Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

He’s celebrating and cashing in, but it’s shaping up to be an unhappy birthday for Barack Obama.

He’s getting bad news from Florida...

He’s facing "255,000 problems" as far as unemployment is concerned...

And the economy is “A Mess.”

It’s better to give than to receive, we’ve all heard – and here we learn that with his commandment that under Obamacare insurance plans must provide free birth control, Obama celebrated his birthday by giving a special handout to two of his favorite special interests: Planned Parenthood and the drug industry.

In analyzing this “Contraception by Fiat,” National Review states that this new regulation is “yet one more reason that Obamacare deserves to be repealed.”

I agree. What’s more, this article also points out that “insurance companies don’t provide anything for free.” Everyone’s premiums will increase to make up the difference – which means each of us will be subsidizing this “free” birth control, whether we like it or not.

Do you support this new mandate? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll. describes our very own Chuck Schumer as a “thoroughgoing lying hypocrite” – which seems harsh, but a quick look at the then-and-now video of Chuck’s self-righteous stand against violent rhetoric and his use of that very rhetoric makes it hard to disagree.

And what has Chuck so upset? The checks-and-balances spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. I’m expecting Chuck to hold a press conference blasting the Founders as “extremists” any day now.

As always, have a nice weekend!

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