Monday, August 1, 2011

It appears there is a deal to increase the debt limit, but not everyone is on board. The coverage of the deal follows the normal main stream media's assessment of this administration: Obama walks on water and TEA people are the devil incarnate. Jonah Goldberg's column for tomorrow has a fair recap of the last few weeks. The title says it all "A debt deal, but we're still disaster-bound"

Kudos to the Weekly Standard for correcting Obama's wildly inaccurate claim and the advice for those who do not want to vote for the deal. Fred Barnes also recommends 6 good choices for the panel.

Reuters has a quick synopsis of the deal. Heritage Foundation has a better analysis. Largest hike in the history of our Nation.

In case you missed this over the weekend, Obama' tweets, loses followers.

Thanks again, President Obama, you really are trying to end America as we know it, we like our big cars, they keep us safe.

Every year there is a news article on how the dead sign petitions or vote, won't they ever learn?

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