Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The 9th CD is front and center, and Bob Turner, is keeping this race exciting and has begun to pull ahead in the latest poll. Assemblyman Dov Hikend endorsed him in the Jewish World today.
Please make a donation TODAY to help Bob Turner in this final week.

The Fact Checker, a blog by the Washington Post (certainly not a conservative paper) calls out Obama on his "facts" in his Sept 5, 2011 speech. Can't help but wonder what he will say after Obama's address tomorrow.

If possible, watch this before listening to Obama tomorrow, it helps to know the facts beforehand.

The Heritage Foundation on how Obama has blocked job growth.

I really don't think Obama will be forthcoming about this plan.

The future uses of Food Stamps? Seriously, restaurants?

Recommended reading by the Weekly Standard.

Fast and Furious more than guns.

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