Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's in the jury's hands now,   it is very unfortunate that they will have to live with the memories of the horrific, graphic descriptions of what went on in Gosnell's real life house of horrors.

This abortionist  thinks pro-lifers with cameras are terrorists.  I do believe the aborted babies would have a different view as to who does the terrorizing. 

The Heritage Foundation reminds us it's still the economy that needs to recover.  If the President spent  more time on the economy than vacation and golf maybe it would improve, then again many of us are grateful he is spending time golfing and vacationing so he doesn't make it worse.  When he was paying attention, we got Obamacare and we all know the "positive" economic result of Obamacare.  Maybe he actually is working while on the golf course, cutting deals for his green agenda, if that is the case we best get him off the greens!

The President does not like to answer certain questions, and ponders if he should just pack up and go home.

If you choose to draw a line in the sand regarding Syria, then back away from your statement, maybe you should just go home Mr. President.  We do not need America to appear weak and lacking resolve.  Your primary focus is to keep America safe; Peace through Strength; backing away from your statements is hardly strength.

Instead of being  the Obama  Borg, you should emulate true leadership and learn the Lessons for today from the Immortals.

If you believe that Members of Congress and their staffs should have the same health care they are forcing on us sign this petition.

George J. Marlin has a provocative question for Governor Cuomo in his latest column. 

Your tax dollars hard at work:  Boston Bombers collected $100,000 in benefits before the bombings.  Now we are paying for the younger one's lawyer and heaven knows what his hospital bill will costs us.  The FBI cannot afford to miss another ping.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Now that the closing arguments are beginning today in the Gosnell trial, the main stream media is covering the statements.  I hope they are familiar with the testimony and the graphic details and if they are not they should read J. D. Mullane's account here.  If you think it couldn't happen in New York, think again.   Governor Andrew Cuomo's radical abortion agenda, albeit he has not disclosed the bill language yet, would allow late term abortions for any reason, in almost any place done by anyone with a knowledge of the medical procedure.  How pathetic is his call for "codifying" the abortion law?  Let him know he crossed the line with this proposal. 

File this under self promotion.

The Heritage Foundation is still educating us on the proposed Immigration Bill. Will Senator Rubio have second thoughts on the proposal?

Benghazi Report Revives Troubling Questions.

Governor Cuomo, read this, then tell us why New Yorkers are being denied hydrofracking jobs.  You are running out of excuses.

We all understand that a Governor has the right to hire those who think as he does in policy positions, no one would argue he can't.  A conflict is inevitable when jobs that didn't exist are created to satisfy donors.  

The Governor's numbers are on a downward slide, we know why.

Even the NY Daily News knows the class action suit on Stop and Frisk is a fiasco.  

Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

If you were traveling by plane this week, you had plenty of extra time to read in the airport, but when Congress knew they had to travel home, they acted quickly.  First the  Senate gave President Obama the power to cancel its furloughs of air traffic controllers and the House is expected to pass the bill today and send it to the President who previously rejected efforts to give him more flexibility. 

President Obama himself said if Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons or if he even moved them he would cross a "red line" that would have "enormous consequences."  It appears as if he has.  America's credibility is at stake  and so far, President Obama is silent.  Obama's dilemma on Syria must be resolved without delay, for delay only puts America in harm's way

The Heritage Foundation writes about the rule of law regarding immigration and Michele Malkin has a history lesson for Senator Marco Rubio regarding immigration.  This past week we linked to articles on the new gang of eight's planned immigration bill.  Senator Rubio has been making his case for the proposal and many conservatives are not convinced.  Let us know what you think in this week's poll. 

Comptroller John Liu stands by his aide which just proves two things; corruption is not limited to Albany and this Liu should not be given the key to Gracie Mansion.

The New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms asked a question yesterday that demands an answer.  Essentially, if Governor's Cuomo's significant other is afforded the benefits of being New York's First Lady, shouldn't she also be required to file financial disclosures also?

The media just cannot find the time to cover the Gosnell trial, and unfortunately without the proper coverage we may never know if Gosnell's complete disregard for women and infants and the law is an isolated case.

Former President Bush made history yesterday at the opening of his Presidential Library.  It was the very first time a father attended his son's opening after the son had attended the opening of his fathers.

Have a great weekend.!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The George W. Bush Library is now open and honestly it was good to see positive news for a change.   And as the NY Post editorial points out " it strikes us as noteworthy that a president derided as a cowboy for his willingness to fight also believed, as FDR and Truman did with Japan, that America’s best guarantee of security is a free Middle East where ordinary Muslims can prosper and look to the future with hope."  Even strong liberals, Lanny Davis and Ellen Ratner,  had good things to say about Dubya today.  For those who don't believe George W. Bush was very smart, take the time to read this, it may just open your eyes.

The Heritage Foundation continues to educate us on S.744, the Immigration Act.

Here is Betsy's McCaughy's take on S. 744

Some Judges still uphold our Constitution. 

National Review Online writes how few DREAMers are denied.

This is the first paragraph in a Politico article "Congressional leaders in both parties are engaged in high-level, confidential talks about exempting lawmakers and Capitol Hill aides from the insurance exchanges they are mandated to join as part of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, sources in both parties said,"  and I shudder to think what would happen at Town Hall meetings if happens.  Of course any elected official who would vote for exempting lawmakers would not even hold a Town Hall meeting knowing the outrage constituents would have. Especially when even some staunch supporters of Obamacare now understand it is off the tracks.

The Chicago-Tribune opines on the air traffic controllers furloughs.

Henninger:  Boston and the Un-Bush.

What Investor's Business Daily thinks about the bombings in Boston. 

Chairman Long on Sen. Skelos's disdain of Gov. Cuomo's planned expansion of  abortion, you know,  the bill we don't need details on according to the Governor.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The White House dismisses the House GOP report on Benghazi to no ones surprise.  And while it is critical of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we know that will not impede her speaking fees. 

The General should know as General Vallely is the former commanding general of the Pacific Command and the founder of the Syrian Opposition Liaison Group, created with the Free Syrian Army and Stand-Up America.

Good advice from the Heritage Foundation. 

Michael Goodwin is tired of the "blame America first" crowd and quite frankly so are most Americans. 

Thomas Sowell has another well reasoned and thought out article "Immigration Gambles" well worth reading.

Our Governor seems to believe details are just excuses.  So I guess we can eliminate the Legislative Bill Drafting Commission, save a fortune on printing costs and have legislators just agree with the Governor without knowing the details because the details are just excuses.  What is scary, this isn't the first time he has said that the details don't matter.

Oh no, the Governor wants another task force, this one to restructure municipalities' finance.  Eliminate and stop imposing unfunded mandates,  and the municipalities will be in much better shape, wait is that too many details for you Governor? 

Thank you Senator Dean Skelos. 

Great analysis by William F. B. O'Reilly on what the "Fair Elections for New York Coalition" really want. (This article is in Newsday and you do need a subscription.....I'll try to get a different link.)

And here is what Chairman Long thinks about the proposed Internet Sales Tax.

A very sobering economic forecast by Peter Schiff.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There are all kinds of ways to buy votes, this being one of them, however, we don't hear about ending this practice that politicians relish.

Even when you shine a light,  corruption will be there, only when faced with real sanctions and term limits will the greedy possibly think twice. 

The NY Post editorial writes about the  Teacher-rating Charade.

Really Congressman, suing to clear your name?  Really? 

Yesterday, we said the democrats are happy with the pending immigration bill, this explains why! 

More from the Heritage Foundation on the pending immigration bill here.  Senator Rubio tries to convince conservatives that the gang of eight's bill is good, while the Daily Caller points out some good aspects of the bill.

Victor Davis Hanson writes about Obama's Psychodrama's. 

What happened to truth in advertising in New York's latest marketing?  Bill Hammond has the answer here.

Do you agree with Mayor Bloomberg's assessment of our privacy rights?  Bloomberg certainly knows how to stir up a hornet's nest. 

Taking Rahm Emanuel's advice too far, they are bereft of their senses.

Why is he called "Doctor"?  He may have a medical degree, but he ignores the Hippocratic Oath and brings harm rather than healing.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, April 22, 2013

New Yorkers already know this is a money grab, don't let it pass in the US Senate.   Big surprise, the White House endorses it!  Of course they do......more money for government to abuse. 

Azi Paybarah writes that term limits has no chance of becoming law, but we disagree.  Citizens can take the bull by its horns and demand that term limits be instituted.  If every person took the time to tell their legislator that all of the solutions put forth so far do nothing to get to the core of the issue and term limits would help, then it would be possible to get term limits passed. 

This crosses the ethical line.

The democrats may be happy, but Jim DeMint is right.

All the news that's fit to bury.

Fighting Thugs with Hugs. 

City Journal revisits Sandy's devastation.

Not ready for prime time.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

Our prayers have gone out this week to people in Boston and Texas suffering such terror and tragedy – and we continue to keep them in our thoughts.

Now on to the issues...

The New York Post gives us one sentence that perfectly sums up the President’s so-called leadership: “Obama has a hard time believing there can be honest disagreement with him.”

That Post article – and this one from The Washington Times – explains how this week's Senate vote was a tough loss for Obama, but a much-needed win for the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment survives for now, but Obama’s fake pleas for “civility” are over and done with.

“Mayor Bloomberg may be beyond calming, a man who obviously needs more than 16 ounces of something stronger than a Slurpee to get a grip on himself,” says the Times, and here is more on the Mayor’s temper tantrum.

Mayor Bloomberg is now talking about taking this battle to the states, and swaying the 2014 election in the so-called “red states.”  Any ideas on what his next step will be? We have a few – vote for your favorite in our new Weekly Poll.

The Washington Times wonders why Congress is moving so fast on immigration reform – and as New Yorkers, we’ve seen firsthand the perils of ramming through legislation that hasn’t been fully vetted.

National Review explains how this amnesty proposal is just more of the same...

... and according to Rich Lowry, Chuck Schumer has done afine job of duping Marco Rubio.

Check back next week for more updates to the blog – and make sure to sign up here for our emails that will keep you up-to-date on the latest Conservative Party news.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Erick Erickerson writes poignantly that our hearts should not be troubled despite all the heart-wrenching news this week.  Trust me it will lift your spirits.

The long awaited Immigration Reform legislation gets panned by the Heritage Foundation,   and conservatives get praised for upholding the 2nd Amendment. Heritage is not the only organization that is disappointed in the gang of eight's plan.  More information from the Daily Caller here.

The NY Sun stands up for New Yorker's right to bear arms and Obama vows more gun control without Congress.

Former Republican Leader of the New York State Assembly, John Faso,  spells out the pitfalls of a public finance system.

Need more proof that public financing isn't a good idea, read today's NY Post editorial on Weiner's Windfall. 

Every once in a while the whole truth comes out.  Kudos to Stuart Applebaum for being honest, strong disapproval for pushing "medical" marihuana bill that is anything but medicine.

 We must keep Secretary Kerry's feet to the fire and get answers on what really happened in Benghazi.

One only has to watch this video to understand why America is in real trouble.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Heritage Foundation sounds off on the federal gun control bill, hmm, anyone want to comment on what they would say about the NY SAFE Act?   Click on this link and to sign the Heritage petition "Stop playing with the Second Amendment."

A recent report by the Congressional Research Services admits that the probability of preventing more mass shootings with new gun control laws is slim.

Suing a business because they will not provide flowers for your wedding reinforces the argument that same sex marriages is not about being with the one you love, it is about changing society's definition of marriage to gain the financial benefits of government sanctioned marriage.

Great, now we have Facebook influencing legislation

Obviously, Congress hasn't learned that huge bills have pitfalls and unintended consequences.

George J.Marlin opines on New York's status as the least free state.

What a surprise, Senator Klein's bill to curtail corruption, helps him.   Doesn't that give your confidence in the system and him.

Speaking of confidence, yesterday we blogged about the change in the STOCK Act and told you we would let you know how Senator Gillibrand voted on the repeal of making transactions transparent on the Internet.  First we discovered finding the information was not an easy task.  Despite what we have been assured that transparency is available, transparency is hidden behind all kinds of layers.  But we finally (with the able assistance of Kyle at ACU) found that on April 11, 2013, Sen. Harry Reid introduced S.716 -- no cosponsors -- and called for a vote when most members had left.  The bill passed by unanimous consent (no roll call vote) so we can not report how Senator Gillibrand voted.  

This is what the repeal does:  The Senate bill passed Thursday by unanimous consent goes beyond a simple delay. If passed by the House and signed by President Barack Obama, the measure would exclude legislative and executive staffers from having their financial disclosure forms posted on the Internet. The new reporting requirements would still apply to the president, vice president, members of Congress, congressional candidates and individuals subject to Senate confirmation.

At lease they (elected officials)  have to report, but don't bet the mortgage that this won't be repealed also. 

BTW, President Obama signed the legislation on April 15, 2013.  Who said things take forever in Washington, DC?

Bonus Thomas Sowell "Immigration Sophistry."

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Standing with Boston and praying for the families, the first responders and the rest of America.

Elected officials better pay attention to this poll and remember what Carville  said in 1992 "The economy stupid"  (his word, not ours)

Doing things like repealing a portion of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (Senator Gillibrand took credit for bill, will advise you tomorrow  how she voted on this)  does not endear Members of Congress to the average citizen.

Larry Kudlow says falling gold prices is a good thing.

Victor Davis Hanson writes about 1984 + 29.   

George J. Marlin wants to know if Republicans will abandon pro-lifers.

More on the Gosnell trial, but we still have to ask the question, where is the main stream media on this trial?

Part II of David Limbaugh's The World is Upside Down. 

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.  You're really going to like this one; here is just one sentence "Leniency toward criminals has long been part of the pattern of gun control zealots on both sides of the Atlantic."

Monday, April 15, 2013

Where is the Press? 

The Press isn't doing a very good job in the Bronx either, except for this editorial in the NY Post (and others in the past), most residents in the Bronx are unaware of DA Robert Johnson distaste of the police.

Residents of NYC beware:  Do you really want you tax dollars paying their salaries?

And so it begins......

The Heritage Foundation explains where our tax dollars are going.  It is a good visual to give to your liberal friends when the say we don't have to worry about entitlement reforms.

A must read by Larry Kudlow.

Newsmax has a good article on how much money government wastes.  Newsmax is reporting on the GAO report, Sen. Coburn has his own wasteful spending list, the Heritage Foundation has more on wasteful spending as do a half dozen other organizations, yet the President can't come up with any to use the scalpel told us about in 2008.  (I'd be willing to send him a new scalpel since he obviously lost his, but I'm sure the Secret Service would be here to arrest me in minutes.)

What could possibly go wrong?  Any time I'm assured it is a Win-Win-Win situation, I know it really is a lose-lose-lose one.

The sad aftermath of our country's lack of response for Hillary Clinton's/Barack Obama's legacy in Benghazi.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week we were introduced to the Obama Administration’s delayed budget proposal, and as the Washington Times points out, “It wasn’tworth the wait.

Obama’s Fake Budget Marketing Exposed,” thanks to The Heritage Foundation.

Yesterday we posted “Five Things to Know about the ObamaBudget” from Heritage.  The Obama budget raises taxes by $1.1 trillion, underfunds defense and doubles down on Obamacare... it does NOT balance the federal budget, and it’s two months late.

Now that you’ve had time to digest all this information, which of these failures do you think is the worst part of the Obama Budget? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

As of right now Senate Democrats are blocking a resolution to honor Lady Margaret Thatcher.

Tellingly, when I checked neither Schumer nor Gillibrand have any mention of Lady Thatcher’s passing on their websites.

As the immigration debate heats up, it’s important to remember that “temporary” amnesty is never temporary.

The gun control crowd is going after NASCAR...

... and unfortunately NASCAR seems to be bending, though at least they haven’t completely caved in to the PC crowd (yet).

Sen. Rand Paul is breaking through this hostility by going one-on-one with college students on their home turf.

“I think what they want is a peace agreement with the United States.” Which “useful idiot” put forth this na├»ve theory about North Korea? Click here to find out.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

More from the Heritage Foundation on President Obama's budget here and here. Is anyone really surprised that President Obama's budget increases funding for enforcement of federal gun control? 

Speaking of gun control, most of the main stream media will not report this fact.

The Hoover Institute writes about the economic ignorance of Barack Obama.

President Obama does not understand the word "permanent" !

The IRS claims it can read your emails without a warrant; the ACLU is right to be concerned.

There is an APP to do what? It really is sobering how very vulnerable we are. 

Finally, the media is beginning to speak out on the slaughterhouse doctor in trail in Philadelphia. 

Chutzpah!  Read the link in yesterday's press release, then ask yourself if this person has any credibility in pushing an ethics plan.

Chutzpah times two.   New York really deserves better.

Governor Cuomo's ugly message to biz.

The NY Sun opines on Mayor Bloomberg's Party.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Heritage Foundation examines the President's budget.  His budget was supposed to be sent to Congress by February 4, the House passed its budget on March 29, the Senate passed a budget March 23 (the first one in four years), but he finally sent his proposal 65 days late and after both Houses passed one.  What arrogance!  And what arrogance is in his budget, the same spending, spending and more spending. 
I wonder if the "In Performance at the White House" has its own line item. Human Events describes how the UK Daily Mail sums it up as a mixture of “bad math, phantom revenues, imagined spending cuts, and a middle-class tax hike.”  These College Republicans understand more about their future than the President does. 

It's pretty revealing when one of its major supporters says Obamacare is beyond  comprehension.

Sheldon Silver says "I don't feel any responsibility" and that Mr. Speaker is a good part of the problem!

The NY Daily News praises Governor Cuomo for laying down the law on public corruption.  Where is he laying down the law?  What has Governor Cuomo proposed that will change anything???  He is trying to sell his "Public Trust Act" as a vehicle to end corruption, but nothing that he is saying convinces me or Michael Goodwin.   The WSJ indicates that the pension would be stripped if convicted of public-corruption felonies, but only if they joined the system after the 2011 enactment of the state pension-reform bill.  Governor, offer a Constitutional Amendment to cover every elected official no matter when the came to office.

When did Governor Cuomo morph into Rahm Emanuel?

The NY Post editorial makes a great point, shrinking the size and scope of government will be a great beginning to end corruption, but alas we didn't hear that from Governor Cuomo. 

Speaking of pensions, this is a must read.  

Bonus Thomas Sowell article.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Will someone please explain to me how inanimate objects are at fault when people make conscientious choices to exploit the intended purpose of said object?  Guns do not commit crimes and the Wilson-Pekula law in NYS is not a vehicle for bribery.  On March 25, 1947, Dewey signed the Wilson Pakula Act into law and it was designed to protect the integrity of political parties and to prevent the invasion into or the capture of control of political parties by persons not in sympathy with the principles of such political parties, so please explain how this law that has been useful for 66 years, all of a sudden is responsible for the corruption in Albany?  Read what Chairman Mike Long thinks about this push to eliminate the Wilson/Pekula. 

Governor Cuomo, people who lack values and a moral compass are at fault, both in the murder of innocent people and corruption at any level.  Until that is addressed, and we admit it is easier said than done, all of the so called solutions you are calling for will do absolutely nothing to change the direction society is currently following.  What you have suggested, is a band-aide that will fool people into thinking a positive step has been taken.  Governor Cuomo sat with the NY Post and admitted that  the "power of entrenched" leaders is at the "root" of Albany's evil.  Then why don't you call for term limits?  With term limits, citizens will at least know they only be in office for a certain amount of time and be less likely to abuse the trust given them by citizens.  People who follow politics on a daily basis, understand that public campaign finance will not eliminate corruption, in fact it breeds corruption. This much is certain, laws have existed in civilized society since society became civilized and yet there are people who blatantly chose to ignore them.  We may never be able to fully change that fact, but we can limit their ability to profit and remove them from the vast majority of society that respect reasonable laws.

Why isn't the main stream media giving this horrific trial coverage?   Or letting citizens know that 1270 babies have been born alive after failed abortions.

The Heritage Foundation writes about carrying on Baroness Thatcher's legend. 

David Limbaugh has written an  insightful column The world is upside down.

Of course, our Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell, always have insightful columns. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Well we now know why President Obama will not let us see his college transcripts; he obviously never learned basic math!  Reading this in the Washington Times, it becomes apparent that President Obama's English comprehension wasn't his strong subject either.  Compromise usually works both ways, Mr. President as we remember it was you that said "I won"  when y controlled the House and Senate. 

Obama's budget wants more of your money to redistribute,  but as we can learn from this article, no matter how much government spends (on any program) it will never be enough.  You won't like this either.  We are beginning to think we were much better off without the President's budget, and we've just looked at two items in it. 

The Heritage Foundation has a good article on how we can protect ourselves online.

The NY Post is right on target with this editorial and then the NY Post follows up with the Roots of NY's Rot.

Rest in Peace, Baroness Margaret Thatcher!  We will always

Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

More of the same from Albany this week – corruption, corruption and more corruption.

For the Left, all this corruption is a perfect opportunity for campaign finance “reform” that would force taxpayers to bankroll political campaigns, whether they actually support the candidates or not – all at a cost of as much as $200 million a year.

Do you agree with liberals that the only way to stop corruption in Albany is to have forced taxpayer funding of political campaigns? Cast your vote in our new Weekly Poll.

More judicial activism this week, as Andrew Cuomo’s agenda of abortions for anyone, anytime, for any reason receives tacit support from an unaccountable judge.

And more of the same from the Obama Administration this week, too – high unemployment that would actually be higher were it not for the tens of millions of people who have completely lost any hope of finding a job in this Obama economy.

But fear not: President Obama is unleashing a new budget packed with his “solution” to any problem: Higher taxes (plus alleged “reforms” to Social Security and Medicare).

Times are tough, but not so tough that Obama might think about giving up his golf outings, or a Justin Timberlake concert at the White House.

“Cheap seats” at the upcoming Timberlake concert at Yankee Stadium start at about $130 – out of reach for normal people struggling in this Obama economy.

The left’s attack on the 2nd Amendment continues, with New York leading the way again and again.

Sens. Gillibrand and Schumer aren’t letting outdated, dishonest statistics stop their campaign against the Constitution.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

More arrests in a different unrelated scandal rocking Albany and the Bronx today. 

Bob McManus writes how the public campaign finance system used in NYC and promoted by Governor Cuomo to be adopted by the state is a vehicle for more corruption.

Wow, aren't you impressed that President Obama is "sharing in the sacrifice" by returning 5% of his salary to the Treasury, about $20,000.  What courage!  Will it be put to offset this?  Not by a long shot, it is only .5% of the $3.8M needed to improve Armenia's pension system.  Isn't it amazing how much money we continue to give foreign countries when people are still suffering from Sandy's devastation?  What ever happened to the old adage Charity begins at home, but wait, it wouldn't even be charity, since it is our money to being with! 

Will we ever learn?  History will repeat itself if Obama succeeds in doing this.

What kind of research team does the President have?  Apparently not a very good one.

Beware Schumer's Latest Pose.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Enough is Enough!  How many more times will you pick up a newspaper and read about an elected official breaking the law?  Yesterday's stunning news should be the very last time, but regrettably we all know it won't be.  What we find absolutely mind-boggling  is some elected officials seem to believe that taxpayer funded campaigns will resolve what drives a person to corruption.  As the NY Post editorial points out, US Attorney Preet Bharara, indicated that the city’s public campaign-finance system, which was to have cleaned up politics and which Albany is looking to spread statewide, allowed the pols — like others before them — to use it to take public cash illegally. 

The NY Post also wants to know if those who enabled the shenanigans of Smith and Halloran will pay a price?  We already know the answer.  If Legislators were the least bit serious about ending the corruption that is so rampant in our state, they would pass term limits and pass a bill the ends all benefits upon conviction of any felony.

Michael Goodwin writes "The point for Cuomo to consider is not whether Halloran and Smith are right that everybody else does it. The point is that people like them think everybody else does it, and they act as if the whole game is rigged and everybody has a price. Their cynicism is contagious and fuels a public distrust of government that grows with each scandal."

Unfortunately the public distrust of government does grow with each scandal, and good people see no reason to vote or get involved in electing a good person.  As a result, we no longer have the best of the best seeking office, we have those who seek office to enrich themselves.  

The Governor was swift in passing legislation to abridge law abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights, but only says the allegations against those arrested are "very serious" and "we have zero tolerance for any violation of the public integrity and the public trust". 

Governor, if you truly have "zero tolerance" no one would object if you used a message of necessity to pass term limits and end all benefits (including collecting their pension) of a convicted elected official.  Another famous Democrat used to say "The Buck Stops Here", well Governor, will you make this latest scandal the last one we have to endure?  Zero tolerance means zero, as Michael Goodwin pointed out, when you campaigned for Governor, you vowed to clean up state government.  Shortly after being elected, two legislators were arrested and you repeated your commitment to clean up Albany. 

We, the average New Yorker, the non-elected person who pays all of New York's bills, say enough is enough.  Don't had us a plate of bunkum, sprinkled with talk of campaign finance reform and expect us to believe that things will be different now.

Public distrust is growing and the rest of America is watching. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When we saw this yesterday, we really thought it was an April Fools Day joke, but alas, it isn't. 

Another great article by E. J. McMahon on our new budget subsidizing the Bills.  It's good to learn that our neighboring state, Massachusetts,  rejects the idea of government subsidies to professional sport teams. The only way this outrageous use of you money will end is with pressure from you to make it end.  Don't you have better ways to spend your own money?  To bring the $135.2 B budget into numbers easier to understand, check out the Empire Center's $pend-O-Meter. 

Tom Precious, a reporter for the Buffalo News, writes how the budget underestimates the real costs of the budget deal which only means one thing; additional taxes will be needed to close the budget gap.

This article about freeloaders ran in yesterday's NY Post as an exclusive....well, apparently according to today's NY Post, Mayor Bloomberg is frustrated about how lax the rules are.  Mr. Mayor, you've banned smoking, denied salt to patrons, tried to end large soda sales, but can't find the time and means to end this misuse of taxpayer's money?  Your priority concerns for our health are misguided and should be on our wealth.

It really amazes me how much is being spent to convince people that taking their money to finance campaigns they don't support is a good idea.  

Lets recap for a moment, today we are reminded about a government that wants your money for professional sports, homeless shelters for those who aren't homeless and supporting candidates you don't want in office.  Wake up voters!!  Time to grill candidates before blindly voting for a name you recognize. 

Michael Benjamin writes about an abortion bill NY won't like.

The Heritage Foundation examines what immigration reform must do.  The Insider Online reminds us that we have a history with amnesty and it isn't good.   More from the Investor's Daily:  Secure the Boarder!

Don Feder used to have a Country.   

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

The main stream media want you to believe that all women are supporting Gov. Cuomo's "it's my body" rant in his state of the state calling for expansion of New York's already extremely liberal abortion laws; the MSM should watch Helen Alvare, co-founder of Women Speak for Themselves, to understand that Governor Cuomo is pandering to his far left base.

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis is another refreshing woman who does not march to Gov. Cuomo's music.  Fortunately for New York taxpayers, Assemblywoman Malliotakis did not fall for the misrepresentations made by Governor Cuomo when he boasted in his press release on the budget that no new taxes and fees were used to close the budget gap.

E. J. McMahon has more on the NYS budget here.

More from Steve Malanga on the debt bomb taxpayers won't see coming.

Despite what we have been told, some budget item(s) live forever!

So much for being a true leader.  

Governor Cuomo, didn't you want to change New York's image?  You've done nothing this year to improve our states' standing, in fact, if it could go further down, it would, but alas, we are already at rock bottom.  

Sen. Schumer is all excited about a possible deal, while Sen. Rubio urges caution. When the details emerge, Senator Rubio's caution is closer to what Americans are looking for before any solid agreement will be reached. 

Another Mother speaks out for "stop and frisk"  Chicago does not rely on "stop and frisk" and this weekend 2 died and an additional 21 were wounded.  Of course, all the violence in Chicago will end with the new $25 gun tax in Cook County.  A gun tax will certainly curtail the criminals.......oh wait a minute, it isn't supposed to stop the criminals, it's purpose is to help pay for the increased jail and health care costs.  Tax the law abiding citizens and never get to the root cause of crime.....makes perfect sense...to criminals!