Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Congratulations to the voters in NY's 9th Congressional District for making the right choice. Congratulations to Bob Turner for running a good race and we know you won't let your constituents down. Great job to the team that believed they could win! The NY Post Editorial Page is pleased with Mr. Turner's win. So is William Kristol. More about the 9th from the Washington Examiner, National Review and the Washington Times.

ABC News exposes emails on Solyndra! I wonder if the main stream media will acknowledge this? Or will they report how his poll numbers dropped after the "Jobs Act" speech. IBD weighs in on the "Jobs Act" proposal.

Did Napolitano know about Fast and Furious?

Have you ever heard of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky? Her remarks during an interview on a Chicago radio station will make you want to move to Illinois 9th District just to be able to run against her! (Future debates between our Bob Turner -- NY's 9th -- and her should be very interesting....)

The Heritage Foundation on confronting terrorism.

One more reason to end Obamacare.

Part II of Thomas Sowell's Back to the Future.

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