Monday, April 1, 2013

The main stream media want you to believe that all women are supporting Gov. Cuomo's "it's my body" rant in his state of the state calling for expansion of New York's already extremely liberal abortion laws; the MSM should watch Helen Alvare, co-founder of Women Speak for Themselves, to understand that Governor Cuomo is pandering to his far left base.

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis is another refreshing woman who does not march to Gov. Cuomo's music.  Fortunately for New York taxpayers, Assemblywoman Malliotakis did not fall for the misrepresentations made by Governor Cuomo when he boasted in his press release on the budget that no new taxes and fees were used to close the budget gap.

E. J. McMahon has more on the NYS budget here.

More from Steve Malanga on the debt bomb taxpayers won't see coming.

Despite what we have been told, some budget item(s) live forever!

So much for being a true leader.  

Governor Cuomo, didn't you want to change New York's image?  You've done nothing this year to improve our states' standing, in fact, if it could go further down, it would, but alas, we are already at rock bottom.  

Sen. Schumer is all excited about a possible deal, while Sen. Rubio urges caution. When the details emerge, Senator Rubio's caution is closer to what Americans are looking for before any solid agreement will be reached. 

Another Mother speaks out for "stop and frisk"  Chicago does not rely on "stop and frisk" and this weekend 2 died and an additional 21 were wounded.  Of course, all the violence in Chicago will end with the new $25 gun tax in Cook County.  A gun tax will certainly curtail the criminals.......oh wait a minute, it isn't supposed to stop the criminals, it's purpose is to help pay for the increased jail and health care costs.  Tax the law abiding citizens and never get to the root cause of crime.....makes perfect criminals!

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