Thursday, April 4, 2013

More arrests in a different unrelated scandal rocking Albany and the Bronx today. 

Bob McManus writes how the public campaign finance system used in NYC and promoted by Governor Cuomo to be adopted by the state is a vehicle for more corruption.

Wow, aren't you impressed that President Obama is "sharing in the sacrifice" by returning 5% of his salary to the Treasury, about $20,000.  What courage!  Will it be put to offset this?  Not by a long shot, it is only .5% of the $3.8M needed to improve Armenia's pension system.  Isn't it amazing how much money we continue to give foreign countries when people are still suffering from Sandy's devastation?  What ever happened to the old adage Charity begins at home, but wait, it wouldn't even be charity, since it is our money to being with! 

Will we ever learn?  History will repeat itself if Obama succeeds in doing this.

What kind of research team does the President have?  Apparently not a very good one.

Beware Schumer's Latest Pose.

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