Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Los Angeles Times is not impressed with the President's memo on September 11th observances. Americans should be outraged by the President's memo, first Bloomberg, now Obama. Former Governor George Pataki, on Fox News this AM, has it right, it was about America, the United States was attacked on September 11, 2011.

"Fast and Furious" isn't resolved and over despite the fact that Kenneth Melson has been replaced and Dennis Burke has resigned. The Administration is trying its best to sweep this away, but, fortunately there are many voices that will not let them.

Obama's wrong again.

The President and his Administration is out of control.

So, if there is a deadly accident, will we have the ability to sue the Feds? Talk about misguided....

The Weekly Standard: Obama has failed by his own standards.

More on how the stimulus was/is harmful to taxpayers.

This is just disgraceful. While I would prefer not to give him any coverage, the fact remains that the media constantly says the right side of the political spectrum is intolerant, but this serves as a reminder that the left side of politics is far more guilty of being intolerant.

There is a lot of coverage for the upcoming 9th CD election. John Gizzy writes about it in Human Events, the NY Post Editorial and by far the most entertaining one is the NY Daily News Editorial. As John Tandich on Twitter said "The NY Times endorses Weprin for Congress. Therefore everyone should vote for Turner". Good advice! Want to know more about them? Click here. You still have time to help: click here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

People who live in the 9th CD deserve a Congressman who truly understands the needs of their constituents and the economic problems constraining growth. Bob Turner will be a welcome relief to the people who live in the 9th CD, with Bob Turner they will have someone who knows what the national debt is and what needs to be done to reign it in. You will also have a man of character unafraid to debate. You still have time to help Bob Turner: click here.

Why is he still on the payroll?

Why does this man have a valid Social Security number? Interesting response from his sister.

Which is the better spelling of hypocrite? Buffett or Bloomberg.

The House GOP has a plan. Americans are still waiting for one from President Obama who is supposed to release it next week. The Heritage Foundation previews what to expect.

The Heritage Foundation keeps us up to date on Obamacare and the fact that a senior HHS official likens it to the Civil Rights Act. With all the administration does to support/get Americans to like Obamacare, it still isn't working.

Another example of this Administration's disregard for what is best for all Americans.

How would the Press react if this were Republicans keeping union members from marching?

Sometimes the headline is all you need to make you smile for the day.

Thomas Sowell on his best subject: An Unusual Economy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

The news this week has mainly focused on hurricanes and earthquakes...

...but we’re also seeing more evidence (as if we didn't have enough already) that the Obama economic agenda is itself a complete disaster.

Meanwhile Obamacare continues to wreck our health care system.

With our economy in shambles, labor unions are demanding even MORE Big Government spending from President Obama (who is depending on Big Labor to get him reelected... so don’t be surprised if he goes along with the union demands.)

And then there’s housing. According to this Fox News article, the Obama Administration is cooking up yet another plan to “save” the real estate market... a plan that involves – you guessed it – Big Government and our tax dollars. But can we trust the Obama Administration to rescue the housing market?

As Fox points out:

“If the government will give cheap money to almost anyone, banks may get out of residential lending altogether. That could have the same effect as the president’s health care law is forecast to have on insurance: a massive shift to public rolls."

Would you support an Obama Administration call for yet another mortgage bailout? Give your opinion in our new Weekly Poll.

Dick Cheney’s vice-presidential memoir sounds like it’s going to be a fascinating read.

And we’ll never know how fascinating a Pataki 2012 campaign might have been.

Stay safe in all the bad weather, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Much is being written lately how President Obama is going to reduce regulations to help spur economic growth. Don't be fooled by the press reports, most likely it is the old bait and switch scam.

The New York Post calls on Mayor Bloomberg to change his mind on 9/11 Ceremonies.

The NY Post wasn't upset with AG Schneiderman's being tossed by a panel of his peers trying to work out a settlement with mortgage lenders. Apparently, Schneiderman was pleased with being tossed. The World Socialist Website supports Schneiderman, need we say more?

This is a very disturbing report. Fortunately, Dr. Keith Ablow, is unafraid to call it what it is.

The Heritage Foundation analyzes the CBO report on our debt.

While the economy is certainly not at peak, contributions to campaigns do not appear to be suffering, yet.

Suffolk County Legislator, Tom Cilmi, has an article in the Long Island Business News, that spells out ways New York can become a more business friendly state. Gov. Cuomo, please adopt some of these ideas. If you do them, jobs will come and we won't have to spend $50 million to advertise for business.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The 9th CD is continues to be news worthy. With your continued support, Bob Turner, can win this race. Click here to help. Link
The Heritage Foundation on being prepared.

The Washington Times discusses the pros and cons of having the debt commission have all the deliberations in the "open".

The WSJ on the problems with a VAT.

The Store is Closed!

If you were employed by GE, wouldn't you believe that when Jeffery F. Immelt was appointed by President Obama to be the Chairperson of the Council of Jobs and Competitiveness, that you would have more security with you job? Do you think these employees feel betrayed?

Tell me again, Mr. President, why we are depending on Russia to get us to the Space Station.

In case you were not in California yesterday, or did not watch the webcast of Senator Marco Rubio addressing an audience at the Ronald Reagan Library, here is the video. Is 2016 too soon for him to run for President?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bob Turner picks up more support. If you live in the district, mark your calendar to VOTE on September 13. And don't forget, you can help by clicking here. Real Clear Politics is also covering this red hot race and picked up this Politico story.

Our National debt is growing at $3 million a minute. Even Paris Hilton can't spend money that fast! All joking aside, the rate of spending under this administration is mind boggling and certainly cannot be sustained. Is Sen. Reid proud of this waste of our tax dollars? Byron York reminds us that while Entitlements are a problem the real spending has created the huge deficits.

Jonah Goldberg reminds us how expensive the "greening" of our Country can be. Heritage Foundation calls Obama's "Green Jobs Pipe Dreams".

The Gallup Poll has the 2012 Presidential race tightening. Are they running scared?

Sen. Eric Cantor has some words of advice for the President on how to really stimulate the economy.

Price Controls in Canadian health care system cause doctor shortages. So, if Obamacare becomes law, will we have to go to Mexico for health care? (That is a scary thought!)

Dennis Byrne has a good article on hydrofracking. Senator Ball should be reading this instead of those who use scare tactics to prevent hydrofracking.

How many days left to the end of his administration?

Monday, August 22, 2011

The 9th CD is really red hot and it isn't too late for you to help. Read this article in the New York Times (you know it is an important close race when the Times covers it) then click here to find out what you can do to help Bob Turner become Congressman Turner. By the way to the headline writers at the Times; It's NOT surprising!

The Heritage Foundation on Libya. Check out the Foundations chart on federal spending on Defense vs Entitlements. I'd say that it is a wake-up call.... and this is another wake-up call. We must stop Obamacare.

More stimulus spending on the way?

ICYMI: Krauthammer on Obama's 'run of bad luck'.

Nicole Gelinas and E. J. McMahon make a good case for the PA to sell the WTC.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

The Republican National Committee is having a lot of fun with Obama’s Getaway – you can even send out postcards from Martha’s Vineyard.

I can remember a time not to long ago when the President took a vacation and the media and plenty of folks on Capital Hill agonized over how he could take time off with the country facing such challenges. But back then the President had a different last name (Bush) and party affiliation (Republican) – which seems to have changed everything.

I think we can all agree that Presidents get vacations, whether we like them or not. The question on my mind today is this: Has President Obama earned his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard? That’s the focus of our new Weekly Poll. I hope you’ll give your opinion today.

With the boss on vacation, the Obama Administration is hard at work undermining America's immigration laws and ignoring the will of Congress and we, the people.

This "backdoor amnesty" clearly shows that President Obama is NOT taking a vacation from playing politics...

It’s possible that taxpayers could be given a vacation from the federal gas tax... but I doubt Obama will be keen on that idea (once he gets back to work, that is)...

Before he left for vacation, President Obama offered what turns out to be some unhelpful advice to a farmer in Illinois. I found this Politico story on the Weekly Standard’s blog...

Here is Texas Senator John Cornyn demanding some answers about the Fast and Furious federal gun-running scandal. Good to know that some people in Washington aren’t ignoring this debacle.

Whether you’re on vacation or back at home, have a nice weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Was it a listening tour or lecturing tour and did the people get their money's worth? A moment of truth? (Maybe he thought no one was really listening.) If Obama was truly serious about getting Americans back to work, why does he propose regulations that are extremely costly to businesses?

Are we listening, yes we are and the poll numbers prove it.

Obama calls for "shared sacrifices" but to him that means income redistribution. Watch this video to see if students agree when they are asked to redistribute their GPA's.

Ambassador John Bolton on defense spending. And the Heritage Foundation makes the case for a strong defense also.

Another national paper covering NY's 9th CD. September 13 is just around the corner, click here to find out how you can help Bob Turner win.

Part 3 of Tuesday's Thomas Sowell's column.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well, yesterday, we told you of the cost of "The Bus", today we learn it wasn't even made in America! What is the unemployment rate, Mr. President? With friends like you, it may never drop. But we shouldn't have a plan. But we are not allowed to know it until after you return from another vacation. I'm wondering if it is the same plan you keep knocking Republicans for not passing...when they can't pass a plan that has not been sent to them. (In case you are counting, it is 447 days until November 8, 2012...)

Clinton and Panetta think the President is wrong....hmmm, wonder if we will hear about pending changes in his Administration?

Unfortunately, more violent crime is linked to the fast and furious scheme.

Stephen Moore wants to know where are today's Jack Kemp's. Growth would certainly help as long as we also cut, but Mr. Moore, is correct, we miss Kemp's vision.

Larry Kudlow, agrees with Perry, minus the inflammatory language.

Bob Turner is getting more support in this red hot race. More here.

Do you know what you get with a career politician.... one who sits on the sidelines and then decides, afraid to be a leader. Rep. Owens, you are wrong on the issue and you are wrong for not being upfront in letting your constituents know your position.

If you think you support the National Popular Vote movement, please read this. NPV is a very bad idea.

Governor Cuomo wants a bigger role in NYC's 911 remembrance. Let us hope that no one forgets why we have this certainly is NOT about face time!

A lesson can be learned here, Governor Cuomo. Let's see you get Tort Reform passed. Isn't it time you and the Speaker have a conversation about this.

Part two of yesterday's column by Thomas Sowell.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

E. J. McMahon explains why New York is doing better, but certainly not out of the woods yet, mandate relief is crucial.

As we noted yesterday, Bob Turner has a very realistic chance of winning the special election on September 13th . Politico is now covering his campaign. If you look at Obama's numbers in New York, we could seriously be looking at winning in the 9th CD. Have you signed up to help yet? Click here to find out how.

The Heritage Foundation on Obama's "listening" tour. Just in case you wanted to know how much of your money was used to purchase his new bus, read this, then , if possible, let him know his spending is what is causing the economic problems. What is really unbelievable/pathetic, is that Obama truly believes this. His beliefs in social democracy are doomed to failure.

Sometimes praise comes from columns you don't expect it from. I wonder how the UFT likes Stanley Crouch's column.

Family practice doctor, Anne Nolte, opines on mandated sex-education.

Tort reform, Obamacare, Rep. Darryl Issa, the NY Times and Rep. Henry Waxman all in one interesting Editorial.

Walter E. Williams on Barack Obama and FDR.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another former Mayor in Bob Turner's corner! This race is really much tighter than expected, the proof is that Mr. Turner's press releases are actually being covered by the press! You can make a difference in this race, go to Mr. Turner's website, to find out how.

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals slams Obamacare's individual mandate. And voters are getting fed up with him. My prediction, is after his bus tour, his approval will dip even more.

Obama's exploiting our Military, will backfire.

Governor Cuomo: read the Editorial from the Auburn Citizen. Gambling only leads to other problems. Seems NY isn't the only State looking for cash. Words of advice to governments: cut spending, end waste and you won't need more cash.

How foolish of us to believe NY's member items were a thing of the past. Or that certain officials can police themselves.

Lewis E. Lehrman on the Nixon Shock Heard 'Round the World

Did you hear that Warren E. Buffett thinks he is not paying enough in taxes? Well, Mr. Buffett, here is how you can help! Let's make sure he makes his personal contribution ASAP and leaves the rest of us alone. (Thanks to Stephen Hayes for the information....hopefully he will let us know when Mr. Buffett makes the contribution.)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

In just about one month, the Special Election in the 9th CD will take place (September 13 – Primary Day) and Bob Turner’s campaign is making news as we indicated this week. His first commercial, to begin airing in the district, can be viewed on his website. New York needs Bob Turner in Congress; please do all that you can to help him in these final four weeks.

Is the tide changing in New York? Turner is within reach of winning and Obama‘s approval is sinking. Part of the reason Obama is slipping nationally is due to his inability to change direction. He continues to believe that stimulus money will change the economy.

If you haven’t heard what Mayor Michael Nutter (Philadelphia) said this week, you can read it here. Mayor Nutter may be a big government Mayor but he certainly understands what the underlying problem is in today’s society. Kudos to Mayor Nutter. Are you listening Mayor Bloomberg? Some things are far more important than being a Nanny Mayor.

There are many who are calling for Congress to come back to Washington and forego their vacation and many who want President Obama to forego his vacation as well to deal with the economic problems facing Americans, and to be honest, I cannot say that I disagree with them. Today’s column by Jeffery T. Kunher, in the Washington Times, goes a step further. He is calling on President Obama to resign.

Charles Krauthhammer defends our political system and says it works.

The GOP debate would attest to that, as last night’s debate was certainly lively. And we definitely have a better understanding of how they will react to situations if elected. As the WSJ writes, the debate jolts Republicans to life.

The other big news this week was learning who will sit on the “Super Committee” and the Congressional leaders’ choices are not surprising. Will the “Super Committee”, charged with making the necessary changes to reduce the national deficit, be able to come to agreement or is it a colossal waste of time and energy? Should the fact that Rep. Becerra, being feted by lobbyists this week, be a concern? If you are not familiar with all 12 Members, check them out here , then let us know, in our poll, if you believe they can reach an agreement that will be good for our Nation.

Meanwhile, I want to know how I can get a job with the Democratic Hill Staffers as they are heading to Maui (on taxpayer’s money) for a field hearing on Indian Affairs.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The 9th Congressional Special Election is generating news in Los Angeles! Check out his website and see what you can do to help him WIN! We need his voice in Congress.

The NY Post Editorial writes about the "Super Committee", and their disappointment in the ultra liberal Reid appointments. Can't wait to see what they have to say about Nancy Pelosi's uber liberals: Clyburn, Van Hollen and Beccerra. The Washington Times chimes in also. Stephen Moore says the the ideology divide between the Republicans and Democrats might as well be the Grand Canyon.

Will America -- Congress -- learn from Great Britain?

Kurt Schlichter gives the President more credit than I do...he gives him the benefit of believing that Obama is not directly behind the access to those filming a movie on the Bin Laden raid. Obama, after all, allowed this photo to be released. Congressman Peter King makes some very good points regarding the safety of our troops.

The Heritage Foundation warns us of the threat of an EMP strike. Unfortunately, not as far fetched as it may seem.

NYC is mandating sex education in its schools. The article states that a parent can have their child "opt-out" when contraception is taught, but what else will be taught and why can't parents "opt--out" of the class totally? Why is it necessary for schools to teach sex education, isn't that the parents responsibility? Parents: Speak out...stop abdicating your responsibility.

Poll says Upstate NY supports hydrofracking.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Major win in Wisconsin! Despite spending upwards of $14M, the left failed to recall 6 republicans in the State Senate, only two lost. The turnout was fairly high (43%) for a special election in the summer. The fight in Wisconsin isn't over yet, as another recall vote will be on August 16.

If Obama is really the "smartest man in the room", why is it that he never learns. If Bill Clinton learned his lesson on perils of spending, why can't Obama? Also, for a man who lectures that the Republicans attitude is "my way or the highway", doesn't he understand that is how the Nation sees him? Agree or not with "No Child Left Behind" Duncan is ruling by decree. If the law is not accomplishing what it was intended to, change the law! And while you are at it, just eliminate the federal Department of Education.

Mr. President, a history lesson for you, by Walter Williams.

Kansas returns health insurance exchange grant. Smart move. Let's hope New York's State Senate does not pass S. 5849 when it returns to Albany. New York, if it needs to, can set up exchanges without federal money that ultimately mandates Obamacare.

Will New York have a June Primary?

Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering non-Indian Casino's. Governor, it's been noted that you don't want to leave NYS when on vacation, but maybe a short trip to Atlantic City is needed.

When did this become a concern of the Comptroller's office? Of course, when DEC fired Pete Grannis and Comptroller DiNapoli hired him. The NY Post agrees with us that this seems out of the ordinary roll for a comptroller.

Enrollment may not be in Bob Turners favor, but the poll numbers look pretty good.