Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

We’re at CPAC in Washington this weekend, and there is plenty of coverage of the great speeches we’ve heard so far.

The big CPAC story so far has been the Battle of the Senators: Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul.

The Weekly Standard is very impressed with Sen. Rubio, who had my favorite CPAC quote so far: “We don’t need a new idea. The idea is America, and it still works.”

TWS also has coverage of Sen. Rand Paul and his “17-minute liberty-soaked speech that focused heavily on the need for the country, and the Republican Party, to commit to protecting civil liberties.” 

Sen. Paul wants to shift Republicans away from social issues, stating: “The new GOP will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and the personal sense. If we’re going to have a Republican Party, liberty needs to be the backbone of the GOP.” 

Whose side are you on? Do you stand with Rand or are you rallying for Rubio? Vote now in our new Weekly Poll.

Former Sen. Jim DeMint, who was the guest of honor at our 2009 Annual Dinner and is now president of The Heritage Foundation, delivered Thursday night’s keynote address

While conservatives gathered to discuss how our government should work, Americans were given 2,200 examples of how our government actually functions under President Obama.

Meanwhile Chuck Schumer and his fellow Senate Democrats, after more than 1,400 days of shirking their duty, have finally presented a budget. As the Washington Examiner notes, “It quickly became apparent why they waited so long.”

Here is The Heritage Foundation’s take on the Democrats’ $1.5 trillion tax increase

Sen. Schumer loves gun control as much as he loves taxes, and his new “background check” bill is hardly the feel-good, sensible measure he makes it out to be, according to those who (unlike most Senators) have actually read the bill.

So much for that “sweet spot” where Schumer imagined he could convince conservatives to join him in abolishing the Second Amendment.

Have a great weekend!

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