Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today is Primary Day and a very important ELECTION DAY in the 9th Congressional District. It is always important to vote, but today's election in the 9th CD will send a strong message to Washington that the out of control spending and taxing being proposed by this Administration must end now. Vote for Bob Turner on the Conservative Line to send an even stronger message. Please call your neighbors, friends and families and remind them of the importance of this race. Need help to get to the polls: call 1-718-480-1972. The Administration is worried (as well they should be) and already spinning on the 9th CD.

The Heritage Foundation defines what it is like to be poor in America.

More on the tax increases Obama plans and more on what Obama's ugly record of job promises.

Fast and Furious won't go away and neither will Solyndra. Still waiting for the truth on both of these.

Raquel Okyay on Bloomberg's Blueprint for Ending Gun Rights.

A Time of Heroes.

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.

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