Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

The Republican National Committee is having a lot of fun with Obama’s Getaway – you can even send out postcards from Martha’s Vineyard.

I can remember a time not to long ago when the President took a vacation and the media and plenty of folks on Capital Hill agonized over how he could take time off with the country facing such challenges. But back then the President had a different last name (Bush) and party affiliation (Republican) – which seems to have changed everything.

I think we can all agree that Presidents get vacations, whether we like them or not. The question on my mind today is this: Has President Obama earned his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard? That’s the focus of our new Weekly Poll. I hope you’ll give your opinion today.

With the boss on vacation, the Obama Administration is hard at work undermining America's immigration laws and ignoring the will of Congress and we, the people.

This "backdoor amnesty" clearly shows that President Obama is NOT taking a vacation from playing politics...

It’s possible that taxpayers could be given a vacation from the federal gas tax... but I doubt Obama will be keen on that idea (once he gets back to work, that is)...

Before he left for vacation, President Obama offered what turns out to be some unhelpful advice to a farmer in Illinois. I found this Politico story on the Weekly Standard’s blog...

Here is Texas Senator John Cornyn demanding some answers about the Fast and Furious federal gun-running scandal. Good to know that some people in Washington aren’t ignoring this debacle.

Whether you’re on vacation or back at home, have a nice weekend!

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