Monday, August 15, 2011

Another former Mayor in Bob Turner's corner! This race is really much tighter than expected, the proof is that Mr. Turner's press releases are actually being covered by the press! You can make a difference in this race, go to Mr. Turner's website, to find out how.

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals slams Obamacare's individual mandate. And voters are getting fed up with him. My prediction, is after his bus tour, his approval will dip even more.

Obama's exploiting our Military, will backfire.

Governor Cuomo: read the Editorial from the Auburn Citizen. Gambling only leads to other problems. Seems NY isn't the only State looking for cash. Words of advice to governments: cut spending, end waste and you won't need more cash.

How foolish of us to believe NY's member items were a thing of the past. Or that certain officials can police themselves.

Lewis E. Lehrman on the Nixon Shock Heard 'Round the World

Did you hear that Warren E. Buffett thinks he is not paying enough in taxes? Well, Mr. Buffett, here is how you can help! Let's make sure he makes his personal contribution ASAP and leaves the rest of us alone. (Thanks to Stephen Hayes for the information....hopefully he will let us know when Mr. Buffett makes the contribution.)

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