Tuesday, August 30, 2011

People who live in the 9th CD deserve a Congressman who truly understands the needs of their constituents and the economic problems constraining growth. Bob Turner will be a welcome relief to the people who live in the 9th CD, with Bob Turner they will have someone who knows what the national debt is and what needs to be done to reign it in. You will also have a man of character unafraid to debate. You still have time to help Bob Turner: click here.

Why is he still on the payroll?

Why does this man have a valid Social Security number? Interesting response from his sister.

Which is the better spelling of hypocrite? Buffett or Bloomberg.

The House GOP has a plan. Americans are still waiting for one from President Obama who is supposed to release it next week. The Heritage Foundation previews what to expect.

The Heritage Foundation keeps us up to date on Obamacare and the fact that a senior HHS official likens it to the Civil Rights Act. With all the administration does to support/get Americans to like Obamacare, it still isn't working.

Another example of this Administration's disregard for what is best for all Americans.

How would the Press react if this were Republicans keeping union members from marching?

Sometimes the headline is all you need to make you smile for the day.

Thomas Sowell on his best subject: An Unusual Economy.

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