Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

The CIA should be commended for doing its job and protecting Americans by eliminating US Born terror leader al-Awalki. It is good to know the CIA hasn’t” gone soft” the way America has according to President Obama who wants to “whip Nation into shape.”

A running theme this week has been the liberals’ growing disdain for elections – i.e. being held accountable by we, the people. The Washington Times takes a look at these undemocratic Democrats.

Gov. Perdue, who is prone to flights of fancy, probably wishes she could suspend campaign finance investigations as well...

A quick look back at The New York Times reminds us that this isn’t the first time liberals have complained that Americans just have too much say in how our country is run.

Remember that the loony left had plenty of paranoid visions of President George W. Bush canceling the 2004 and 2008 elections. Now that a Democrat has actually suggested such a thing, where are all the outraged liberals?

I’m glad that Congress continues to investigate the Fast and Furious gun-running debacle, especially now that we have new evidence that this program wasn’t just a rogue operation.

People joke about government bureaucracies being slow, but watch how fast the Department of Energy moves when there’s a deadline for spending taxpayer funds and plenty of politically-connected Solyndra-type companies looking for a handout.

And a moment of candor from President Obama, who notes that he wasn’t fond of his ethics class back in the 8th grade (and considering the Solyndra controversy and all the “green jobs” cronyism going on in the Obama Administration, it seems that our President is still not particularly concerned with the subject of ethics).

Besides ethics, which classes do you think Obama might not have mastered as a young man, based on his current views? That’s the question in our new Weekly Poll, which we’re having a bit of fun with this week. Vote today, and if there’s a subject we’ve missed feel free to point it out in the comments section.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

New York's Medicaid Redesign Team is considering covering the cost of "sexual reassignment surgery" and is making the recommendation to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Besides being a totally outrageous use of taxpayers dollars, Dr.Keith Ablow, writes a compelling article against the surgery. The proposal should be taken off the table immediately!

Mayor Bloomberg needs to read the US Constitution perhaps then he will understand the true role of government.

Federal Judge upholds parts of Alabama's immigration law.

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is rearing its ugly head again.

Tea Party Message to Morgan Freeman.

The NY Post Editorial on government suppressing free speech. More from the Foundry on the subject.

Can't they just let the free market work? Does the Administration think we are not paying attention to what they are doing? Or maybe they think Crony Capitalism is the free market working.

Just $3 will give you a chance to have dinner with Obama. (Wonder how all those who paid thousands feel about a $3 price tag...if you win can you tell him what you think of his policies?)

Off message or saying what she truly believes?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The DEC announces when the public hearings will take place on hydrofracking and the NY Post has an opinion and articles on hydrofracking, here, and here.

E. J. McMahon explains the real reason PEF rejected the proposed contract.

Cong. Paul Ryan on Beyond Repeal and Replace. Washington Examiner editorial on Ryan Plan.

The Heritage Foundation on Obamacare and the Supreme Court, and Betsy McCaughey writes in on why it is going to the Supreme Court. Healthcare costs are still rising.

Planned Parenthood being questioned on how it segregates its finances.

Heritage also raises concerns about more cuts in defense.

Deroy Murdock sets the record straight on who is "doing nothing" in Congress, while Jonah Goldberg points out that Obama is his own worst problem.

Obama is also losing support in Europe.

File this and this under "Government out of control"

Wednesday bonus column by Thomas Sowell.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Geithner defends $200,000 of our tax dollars per job. His arrogance is mind boggling.

Liberals/Progressives portray a certain zeal for trying to make conservatives look heartless and willing to let people suffer. The time for ending the melodramatics is now. Sen. Reid contributes to the rhetoric with distortions to entice the media then passes yet another stop-gap measure.

The Heritage Foundation sounds off on the debt ceiling law.

Raquel Okyay with more on Fast and Furious.

The WSJ wants Mr. Buffett to show Americans why he pays so little.

How Germany reduced its unemployment rate.

John Steele Gordon writes a very short history of the income tax.

More subpoenas issued for those involved with the Working Family Party scandal in Troy, NY

This article creates more questions than it answers. Where can we get a 42 inch flat screen Sony Bravia for $395? How does a jail commissary have $16,000 in it? Forty sets were needed?

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Heritage Foundation continues to point out that President Obama believes he is more than the President of the United States...perhaps he thinks he is the exalted ruler or maybe he has forgotten that there are three equal branches of government in the US. Obama believes that the GOP will "fundamentally cripple American in meeting the challenges of the 21st century." Cripple American, Mr. President? What has the stimulus spending done? Obamacare? Most economist believe that the programs you are forcing on America is what is "crippling" job growth and thereby "crippling' America.

This Mr. President is an example of how out of control your agenda truly is.

Is there a new Solyndra brewing?

Does anyone really believe that the ATF did this without the knowledge of AG Holder or his boss?

Maybe all of the above is contributing to this.

Michael A. Walsh wants to "fix" the GOP debates.

Cong. Issa on what to do with the Postal Service.

New Yorkers moved South, but not because it is warmer. And unfortunately, this will be a contributing factor when more New Yorkers move out.

Some politicians should never be elected or promoted to higher office.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Analysis of the GOP presidential debate, with perhaps the best line coming from Peggy Noonan: “Mr. Obama cannot win in 2012, but the Republicans can lose.”

“Yikes!” is the official response from The Weekly Standard.

Here and here we learn this was not a great night for Rick Perry.

Here too, where Rich Lowry calls it for Mitt Romney. But by earning the award for “Worst Answer of the Night” Romney shows that he still has to do better (if he can) on explaining the health care policies he enacted in Massachusetts.

Some think Michele Bachmann’s “star continues to fizzle,” while others think Rick Santorum put in a good performance.

Herman Cain is getting good reviews, while Jon Huntsman is "still playing catch-up."

Not too much being said about the other candidates – comments are open if you want to give your take on the GOP presidential debates so far.

And after three of these debates, which candidates do you think have turned in the best performances overall? Give your opinion today in our Weekly Poll.

Meanwhile the economy continues to send a clear message: We have to defeat Obama in 2012.

Turns out the Obama Administration’s latest plan for economic growth has already been tried and – like most of Obama’s ideas – it failed.Link

And big surprise – this time around, the “twist” idea still doesn’t seem to be working.

Another not surprising turn of events – the Democrats are yet again threatening to shut down the government rather than spend just a little bit less of the taxpayers’ money.

And no surprise here: Another Democrats lets loose with left-wing class warfare, and the liberals are thrilled.

Thankfully The Weekly Standard has a reality check.

Have a great weekend?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Left is captivated by Elizabeth Warren, I guess that explains why the Left is loony if they believe she is realistic in her views. Jonah Goldberg gives his take on the viral Warren video.

The Heritage Foundation on Obama and Israel. The New York Post Editorial on Obama's UN Speech.

Soros, Obama and LightSquared.

Allen Reynolds opines on The Spend Now, Tax Later Jobs Bill.

More on the Jobs Bill from the Committee on Ways and Means.

Don't fret, Michell Obama, you won't have this problem after January 20, 2013.

Dennis Prager on Why Young Americans Can't Think Morally.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Poll deals with the Administrations scandals so if you have not voted yet, you may want to read these articles from Human Events , from Hot Air and Fox News and this from the Heritage Foundation.

Maybe we should add this to the list of scandals. Is it scandalous to pay $16 of taxpayers money for a muffin? But no need to worry that it will happen again as the President said on Monday he is scouring the budget for every dime of waste and inefficiency.

GITMO is back in the news.

This can not be good news for taxpayers. David Malpass opines on what the Feds are planning and what they should be doing.

Is Senator Schumer really defending couples making $250,000 or does he have a not so hidden agenda?

Presidential prevarication.

Someone please tell him to stick to singing. How "real" is an apology if you have to read it from the index card?

Bonus Thomas Sowell article.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New York Post hits a grand slam home run with this editorial. More on the "Buffett Tax" here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Don;t have have time to read the above? Watch this for new fees that everyone will face!

The President wants Congress to increase taxes on the rich, yet fails to tell those attending a "High Roller" fundraiser about his plan. Seriously, does he think they are all of the Warren Buffett mindset?

Do they think we are all dunces? People, Solyndra went bankrupt!

Dodd/Frank must be repealed.

Our Governor does not have a problem with the President's plan and that is not good news for New Yorkers. Revenue is not what was planned on, and with all of the aftermath of Irene, New York may face serious fiscal problems in its next budget along with Counties who have not received mandate relief. The fact that Governor Cuomo did not state flatly that he opposes the "Buffett Tax" and danced around, is not a good sign for New Yorkers.

Look what else might make a comeback.

Social Engineering in the Suburbs. More here.

The question is "What would his position be if he did not agree with the issue"?

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, September 19, 2011

If any one really believes that Obama's newest tax will help should read this. And if that is not enough to convince you, read this.

DeRoy Murdock opines on Obama's Stimulus II.

Great commentary from Andrew Malcolm.

Do taxpayers get a bonus for bailing them out or do we just continue to pay, pay, pay.

People want government to cut spending.

Will Solyndra be the only company that received our tax dollars despite being identified as not a good investment?

Michel Goodwin on Obama's doubling down.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's suggestion to close prisons and reinvest in communities in light of increased gun violence is just plain misguided. New York's strictest gun laws in the nation do not stop hoodlums from getting guns and creating havoc, bleeding heart liberals only make matters worse.

Small towns trying to prevent New York from hydrofracking, the question is, will it work? New York needs jobs, with safety precautions in place, why would any town try to prevent people from working?

Larry Kudlow on Bloomberg's Irresponsible Riot Tactic.

One more article on New York's newest Congressman and the Conservative Party gets some well deserved credit from Yeshiva World.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. That is the message from Chuck Schumer after Bob Turner’s victory in the suddenly conservative 9th congressional district, which according to the head of the DNC is a “very difficult district for Democrats” that the Democrats still somehow managed to never, ever lose until this year, with Barack Obama at the center of the campaign.

Here I am on NY1 talking about the Turner victory. I’m even referred to as a “political expert.” I’ve been called worse, I’m sure.

Peggy Noonan asks if it was even really an upset.

New York isn’t the only state where Obama is having problems.

Is Kirsten Gillibrand the next David Weprin? John Podheretz makes the case...Link
Of course if Obama had his way, he wouldn’t have to worry about the people we send to Congress.

Did the White House pressure an Air Force general to change his testimony to favor an Obama ally?

This is yet another example of the scandals building up for the Obama Administration.

Here is a look back at Solyndra.

The American Spectator gives a helpful overview of the rampant corruption at the Department of Justice.

And don’t forget Fast & Furious.

Which Obama scandals do you think are most outrageous? Give your opinion in our new Weekly Poll – and feel free to use the comments section to mention anything you find scandalous about the Obama Administration.

September 17 is Constitution Day. Test your Constitution IQ with this Heritage Foundation quiz.

And have a great weekend!