Monday, March 18, 2013

Being successful is under attack again!  What is it that makes legislators want to redistribute the wealth of people who work hard to become successful?  As E. J. McMahon writes in today's NY Post "The current version of New York’s supposedly temporary “millionaires tax,” first enacted in a broader form in 2009, isn't due to expire until the end of 2014. Extending it now will conveniently close a bit of the budget gap projected for fiscal 2014-15, an election year for both the governor and the Legislature."  People are paying attention and no longer have the short memories of a few years ago.

Raising the minimum wage, not an economically sound proposal, is still being discussed in the state budget. 
Breaking:  Call and tell your legislator, tell them  to stop stifling our economy.  Assembly: 518-455-4100; Senate: 518-455-2800.

File this under "Laws Are For Others, Not Us"

One less candidate for NYC Mayor.

We demand answers,  yes, demand answers to be certain another Benghazi never occurs again. 

Senator Ted Cruz vs. Sen. Diane Finestein

The residents of Mohawk, NY let Governor Cuomo know what they think of his visit to their town during last Thursday's tragedy.

The Watertown Daily Times agrees with us and doesn't support early voting.

Who would you have voted for?  Rand Paul, Marco Rubio or someone else three years before the next presidential election?

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly writes How the Feds are Conning You.

Parts three, and four  from last week's Thomas Sowell article on Intellectuals and Race.

Larry Kudlow thinks there is Optimism in the Air.

And former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey warns us that the CDC isn't doing its job when it comes to the new killer bug in our hospitals.

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