Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just when conservatives worry that people are not concerned about  the need to cut spending there is good news.  The latest Rasmussen Poll says 58% worry government spending won't be cut enough.

The Heritage Foundation examines the effect of Chavez' s death.

What would happen to you if you blatantly and publicly ignore the law?  Do you think you would be absolved and forgiven, or that no one would care?  Think of all the reports of youngsters being arrested for pointing fingers, making a "pop-tart" look like a gun and other absurd reasons, BIG Brother is right there, intimidating those who can not defend themselves.  But our President thumbs his nose at his responsibility and the press applauds him.

Didn't anyone ever tell President Obama you can't have it both ways?

And that you shouldn't exaggerate the truth.

And they (the Press) play his game.  Fortunately, not all the Press is in his pocket.  What would our Founding Fathers say about today's Press Corps?  Would Alan Colmes have their respect?

Good question, so where do they send the bill to Governor?  Taxpayers get ready to pay more....

Governor Cuomo didn't count on this group to oppose his radical abortion plan and we are pretty certain that he was surprised at the coverage they received.  Read about those who know Governor Cuomo's proposal is unnecessary and harmful here, here, here, here, here and here

George J. Marlin writes about Woodrow Wilson's views. 

More from Thomas Sowell

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams

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