Monday, April 29, 2013

Now that the closing arguments are beginning today in the Gosnell trial, the main stream media is covering the statements.  I hope they are familiar with the testimony and the graphic details and if they are not they should read J. D. Mullane's account here.  If you think it couldn't happen in New York, think again.   Governor Andrew Cuomo's radical abortion agenda, albeit he has not disclosed the bill language yet, would allow late term abortions for any reason, in almost any place done by anyone with a knowledge of the medical procedure.  How pathetic is his call for "codifying" the abortion law?  Let him know he crossed the line with this proposal. 

File this under self promotion.

The Heritage Foundation is still educating us on the proposed Immigration Bill. Will Senator Rubio have second thoughts on the proposal?

Benghazi Report Revives Troubling Questions.

Governor Cuomo, read this, then tell us why New Yorkers are being denied hydrofracking jobs.  You are running out of excuses.

We all understand that a Governor has the right to hire those who think as he does in policy positions, no one would argue he can't.  A conflict is inevitable when jobs that didn't exist are created to satisfy donors.  

The Governor's numbers are on a downward slide, we know why.

Even the NY Daily News knows the class action suit on Stop and Frisk is a fiasco.  

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