Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Major win in Wisconsin! Despite spending upwards of $14M, the left failed to recall 6 republicans in the State Senate, only two lost. The turnout was fairly high (43%) for a special election in the summer. The fight in Wisconsin isn't over yet, as another recall vote will be on August 16.

If Obama is really the "smartest man in the room", why is it that he never learns. If Bill Clinton learned his lesson on perils of spending, why can't Obama? Also, for a man who lectures that the Republicans attitude is "my way or the highway", doesn't he understand that is how the Nation sees him? Agree or not with "No Child Left Behind" Duncan is ruling by decree. If the law is not accomplishing what it was intended to, change the law! And while you are at it, just eliminate the federal Department of Education.

Mr. President, a history lesson for you, by Walter Williams.

Kansas returns health insurance exchange grant. Smart move. Let's hope New York's State Senate does not pass S. 5849 when it returns to Albany. New York, if it needs to, can set up exchanges without federal money that ultimately mandates Obamacare.

Will New York have a June Primary?

Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering non-Indian Casino's. Governor, it's been noted that you don't want to leave NYS when on vacation, but maybe a short trip to Atlantic City is needed.

When did this become a concern of the Comptroller's office? Of course, when DEC fired Pete Grannis and Comptroller DiNapoli hired him. The NY Post agrees with us that this seems out of the ordinary roll for a comptroller.

Enrollment may not be in Bob Turners favor, but the poll numbers look pretty good.

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