Thursday, August 11, 2011

The 9th Congressional Special Election is generating news in Los Angeles! Check out his website and see what you can do to help him WIN! We need his voice in Congress.

The NY Post Editorial writes about the "Super Committee", and their disappointment in the ultra liberal Reid appointments. Can't wait to see what they have to say about Nancy Pelosi's uber liberals: Clyburn, Van Hollen and Beccerra. The Washington Times chimes in also. Stephen Moore says the the ideology divide between the Republicans and Democrats might as well be the Grand Canyon.

Will America -- Congress -- learn from Great Britain?

Kurt Schlichter gives the President more credit than I do...he gives him the benefit of believing that Obama is not directly behind the access to those filming a movie on the Bin Laden raid. Obama, after all, allowed this photo to be released. Congressman Peter King makes some very good points regarding the safety of our troops.

The Heritage Foundation warns us of the threat of an EMP strike. Unfortunately, not as far fetched as it may seem.

NYC is mandating sex education in its schools. The article states that a parent can have their child "opt-out" when contraception is taught, but what else will be taught and why can't parents "opt--out" of the class totally? Why is it necessary for schools to teach sex education, isn't that the parents responsibility? Parents: Speak out...stop abdicating your responsibility.

Poll says Upstate NY supports hydrofracking.

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