Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

In just about one month, the Special Election in the 9th CD will take place (September 13 – Primary Day) and Bob Turner’s campaign is making news as we indicated this week. His first commercial, to begin airing in the district, can be viewed on his website. New York needs Bob Turner in Congress; please do all that you can to help him in these final four weeks.

Is the tide changing in New York? Turner is within reach of winning and Obama‘s approval is sinking. Part of the reason Obama is slipping nationally is due to his inability to change direction. He continues to believe that stimulus money will change the economy.

If you haven’t heard what Mayor Michael Nutter (Philadelphia) said this week, you can read it here. Mayor Nutter may be a big government Mayor but he certainly understands what the underlying problem is in today’s society. Kudos to Mayor Nutter. Are you listening Mayor Bloomberg? Some things are far more important than being a Nanny Mayor.

There are many who are calling for Congress to come back to Washington and forego their vacation and many who want President Obama to forego his vacation as well to deal with the economic problems facing Americans, and to be honest, I cannot say that I disagree with them. Today’s column by Jeffery T. Kunher, in the Washington Times, goes a step further. He is calling on President Obama to resign.

Charles Krauthhammer defends our political system and says it works.

The GOP debate would attest to that, as last night’s debate was certainly lively. And we definitely have a better understanding of how they will react to situations if elected. As the WSJ writes, the debate jolts Republicans to life.

The other big news this week was learning who will sit on the “Super Committee” and the Congressional leaders’ choices are not surprising. Will the “Super Committee”, charged with making the necessary changes to reduce the national deficit, be able to come to agreement or is it a colossal waste of time and energy? Should the fact that Rep. Becerra, being feted by lobbyists this week, be a concern? If you are not familiar with all 12 Members, check them out here , then let us know, in our poll, if you believe they can reach an agreement that will be good for our Nation.

Meanwhile, I want to know how I can get a job with the Democratic Hill Staffers as they are heading to Maui (on taxpayer’s money) for a field hearing on Indian Affairs.

Have a great weekend!

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