the lowest tax bracket in half.
- An amendment by Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) to repeal the 1993 Social Security tax increase.

Conservatives didn’t win these battles, but it’s good to see our allies fighting the good fight and standing up for taxpayers.

That’s what we’ll be doing Sunday in Albany at our 42nd Annual Political Action Conference. We’ll have some interesting guests, to say the least – including, as I’m sure you’ve heard, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who will present his recommendations on how New York can save money by consolidating local government.

A Cuomo at a Conservative Party event? That might be unheard of, but here’s the bottom line: This guy has some good ideas that will save money and streamline government. We should hear him out on this, even if we disagree with him on plenty of other issues.

Other speakers this Sunday will include Rick Lazio, who is being mentioned as a possible gubernatorial candidate for 2010, as well as Rep. Peter King, who is considering a bid for the U.S. Senate next year.

Join us Sunday – or check here to find out who’s saying what at CPPAC.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hold on to your wallets...the federal government is set to pass the biggest spending bill in the history of our country and New York is getting ready to take the few coins we have left.

Also in the NY Post Opinion Pages are a few thoughts from those who helped resolved the fiscal crisis New Yorker faced in the 70's.

Another article on the "Stimulus Bill" is worth reading:

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has an interesting proposal to save money in New York State and has been invited to the Conservative Party's annual conference. Fred Dicker writes about it here:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The good news is that former Senator Tom Daschle withdrew his name from consideration as Health and Human Services Secretary. Perhaps the editorials, including the New York Post: and from around the country, helped.

Steven Malanga warns of the perils of gutting welfare reform:

Thomas Sowell's article on is an excellent reminder to republicans to be true to the principles of the conservative movement.

Let's hope that Sen. Judd Gregg remembers Thomas Sowell's words if and when he is confirmed as Commerce Secretary. Larry Kudlow offers his opinion on the Gregg nomination:

Monday, February 2, 2009

New York Wage Watch is coming to New York:

Nicole Gelinas clarifies Mayor Bloomberg's "doomsday" budget:

Maybe it is time for the "Rangle Rule"

Or maybe we need a "Daschle's Rule" also

Many states recognize the importance of cutting taxes:, New York is not among them, so brace yourselves as more and more New York businesses move to smarter states.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

And even more on the "Stimulus Bill"

The $800B Mistake:

Give Us All $3,000:

And from the WSJ on line:

The Senate begins debate on Monday....let your voice be heard. Call Senator Schumer (202-224-3027 ) and Senator Gillibrand (202-224-4451) and tell them NO to the "Stimulus Bill"