Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

If you were traveling by plane this week, you had plenty of extra time to read in the airport, but when Congress knew they had to travel home, they acted quickly.  First the  Senate gave President Obama the power to cancel its furloughs of air traffic controllers and the House is expected to pass the bill today and send it to the President who previously rejected efforts to give him more flexibility. 

President Obama himself said if Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons or if he even moved them he would cross a "red line" that would have "enormous consequences."  It appears as if he has.  America's credibility is at stake  and so far, President Obama is silent.  Obama's dilemma on Syria must be resolved without delay, for delay only puts America in harm's way

The Heritage Foundation writes about the rule of law regarding immigration and Michele Malkin has a history lesson for Senator Marco Rubio regarding immigration.  This past week we linked to articles on the new gang of eight's planned immigration bill.  Senator Rubio has been making his case for the proposal and many conservatives are not convinced.  Let us know what you think in this week's poll. 

Comptroller John Liu stands by his aide which just proves two things; corruption is not limited to Albany and this Liu should not be given the key to Gracie Mansion.

The New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms asked a question yesterday that demands an answer.  Essentially, if Governor's Cuomo's significant other is afforded the benefits of being New York's First Lady, shouldn't she also be required to file financial disclosures also?

The media just cannot find the time to cover the Gosnell trial, and unfortunately without the proper coverage we may never know if Gosnell's complete disregard for women and infants and the law is an isolated case.

Former President Bush made history yesterday at the opening of his Presidential Library.  It was the very first time a father attended his son's opening after the son had attended the opening of his fathers.

Have a great weekend.!

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