Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Budget seems to be the key word of the day.

On the federal budget, Heritage Foundation takes a look at the Paul Ryan budget here,  and as they note not as bold as in previous years.  The Wall Street Journal has the Ryan budget in his own words here.
More from Fox News here.

The Senate Democrats think you are not paying enough in taxes and want to raise them almost $1 trillion but will not balance the budget.  It took them nearly fours years to come up with that? 

We are still waiting for the President to submit his budget proposal which was due in February.  And apparently the IRS is sill waiting for 40 of his aides to pay their taxes.  

Seriously Chris?  Amazing economy?  7.7% unemployment is amazing?  

New York State is trying to bury raising the minimum wage in the budget bill (and other items that should stand alone, i.e. the Dream Act or expanding the bottle bill).  You can learn more in this Buffalo News article.   Will they fund the NY Safe Act in the budget or help bring its repeal by defunding the bill?  Speaking of guns, why did Gabby Giffords husband buy an AR-15 and semi-automatic .45 caliber pistol the day before calling for stricter gun control laws?  He can and we can't?  Typical!

Nanny Bloomberg loses, for now. The New York Sun writes "How Sweet It Is".  The New York Daily News calls it a win for New Yorkers.  And the NY Post says "Mike's ban goes pop." 

Heather MacDonald makes a case for keeping "stop and frisk" and two top liberal criminologists, Michael Jacobson and James Austin, help her make the case.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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