Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

Welcome to our early Weekly Wrap-up.  We will be observing Good Friday tomorrow and look forward to celebrating the miracle of life that Easter represents.  We hope you enjoy this special time with your family.

This week we saw the ongoing assault against traditional marriage as it has existed for centuries, between one man and one woman. 

This is an issue with deep religious connotations, and Michael Reagan is wondering where are the churches who should be leading the fight to protect marriage. 

What do you think will happen – will the Supreme Court kick the door wide open for same-sex marriage?  Will the leave the matter to the states? Or will the justices make a stand for a traditional, time-honored definition of marriage?

Give your opinion today in our new Weekly Poll.

This week we also saw “new math” from Albany, as the New York Post points out – the new “2+2=5,” but this time an increase in funding equals a penalty for the union-run New York City schools.   

We saw a new example of a liberal, Big Government politician who talks big about campaign finance “reform” but continues to exploit every loophole available to rake in the cash.

A new look this week at the ragged state of freedom in the state of New York – but people are still free to leave, which is what’s happening.

More on this from Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore, who write about “The Red-State Path to Prosperity” in the Wall Street Journal. 

We saw new evidence that the “free” health care promised by Obamacare would be anything but free...

... and even more evidence that the Obama Administration doesn't care one lick about the disastrous impact 

We have a new look at the distance between Andrew Cuomo’s rhetoric and New York’s reality...

...and another look at the fiscal calamity facing our state.

We saw new opposition to Chris Quinn’s plan to micromanage the NYPD, from members of her own party.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New York State anticipates collecting an additional $25 million from drivers who speed, wouldn't it be wonderful if drivers didn't give NYS one penny in speeding surcharges, let alone an additional $25M.  Oh, and its not only speeding surcharges set to be increased, texting and talking fines will also be increased.  So let's keep everyone safe and not give the the state any additional revenue.   Read what Chairman Long thinks of the budget about to be passed.   The NY Post editorial is not very impressed with the budget either.

Nicole Gelinas looks at London's mistakes and urges Governor Cuomo to change his business not welcome here attitude to one that encourages a Wall Street rebirth.

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey explains what happens when states like New York and California  continue to make it difficult to create businesses and overtax the population.

Governor Cuomo, if you won't listen to us, why not take the advice of a fellow democrat Ed Rendell who supports the benefits of hydrofracking. 

We obviously do not agree with the Mayor on has "nanny state" ideals, but he is right on this.

The Heritage Foundation has an update on the UN's Arms Trade Treaty.

This is not good news however it is not surprising nor unexpected for those of us who believe in the free market.

Three years of broken promises.

Thanks, Jonah Goldberg, for reminding those to young to remember, Dan Quayle was right.  

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More coverage here and here  on Saturday's Anti-NY SAFE Act rally in Syracuse, New York. Read the heart wrenching article of how one father of a fallen police officer fells about the NY SAFE Act.  Charles C. W. Cooke writes in National Review on line about Cuomo's Shameful  SAFE Act.  If Governor Cuomo, or for that matter certain Members of the Legislature,  think for one minute they can make minor amendments to the NY SAFE Act and have this issue go away, they are sadly mistaken.  By the way, the headline writers should have been in the amphitheater because those who were physically present estimated the crowd to be thousands, not hundreds. 

As you read today's blog the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the definition of marriage and laws that are doing their best to define and redefine what the definition of marriage is.  Yesterday the Heritage Foundation wrote about the marriage debate through the eyes of a child and today in the NY Post, Rich Lowry has a thoughtful op-ed piece as does the Post Editorial.

He's back taking your money again!!  NYC Comptroller John Liu is running for NYC Mayor and raking in your tax wonder legislators want campaign finance, for every $175 in private donations, they can get $1050 from taxpayers.  Seriously, is this a system the hardworking residents of New York support?  Isn't it time to end campaign finance reform and not expand it through out New York State. 

Some of the items in this year's NYS budget being written about in newspapers here, here and here...your tax dollars "hard" at work. These are just three items (there are far too many to list)  but don't you seriously believe you would make better decision in spending your own money.   Albany is taking your money, not asking for a donation, it is taking your money and four men in a room fund their pet projects.  When will you say enough is enough?  Isn't it time to say stop taking my money to buy my vote!

Another broken promise by a politician and another possibly payoff for that broken promise.

George J. Marlin opines on the Governor's abortion plan. 

Before the NYS Assembly moves on MMA, they really should read this.

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cuomo not doing what he promised seen as a bitter betrayal to the private sector.

Supporters of ObamaCare face disaster in 2014.

The New York Times -- big lie -- what else is new?

Taxpayers pockets get picked again.

Thousands protest Cuomos UNSafe Act.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week marks the third anniversary of Obamacare. It’s a milestone no serious person would celebrate, so of course Nancy Pelosi celebrated.

Doctors serving in Congress are not so happy...

Investors Business Daily offers up ten disturbing facts about the health care law. 

The Manhattan Institute compares the rhetoric to the reality on Obamacare.

And former New York Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey predicts that there will be a reckoning for Obamacare – probably in plenty of time for the 2014 elections.

And Mona Charen advises Republicans to be ready for the collapse of Obamacare with an actual policy alternative.

Do you have a birthday wish for Obamacare? Vote “Happy Birthday” or “Go Away” in our new Weekly Poll.

Andrew Cuomo isn’t celebrating the tax increases he’s slipped into the new budget – instead, “the governor has come up with new math on how a tax increase is really a tax cut,” according to the New York Post.

Also in the Post, it’s no surprise that New York is “closed for business” thanks to the Cuomo Agenda.

But as his budget proposal shows, Gov. Cuomo does have some clear priorities – including tax breaks for his friends in Hollywood and in the media (i.e. people who give generous campaign contributions).  Obviously, getting The Tonight Show to move to New York City is a top concern for hard-working New York families.

And of course one of the biggest concerns weighing on the hearts and minds of upstate New Yorkers right now is whether or not Andrew Cuomo and his friends in Albany will have sufficiently enjoyable seats at upcoming Buffalo Bills games. Well fear not, Cuomo and Co. are now taken care of.  

What are the odds that more than a few Cuomo donors will end up enjoying these prime NFL seats? Pretty solid, I would say.

More repairs are being made to the best gun-control bill ever. Like Obamacare, I suppose, the politicians in Albany had to pass gun control so we could see what’s in it – and what’s in it is living down to our worst expectations.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It is being widely reported that New York has an agreed budget that will be passed this weekend.  Tom Precious, writing in the Buffalo News, lets us know that precise details still need to be released over the next 48 hours.  Read his observations here.  Jimmy Vielkind, writes for the Albany Times Union, and his observations are here.  City and State point out the the NYC school system will receive an $890 million increase in school aid, but lament an additional $240 million in state grants linked to a teacher evaluation program are not included because the city did not complete the requirements. 

The NY Daily News says "there's no thrift involved in election year bonus"!

The NY Post slams the hike in the minimum wage.  And Bob McManus has an excellent column on how Governor Andrew Cuomo is Governor of New York City.  (emphasis added to city by us.)

The Wall Street Journal calls the state budget "Cuomo's Job-Depletion Plan".

The WSJ also writes about the fuel shortage after Sandy. The 11th paragraph speaks volumes about the Cuomo Administration.

The Heritage Foundation opines on President Obama's Middle East trip.  So does Cal Thomas.

The New York Times writes about young opponents of same sex marriage and why they will not give up keeping marriage defined as between one man and one woman.

Mayor Bloomberg, you are 100% right!  The NYPD does not need another level of bureaucracy.

Real cause for concern!  Is Secretary of State John Kerry throwing America under the bus?

If the 2nd Amendment is ignored, will the 1st Amendment be next?

ICYMI:  Papa Cuomo does not approve of Pope Francis.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tax Foundation confirms what New Yorkers already know; our taxes are among the highest in the nation in almost every category.  Knowing this, Governor Andrew Cuomo and his compatriots in the Legislature are poised to extend for the second time the "temporary" millionaires tax first imposed in 2009 and renewed by Governor Cuomo in 2011.

Michael Saltsman writes about a Rotten deal on NY Wages

While Michael Solon's article in today's WSJ is written with regard to the federal budget, the bottom line is states should be applying the same principles to their budgets.  Governor Cuomo, you really should take Mr. Solon's advice. The Heritage Foundation also covers the federal budget in today's Morning Bell.
Governor Cuomo in no hurry to settle budget, insists the deadline is April 1, 2013 (he's right, but the Legislature is scheduled for two weeks off for religious services.)

Governor Cuomo, did you see this?  Requests for gun permits in Newtown, CT have increased since the horrific tragedy that took the lives of 20 innocent first graders and six of their teachers. 

This is precisely why American's are concerned about restrictions on our 2nd Amendment right. 

You can track the counties and towns that are opposed to the NY SAFE Act here.

When President Obama cannot get what he wants from Congress, he continues to do an end run around them.  I guess when you have a "taster" to check your food, you begin to believer you are royalty and can do whatever you please. 

More from Thomas Sowell.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mr. President, I just want you to know that we never would have seen a photo of President Ronald Reagan with his feet on the desk, because he simply would not put his feet on the desk. Hopefully your staff really was not bowing to you.

The Times Union jokes no "white smoke" for NY's budget, but they are close on reaching agreement.  Not seeing a lot of spending cuts and it certainly looks like business will take a hit with a higher minimum wage, and extending for two years the higher tax rates on millionaires is still being considered, disappointing to say the least.

Read more about the tax increases in George J. Marlin's column here.

Bill Hammond opines on Cuomo's going wobbly on taxes.  

And the NY Post says it all with "Read Andrew's Lips (again)."

Governor Cuomo's poll numbers are beginning to fall as he breaks promises that he ran on. 

The more money they take from you, the more they continue to demand.  The average voter does not see the need, nor do they want their tax dollars taken from them to fund campaigns they do not believe in. 

At a time when sequestration is decimating our defense, we should recall President Ronald Reagan's determination to protect America.  Heritage Foundation helps us do that in today's Morning Bell.  

A must read:  Stanly Kurtz's:  Obama's Plans for the Suburbs: And How to Stop Them.

ICYMI:  Heritage Foundation on Why We Don't Need Universal Preschool. 

Nanny Bloomberg strikes again.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Being successful is under attack again!  What is it that makes legislators want to redistribute the wealth of people who work hard to become successful?  As E. J. McMahon writes in today's NY Post "The current version of New York’s supposedly temporary “millionaires tax,” first enacted in a broader form in 2009, isn't due to expire until the end of 2014. Extending it now will conveniently close a bit of the budget gap projected for fiscal 2014-15, an election year for both the governor and the Legislature."  People are paying attention and no longer have the short memories of a few years ago.

Raising the minimum wage, not an economically sound proposal, is still being discussed in the state budget. 
Breaking:  Call and tell your legislator, tell them  to stop stifling our economy.  Assembly: 518-455-4100; Senate: 518-455-2800.

File this under "Laws Are For Others, Not Us"

One less candidate for NYC Mayor.

We demand answers,  yes, demand answers to be certain another Benghazi never occurs again. 

Senator Ted Cruz vs. Sen. Diane Finestein

The residents of Mohawk, NY let Governor Cuomo know what they think of his visit to their town during last Thursday's tragedy.

The Watertown Daily Times agrees with us and doesn't support early voting.

Who would you have voted for?  Rand Paul, Marco Rubio or someone else three years before the next presidential election?

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly writes How the Feds are Conning You.

Parts three, and four  from last week's Thomas Sowell article on Intellectuals and Race.

Larry Kudlow thinks there is Optimism in the Air.

And former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey warns us that the CDC isn't doing its job when it comes to the new killer bug in our hospitals.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

We’re at CPAC in Washington this weekend, and there is plenty of coverage of the great speeches we’ve heard so far.

The big CPAC story so far has been the Battle of the Senators: Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul.

The Weekly Standard is very impressed with Sen. Rubio, who had my favorite CPAC quote so far: “We don’t need a new idea. The idea is America, and it still works.”

TWS also has coverage of Sen. Rand Paul and his “17-minute liberty-soaked speech that focused heavily on the need for the country, and the Republican Party, to commit to protecting civil liberties.” 

Sen. Paul wants to shift Republicans away from social issues, stating: “The new GOP will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and the personal sense. If we’re going to have a Republican Party, liberty needs to be the backbone of the GOP.” 

Whose side are you on? Do you stand with Rand or are you rallying for Rubio? Vote now in our new Weekly Poll.

Former Sen. Jim DeMint, who was the guest of honor at our 2009 Annual Dinner and is now president of The Heritage Foundation, delivered Thursday night’s keynote address

While conservatives gathered to discuss how our government should work, Americans were given 2,200 examples of how our government actually functions under President Obama.

Meanwhile Chuck Schumer and his fellow Senate Democrats, after more than 1,400 days of shirking their duty, have finally presented a budget. As the Washington Examiner notes, “It quickly became apparent why they waited so long.”

Here is The Heritage Foundation’s take on the Democrats’ $1.5 trillion tax increase

Sen. Schumer loves gun control as much as he loves taxes, and his new “background check” bill is hardly the feel-good, sensible measure he makes it out to be, according to those who (unlike most Senators) have actually read the bill.

So much for that “sweet spot” where Schumer imagined he could convince conservatives to join him in abolishing the Second Amendment.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The nation is in serious trouble when its president thinks like this and believing that we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt.  How do you get him to come to the table and consider other options besides raising taxes?  Did he fail every math class he took?  The problem is also that he surrounds himself with people who believe the same warped thinking and unfortunately more and more Americans are beginning to think the same way.  "Houston, we have a problem."

Living Large in the Obama White House.

National Review looks at Congressman Paul Ryan's budget.

Heritage Foundation looks at Obamacare's Medicaid Trap.

Ohio and hydrofracking in the New York Times. In New York, where unemployment in the Elmira area was 10.5 percent last month, can not explore hydrofracking because Governor Andrew Cuomo thinks it should be studied more.  Keep studying hydrofrackng, Govenor, after all the process is only 100 years old and no improvements have occurred in the last 100 years.

Dennis Prager opines on the Left's gift to America's youth. 

Donald Devine asks why not make the minimum wage $20.

Parents take note:  did you know that these are the articles your daughters are reading in Seventeen Magazine?

Part 2 of Thomas Sowell's Intellectuals and Race.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Budget seems to be the key word of the day.

On the federal budget, Heritage Foundation takes a look at the Paul Ryan budget here,  and as they note not as bold as in previous years.  The Wall Street Journal has the Ryan budget in his own words here.
More from Fox News here.

The Senate Democrats think you are not paying enough in taxes and want to raise them almost $1 trillion but will not balance the budget.  It took them nearly fours years to come up with that? 

We are still waiting for the President to submit his budget proposal which was due in February.  And apparently the IRS is sill waiting for 40 of his aides to pay their taxes.  

Seriously Chris?  Amazing economy?  7.7% unemployment is amazing?  

New York State is trying to bury raising the minimum wage in the budget bill (and other items that should stand alone, i.e. the Dream Act or expanding the bottle bill).  You can learn more in this Buffalo News article.   Will they fund the NY Safe Act in the budget or help bring its repeal by defunding the bill?  Speaking of guns, why did Gabby Giffords husband buy an AR-15 and semi-automatic .45 caliber pistol the day before calling for stricter gun control laws?  He can and we can't?  Typical!

Nanny Bloomberg loses, for now. The New York Sun writes "How Sweet It Is".  The New York Daily News calls it a win for New Yorkers.  And the NY Post says "Mike's ban goes pop." 

Heather MacDonald makes a case for keeping "stop and frisk" and two top liberal criminologists, Michael Jacobson and James Austin, help her make the case.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, March 11, 2013

When will politicians stop raiding funds?  This is deplorable, thank you, E. J. McMahon for alerting the public to the fact that raiding funds is still going on, despite laws passed to end it. Raiding agency funds to close budget gaps is wrong and the Members of the Legislature must reject this proposal.

Governor Cuomo thinks nothing of raiding agencies to help balance the budget, but allowing hydrofracking that would truly help balance the budget and put people to work as well as help local counties, can't and won't be now.  Do you understand the logic? 

Governor Cuomo has benefited by the campaign finance law, in fact he is going to Florida to raise more money for his future campaigns, but he still wants to change them and make you pay for campaigns.  Time you all say no to this ill-conceived idea also. 

While the Governor is still riding high in the polls, his support is beginning to slip. 

No White House tours, but Mrs. Obama's 50th birthday party plans are well underway.  The Obama's have certainly their priorities in order.

What has the trillions spent on poverty programs done to help end poverty?  Not much. 

All I'll say on this, if that if they were employees of the RNC, the press would be all over this story demanding to know why.

The Heritage Foundation lays out 6 things the US budget should do here.

Aren't wages supposed to go up?  According to this report, they aren't.

Tomorrow is the last day you can register for National CPAC:  Click here for details.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

While Gov. Cuomo tries to spin his way out of the latest New York job numbers, the new jobs report has some good news – though it reflects poorly on the Obama Era when 7.7% unemployment can be viewed as “good news.”
Nancy Pelosi has a strategy for stopping any progress being made on job creation, and is even successful at making Gov. Cuomo look responsible.

Sen. Tom Coburn, the guest of honor at the Conservative Party’s 49th Annual Dinner in 2011, talks some sense about spending and the sequester.

Sen. Rand Paul explains his filibuster in The Washington Times.

As the Washington Examiner notes, “Obama's ultimate answer -- that he lacks authority for domestic assassinations -- is comforting. Less so is the fact that Paul had to stage a 13-hour filibuster to elicit a straight answer to such an obvious question.”

You don’t have to agree with Sen. Paul to applaud his tenacity.

Do you stand with Rand, or with President Obama? Tell whose side you’re on in our new Weekly Poll.

Good news for the unborn – but any progress is threatened by Gov. Cuomo’s bizarre determination to increase abortion in New York.

Common sense might have prevailed, but why would such a vile individual even be considered for a special honor by the State Department?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Did you watch any of Senator Rand Paul's democracy in action?  Americans should applaud his standing up for principle.  Kudos to those who stood with Senator Paul:  Cruz (TX). Lee (UT). Toomey (PA), Thune (SD), Barrasso (WY), Scott (SC), Cornyn (TX), Moran (KS), Johnson (WI), Flake (AZ), McConnell (KY), Chambliss (GA), Rubio (FL) and the lone democratic Wyden (OR).  (Sen. Kirk (D-IL) did bring and apple and thermos since he didn't speak,  I'm not certain if it was to nourish  Sen. Paul or help get him off the floor.)

If anyone has any doubt that yesterday's filibuster by Sen. Paul was necessary, you must read this.  Thank you to Sen. Cruz for demanding an answer.


Kirsten Day writes about "Cuomo's big abortion mistake" in today's NY Daily News.  It is good to know that Ms. Day, the executive director of Democrats for Life of America, believes "As a high-profile Democrat, Cuomo ought to be working to reduce demand for abortions (emphasis by cpnys) by increasing societal and economic support for pregnant women, particularly the poor and women of color. Instead, he seems bent on making abortion, which is already too common in New York, even more routine."

Governor Cuomo, while still popular, is beginning to lose upstate support.  And he certainly won't like this headline. 

Governor Cuomo wants campaign finance reform, in other words, he wants you, the taxpayer, to fund political campaigns even when you do not support the candidate.  Maybe you can sign up for his townhall on campaign finance reform and ask him "where will the money come from since the state still has a deficit" or "doesn't it really only help incumbents" or "the NYC campaign finance law allows candidates to pay their relatives, how will your proposal prevent this?  Will you be able to stop fraud?"  We are sure you can come up with a few more....don't let the liberals/progressives be the only ones on the phone....

Wise words in today's NY Post editorial:  "Republicans will not persuade New Yorkers to vote Republican by becoming liberal-lites. To the contrary, they need to stand by their ideals — and bring home to minorities, low-income workers and others normally written off that the GOP offers real alternatives that would benefit them and their families."  We, the Conservative Party, stands by our principles and our platform outlines ways to benefit all New Yorkers.

The NY Post also points out the need for affordable housing in NYC, another principle in our legislative platform.  Under HOUSING, (scroll to page 4) you will find this: The free market, not government controls, is the only way to have quality affordable housing."

Some coverage on yesterday's press release here and here

 From Cal Thomas' column:  Government doesn't lack revenue. Government lacks restraint.

From Michael Barone's column:  "Republicans are being attacked as irresponsible for allowing the relatively small sequester cuts to occur. But maybe that was the responsible thing to do. Maybe it would be responsible to cut spending even more."

Both columns echo what we have said for years:  Spending is the problem. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just when conservatives worry that people are not concerned about  the need to cut spending there is good news.  The latest Rasmussen Poll says 58% worry government spending won't be cut enough.

The Heritage Foundation examines the effect of Chavez' s death.

What would happen to you if you blatantly and publicly ignore the law?  Do you think you would be absolved and forgiven, or that no one would care?  Think of all the reports of youngsters being arrested for pointing fingers, making a "pop-tart" look like a gun and other absurd reasons, BIG Brother is right there, intimidating those who can not defend themselves.  But our President thumbs his nose at his responsibility and the press applauds him.

Didn't anyone ever tell President Obama you can't have it both ways?

And that you shouldn't exaggerate the truth.

And they (the Press) play his game.  Fortunately, not all the Press is in his pocket.  What would our Founding Fathers say about today's Press Corps?  Would Alan Colmes have their respect?

Good question, so where do they send the bill to Governor?  Taxpayers get ready to pay more....

Governor Cuomo didn't count on this group to oppose his radical abortion plan and we are pretty certain that he was surprised at the coverage they received.  Read about those who know Governor Cuomo's proposal is unnecessary and harmful here, here, here, here, here and here

George J. Marlin writes about Woodrow Wilson's views. 

More from Thomas Sowell

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The New York State Assembly is poised to pass a minimum wage bill today (see our memo's opposed to the bill here) and we urge the Members of the Legislature to read what the Heritage Foundation has to say about raising the minimum wage before casting their vote. 

Larry Kudlow speaks out on Sequestration.   And John Podhoretz writes "He did it to himself", while the Washington Examiner believes the President is bruised. Human Events makes a point.

A little late in posting this, but as the old saying goes, better late than never. 

Charles Gaspirano asked the question "Where is Chuck Schumer when you need him"    MIA and so is Senator Gillibrand and Governor Cuomo when it comes to the banking regulations that are harming New York's economy.

The DOJ continues to undermine families.   I would tell them to read this, Marriage and Politics,
but it would only fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.  Americans elected an Administration that believes government is your family and is doing all it can to end the American Dream that acknowledges the strength of family, not government.  

Pete DuPont is right:  The entitlement mentality can't survive a weak economy. 

John R. Lott, Jr., writes "What Motivates Mass Murders", certainly his words must be considered by elected officials.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, March 4, 2013

What was City Council Speaker Quinn thinking?  "Innocent teenagers" and the City should pay up?  Is this the leadership becoming of a Mayor?  New Yorker's must be wary of this kind of thinking.  And New Yorkers should be questioning why people make certain endorsements....what is the motive?

Why is Governor Cuomo considering lowering the age to 18 to play "Quick Draw' in bars when you can't legally drink until you are 21?  Perhaps a better question would be:  Why the need to expand "Quick Draw" at all, why does the Governor have an insatiable need for money?  Turn off the spigot, spending is out of control.

Will hydrofracking ever come to New York?  Not if Governor Cuomo's former brother-in-law has a say, and he obviously had his say. 

The NY Post has a good editorial "Ethics for fun and profit." 

When did the politician's role become helping their friends and ignoring the cost to taxpayers?

Bob McManus has a good column in today's New York Post. Jimmy Vielkind, writing in today's Albany Times Union, seems to echo some of what McManus wrote.... very interesting that both have some of the same concerns.

George J. Marlin writes about LI Power: The political hot potato.

Forget Steve Austin's $6 million man, we have a $6 TRILLION man!

Will the President help Americans or will he continue to stifle the Keystone XL Pipeline?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

“Shuttered businesses, higher taxes and spending, more crime: The reasons not to allow casino gambling in New York are compelling and many.” That’s from my take on the push for casinos in New York, featured in today’s New York Post.

Where do you stand on this? Do you agree with the Conservative Party, or Andrew Cuomo and the liberals? Give you opinion today in our new Weekly Poll.

Remember the last time the Cuomo crew promised us the sun, moon and stars: “I am proud to be a New Yorker today,” the Governor said when he signed his control bill back in January.  “Not just because New York has the first bill, but because New York has the best bill.”

The bill was “common sense,” according to Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins – or, “responsible” as Mayor Bloomberg put it... because they had all read the bill in detail and understood all of its provisions, right?

Wrong.  Cuomo and friends are now scrambling to fix what they heralded as the best bill ever, and the Governor is especially eager to address Hollywood’s concerns over the new gun controls (with police concerns being a mere footnote to the new adjustments).  Gotta keep those West Coast campaign contributions coming, after all...

In Washington, sequester hysteria has become laughable thanks to Maxine Waters, who predicts that spending cuts could cause 170 million jobs to be lost.

As National Review helpfully points out, “134 million people have jobs in America.”

How many of Rep. Waters’ 170 million jobs killed by sequester will be teachers? None, despite the claims of the Obama Administration.

As Charles Krauthammer says of Obama, “His incentive to deliberately make the most painful and socially disruptive cuts possible (say, oh, releasing illegal immigrants from detention) is enormous. And alarming.”

Give Team Obama credit, they can twist the facts about any number of topics at the same time.  Take Michelle Obama: To hear her tell it, her “Let’s Move” anti-obesity program started trimming kids down five years before it was launched.

With all the manufactured crises being generated by the Obama Administration, it’s easy to forget that there is genuinely cause for concern when it comes to Social Security, Medicare and especially America’s national defenses.

In contrast to the Obama Administration’s fear-mongering over the federal budget, the President wants us to believe that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to border security. Not true, says people who actually know what they’re talking about.

But when you have incompetents running the show, this is what happens.

Have a great weekend!