Monday, April 15, 2013

Where is the Press? 

The Press isn't doing a very good job in the Bronx either, except for this editorial in the NY Post (and others in the past), most residents in the Bronx are unaware of DA Robert Johnson distaste of the police.

Residents of NYC beware:  Do you really want you tax dollars paying their salaries?

And so it begins......

The Heritage Foundation explains where our tax dollars are going.  It is a good visual to give to your liberal friends when the say we don't have to worry about entitlement reforms.

A must read by Larry Kudlow.

Newsmax has a good article on how much money government wastes.  Newsmax is reporting on the GAO report, Sen. Coburn has his own wasteful spending list, the Heritage Foundation has more on wasteful spending as do a half dozen other organizations, yet the President can't come up with any to use the scalpel told us about in 2008.  (I'd be willing to send him a new scalpel since he obviously lost his, but I'm sure the Secret Service would be here to arrest me in minutes.)

What could possibly go wrong?  Any time I'm assured it is a Win-Win-Win situation, I know it really is a lose-lose-lose one.

The sad aftermath of our country's lack of response for Hillary Clinton's/Barack Obama's legacy in Benghazi.

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