Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Newspapers critique yesterdays legislative session here, here and here. Sadly, the special session did not cut spending, kicking the can down the road, once again. Unfortunately, they did cave to naysayers on hydrofracking for another six months.

Disregarding the fact that New York is operating in the red, the Members voted to create a Commission to Review Judicial Salaries. The self-serving statement by the President of the NYS Bar Association is here. Question for you Mr. Younger...do candidates know the salary when they vie for the position? Even after serving 14 years (without a raise) they (Supreme Court Justices) still seek re-election; can't be that bad financially.

Looks more and more like the Senate will change hands in January as Sen. Thompson concedes. Two seats in the Senate remain undecided; Oppenheimer appears to retain her seat while Johnson appears to have lost his. In the Assembly, former Assemblyman Kirwan is up by 146 votes and if he holds on to his lead, it will be major news as Speaker Silver will no longer have a veto proof majority.

Serious problems in the first congressional district in Suffolk County.

The NY Post Editorial opines on how the cigarette taxes fuel the black market to every ones detriment.

Obama's plausible beginning with some comments by leaders.

Thomas Sowell: Can Republicans Talk?

Could this, should this, be the winning idea for 2012?

Monday, November 29, 2010

We hope you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving and did lots of shopping to stimulate the economy over the long weekend.

While we were giving Thanks to our Creator and the Freedoms we enjoy, Julian Assange's ego-driven assault on innocent lives via WikiLeaks was taking place. The Heritage Foundation comments on his document dump and Congressman Peter King is calling for WikiLeaks to be classified by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organization. Let us know what you think in our poll. The Guardian has an article on how Bradley Manning allegedly stole the documents which is very alarming when you consider how easy it was according to Manning.

E. J. McMahon has some more advice for Governor-Elect Cuomo o how to resolve Nassau's fiscal problems.

Using tricks or budgeting maneuvers has only exacerbated what is inevitable. If our elected officials truly understand the financial morass, brace yourselves, for the radio and TV ads will do all that is possible to keep the budget at its present unsustainable level. Need more proof? Read this. Seriously, does New York's Chief Judge live under a rock or just in his own world?

No surprise here as we have blogged about this before. Budget cuts will only make it easier for the black market, of course if they were able to keep a portion of what they collected to pay for the overtime, wouldn't that be a win/win? Letting terrorist profit is the alternative.

Michael Barone writes "Let states go bankrupt" and explains why bailouts for states is not the answer to the inevitable problems.

It will be a good sign that Republicans really get it if Congressman Kingston runs the Appropriations panel.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gov. Paterson sets ambitious agenda for Monday. Governor-elect Cuomo is supportive of one of the items. Members must know by now that New Yorkers are fed up with the spending spree they have been on and must get down to business by making the necessary cuts, no matter how loud the special interest howl.

The Heritage Foundation has some thoughts on "pat downs" as does Josh Gerstein.

Americans want their Bush tax cuts. Wynton C. Hall has an alternative for those who, like Warren Buffet, want us to pay more.

Most Americans are happy with their present health care. Doctors, however, are running from Medicare.

Tired of junk mail in your computer? Be prepared for more.

Long term consequences are sure to follow this decision.

Michael Goodwin writes about "On Thanksgiving, we should celebrate being American" and of course, we do! While spending time with your families and friends this Thanksgiving, take a moment to thank our Veterans, both active and retired, for our freedoms are guaranteed by their sacrifices. Freedom is not Free and we are most grateful to those who make it possible for us to enjoy the freedoms granted by our Constitution.

Enjoy the weekend, we will return on Monday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Should be an interesting Congress in January, can't help but support newly elected Tim Scott of South Carolina, who as far as I am concerned has the right idea. Soon to be House Speaker Boehner, and those who believe not raising the debt limit will send chills through the financial system, only encourage the inevitable. When your liberal friends say we have to raise the debt limit, ask the what happens if we have maxed out on our credit cards. Do you ask for increase after increase, until the bank says NO. Had we stopped asking for increases and had a more manageable debt, we could survive, but as long as we increased and spent our limit our repayment schedule becomes greater, therefore making Tim Scott right in his conclusion. Enough of raising the debt limit....take a good look at our "obligations" and eliminate the ones that are no longer real obligations....they can begin with NPR.

Congratulations to Congresswoman-Elect Ann Marie Buerkle!

The Ground Zero Mosque is back in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

Governor-Elect Cuomo is so right on this, but I can't help but ask, where was his voice when the legislation was pending? Instead of calling for "a change" why not state unequivocally that it should be repealed. His remarks this morning indicate that he is willing to fight the good fight, and we, the citizens of New York, must be there to make certain he keeps his word to us.

Does North Korea really think we will believe their version? I would be a lot more comfortable if Ambassador John Bolton was our voice in the United Nations. Bolton is correct in this article prior to North Korea's incredible attack on South Korea.

Monday, November 22, 2010

1199-SEIU and AARP are two organizations that really pushed for government control of health care and insisted on certain mandates. New we read that 1199-SEIU is making cuts to those they cover and AARP employees are facing increased costs for their health insurance; they really took all of us to the cleaners! If there is a next time, I hope everyone rejects their logic because they would never admit they are wrong. Some states are considering opting out of Medicaid due to the prohibitive costs and they do not cover all that New York State does...imagine, for a moment, what New Yorkers could save if New York's Medicaid program only provided the minimum federal options. Hope you are listening, Governor-Elect Cuomo. The Conservative Party will support you when it can and criticize you if you continue the out of control spending New Yorkers have been forced to pay for. Or balancing a budget, knowing full well, you won't collect the sales tax you say you will.

New York state is not alone in its fiscal morass, the feds have an incomprehensible way of trying to solve its spending problem, making it even more difficult for states to resolve theirs.

William Voegeli has an excellent analysis in NRO. And Republican leaders on Capitol Hill want to pink slip the Fannie and Freddie bailouts.

The Heritage Foundation supports Sen. Kyl on the START Treaty.

Anything hammered out by Congressman Henry Waxman is not good for Americans.

Another name from Buffalo making national news.

Saying "No" doesn't make you unpopular.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Osama bin Laden: Not Guilty? That’s what The Washington Times is wondering in the wake of a New York jury’s acquittal of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani. More Times analysis is here.

Compare this to our Times here in New York, and their jubilant response to the verdict.

Times pundit Linda Greenhouse says criticism of this trial “reflects a profound failure of imagination,” whatever that means. “That is what we call getting the job done,” says an NYT editorial. Sure, if the job was to find a terrorist .003% guilty.

Fortunately at least one New York newspaper seems to get it...

Now more than ever, beware of the liberals’ good ideas.

After all, Nancy Pelosi thinks her reign as House Speaker was a “job well done.”

The liberals in Washington think their takeover of GM is a “success story.” The Heritage Foundation explains why that’s not the case.

And the Washington liberals also think raising taxes on a large number of working Americans and small businesses would be an economic success story...

What do you want Congress to do – or NOT do – on the soon-to-expire tax cuts that President Bush signed into law in 2001 and 2003? Vote today in our Weekly Poll.

The best idea I have right now is to enjoy the weekend and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday – and I hope you’ll do the same!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Now will they (Holden and Obama) believe our safety is at stake?

House Ethics Committee recommends censure for Congressman Rangel. Since the censuring of a lawmaker does not carry any particular limitation on powers or privileges afforded to a member of Congress, why did they proceed with this charade?

Some good news from Congress.

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey reminds us of some of the provisions in the 20th Amendment, and we couldn't agree more. Another reason why we should listen to Ms. McCaughey.

It really is a shame that Sen. Jay Rockefeller's term is not up until 2014.

We think it is safe to say that Jonathan V. Last won't be hired by President Obama.

George J. Marlin has some advice for Governor-Elect Cuomo.

Considering Judge Lippman's prior ruling regarding the appointment of a Lt. Gov., we should be uncomfortable with Governor-Elect Cuomo's request. Judge Lippman's response does not allay my fear.

So where are all of the gasoline taxes going? To Medicaid? Education? Isn't it time to demand that taxes that are collected for a specific reason be placed in a "Locked Box" to do what they are supposed to do instead of finding new revenue streams to pay for the intended purpose of the original tax? Are you listening Governor -Elect Cuomo?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CNN Money is reporting the cost of unemployment benefits over the last three years. Lawmakers are being asked to extend them again before November 30 or two million will lose the extended benefits....hopefully they will not extend them and the entrepreneurial spirit of America will be the true engine to end the fiscal malaise of unemployment.

Bobby Jindal on "American Rights, American Responsibilities".

Let's hope that the delay in the scheduled meeting to discuss the Bush Tax Cuts until November 30 are not tied to extending the unemployment benefits.

Thank you Sen. Kyl. Thank you Sen. DeMint.

Political is reporting that the GOP is finally listening to the people.

Nicole Malliotakis, Staten Island's newest Assembly Member, come to Albany.

How NOT to solve New York's fiscal crisis. Take a look at Oneida County if you have any doubts.

File this under: we told you this would happen.

The gift that keeps on giving.

Isn't this a little too late?

This should have been written prior to November 2...a little late now as many voters apparently have a short attention span. Maybe Goodwin should break it out on the Monday before every election day. While Goodwin writes in a "better world" some things could have happened....I believe he could have, should have been more forceful prior to November 2....certainly Congressman Rangel did not say or do anything since November 2 that changed the facts! Unfortunately, the NY Post Editorial is right, "no one should expect more than a mild rebuke".

Monday, November 15, 2010

E. J. McMahon has some good advice for Governor-Elect Cuomo regarding the state's budget.

Some elections still undecided in New York State.

One of the reasons New Yorkers pay far too much in taxes.

Andrew Cuomo seems to be sticking to his guns on cleaning up Albany. (Hopefully his being on the Independence and Working Families Line won't color his judgement.) With all due respect to Sen. Diaz, do you think Speaker Silver would support his idea?

The Heritage Foundation on "A Failing Agenda Fails".

Sen. DeMint "I am a recovering earmarker", should be an interesting debate tomorrow. I wonder if they voted in our poll? Have you?

Congressman Rangel: You are a disgrace to the people you serve! Since he was just re-elected overwhelmingly his constituents should be reminded: you get what you vote for, it is unfortunate that the rest of us have to endure his disgraceful behaviour.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

The politics of the campaign season are over and the reality of governing is the topic of the days to come. As we noted earlier this week, Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo is on record stating “no new taxes” and we applaud him for that. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I have asked him to roll back the increased fees New Yorkers and those visiting New York must pay on MTA facilities beginning December 30, 2010. In case you missed Good Day NY, this morning, you can watch it here.

President Obama is probably wishing that he could roll back time, as these past two weeks have not been his best. Last week the voters gave him a shellacking, and this week his economic view is rejected on the world stage, apparently he still does not get it as he claims his hand was strengthened in global dealings.

The Liberals continue to be in denial as they push Obama not to extend the Bush tax cuts while Obama’s Stimulus Waste Panel meets at the Ritz Carlton; no wonder they want more from taxpayers.

Congress returns on Monday to confront their unfinished agenda. Arthur Laffer’s column should be on their required reading list prior to any votes cast.

What will they do when confronted with the Deficit Commission Report when it is released in early December? Pelosi is already opposed to it; typical when it is not completed yet, reminds me of her statement on Obamacare.

It seems the conservatives in the Senate are not in total agreement as to earmarks. Sen. Jim Inhofe makes the case for them, while we know Sen. Jim DeMint is opposed to them. Both Senators scored 100% in the ACU’s 2009 ratings and both are consistent conservatives as reflected by their lifetime ACU ratings. Which brings us to our poll question of the week; do you agree with Sen. Inhofe or Sen. DeMint on earmarks?

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Salute our Veterans!
Thank you for your service and sacrifices on our behalf
America is the greatest Nation because
you defend and honor her.
Parades are great, free meals are good but if at all possible, a contribution to the Wounded Warriors or any of the wonderful organizations that are dedicated to helping our Veterans would be the best way to honor all of the sacrifices made on our behalf. Visit them in a VA hospital or send a gift to those still deployed. Today is their day, please make it special.
Thank you, Charles Hurt, for pointing this out.
The Heritage Foundation also reminds us about providing for those who serve. The New York Post Editorial also.
Getting our economy moving is another good way to help our Veterans and the WSJ has an article on "How to Shut Down Fannie and Freddie" which, if closed down, would do a lot to turn our economy around.
Jacob Gershman updates the NYS Senate races.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Heritage Foundation reminded us yesterday that the primary concern of government should be to protect its citizens. Today, Ambassador John Bolton and Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo ask Why Rush to Cut Nukes?

Today, the Heritage Foundation urges Members of Congress to Get to Work Getting Control of Congress and Sen. Jim DeMint makes the case to ban earmarks, while the WSJ is optimistic regarding the makeup of the U. S. Senate.

Newt Gingrich reminds us of the sacrifices made a Valley Forge.

Thomas Sowell has more on political judges.

And Governor-Elect Cuomo certainly sounds like he understand the necessity of "no new taxes" but we are still a little skeptical that it will happen given the history in our state and the deficit. (We would be more confident had he not been on the Working Families Party line.) We wish him well and will work with him to cut spending since there is no other viable way to get out of the fiscal morass we, and the Nation, are in.

First reports on the U. S. Deficit Commission recommendations.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Heritage Foundation rightly notes today that protecting America should be our number one priority. It should make all of us uncomfortable to know that Congressman Ron Paul joined Congressman Barney Frank and Sen. Ron Wyden in calling on the president's deficit commission to consider reductions to defense spending.

Where does Senator-elect Rand Paul stand on Earmarks? No one seems to know. One thing should be certain to all newly elected officials: the citizens of America are watching every thing you do in Washington, DC.

Thomas Sowell writes about the Gridlock Bogeyman and Stopping Judicial Imperialism.
As citizens of this great Nation, we must be concerned about judicial imperialism and what one U.S. District Court Judge did yesterday. First we must remind Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange that a Republic is: a government in which supreme power is held by the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives governing according to law; and that she does not have the right to overturn the wishes of the citizens. Voters in Oklahoma, on Tuesday, voted to amend their Constitution, prohibiting judges from using Muslim Sharia law or international law in court cases. Judge Miles-LaGrange,(a Clinton appointee) with no basis in law, issued an injunction on November 8, 2010, prohibiting implementation of the amendment! An unelected Judge, issues an injunction on an amendment passed by 70% of the voters in Oklahoma. If she supports Sharia Law, then I suggest she move to a country that practices Sharia Law....do you think she would, considering how women are treated under Sharia Law?

The ACLU gets one right.

The NY Post is a fan of Congressman Peter King.

Just breaking: Unknown missile fired off California Coast....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fred Siegel, writing for the City Journal, opines about how NY and California stood alone against the rest of the Country.

NY did make gains in Congress and over the weekend the numbers in two Congressional races indicated that perhaps we gained 7 Congressional seats, not the 5 we have been reporting. Required reading for the new Congress and a lesson in Washington State. More on attacking the deficits.

Congressman Peter King on his role next year.

The lame duck Congress must stop the Obama tax hikes.

Michael Haltman critiques last nights "soft ball" game on 60 Minutes.

Could it be that soon it will be more than street corner cameras invading our privacy.... is this concept a double-edge sword?

Sunday's NY Post reported Speaker Silver may face a coup and today's NY Post, in a Fred Dicker article, reports that Speaker Silver is ready to hold the line on state spending next year. Mr. Speaker, holding the line, is not enough! You must CUT SPENDING everyplace and the bloated Medicaid budget must be your first target.

More bad news for cash strapped New Yorkers.

It is time to quit the Human Rights Council!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Want proof that we make a difference? Defeated congressman Michael McMahon specifically mentions the Conservative Party as the key to Michael Grimm’s victory. Kings County Conservatives led the way by endorsing Rep.-elect Grimm early on, and now we have another principled conservative voice in Congress.

If you can’t get enough post-election analysis, there’s plenty to end the week on...

Charles Krauthammer, enlightening as ever – with sharp words for the Democrats but also words of caution for Republicans...

Plenty of sore losers on the left...

Rep. Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell both seem to understand that this week’s wins were not a permanent victory – that they still have a job to do, and do well...

We’ll have to hold John Boehner and his fellow Republicans to their promises, but I like what the future House Speaker is saying so far, especially this: "The American people deserve a majority in Congress that listens to the people, focuses on their priorities and honors their demands for smaller, more accountable government. Accountability starts at the top, in the office of the speaker."

What do you think should be the top priority for the new Congress? Give your opinion today in our new Weekly Poll.

While we’re still waiting for absolutely final results here in New York, the Weekly Standard offers a great analysis of how Republicans and conservatives surged to victory at the state level. And based on the numbers we've seen so far, the Conservative Party is cautiously optimistic that we have retaken Line C. We'll keep you posted...

The October jobs report offers another painful reminder of why rejecting the Obama Agenda and electing a new Congress was a good idea...

There is good news for taxpayers, though – at least temporarily – after the Democrats’ drubbing on Tuesday: Don’t say goodbye to the Bush tax cuts yet...

Michelle Malkin reports on another taxpayer victory in deep-blue Washington state – one that shows how people not only feel that they’re “taxed enough already,” but also sick of the Obama Administration’s class warfare rhetoric...

And as for Obamacare – we agree with the Washington Times that saying goodbye to that “monstrosity” (as John Boehner has called it) is the best strategy. It won’t be easy, but it is the right thing to do...

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Will the New York State Senate remain under the control of those who Inspector General Joseph Fisch slammed in his AEG Report or will the Upper House be returned to the Republicans?

Who really runs New York State?

Mind boggling numbers from the Heritage Foundation on spending, and yet our President is leaving for India tomorrow spending even more taxpayer dollars.

George Will writes "They Still Don't Get It"

Coming to a street corner near you soon?

Larry Kudlow on "stopping the bad stuff is a plus"

So, do you feel badly that this man was a big loser on Tuesday?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thank you to all the voters in New York State who cast their vote
on the Conservative Party line.

We elected 5 new Members of Congress! While numbers are far from being official, it would appear that the Conservative Party was the margin of victory for Congressman Elect Michael Grimm. We welcome Congressman-Elect Grimm 13 CD, Congresswoman Elect Hayworth 19CD, Congressman Elect Gibson 20CD, Congressman Elect Hanna 24CD and Congressman Reed 29CD (who should be sworn in immediately due to the special election of yesterday in this race). We look forward to working with you as you begin to take back our Country. All around our country the conservative voice was heard, we just have to make it stronger in New York and California. Fortunately, we began that journey yesterday as even the son of a liberal icon had to run with a conservative message. It is up to us to make certain that he truly understands that it was his conservative message that resonated with voters. We have strong concerns that he may forget that as his victory speech thanked organizations that do not support conservative philosophy. Congratulations Governor Elect Cuomo and we hope you truly understand yesterday's vote, certainly President Obama does now.

Most importantly it looks like we may have recaptured Row C. Maggie Haberman is not the only one reporting this. It is gratifying to know that the reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated. We thank you again to all of you who made the most of your vote by casting it on the Conservative Line!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The campaigns are done, the commercials run and now for the fun!

For those who will be out of work, click here for help updating your resume.

Heritage Foundation warns of voter fraud.

Campaign-Finance Reform - RIP

Thomas Sowell -- a great article to read if you haven't voted and even if you have, remember Thomas Sowell is a renowned economist.

Lewis E. Lehrman (our candidate for Governor in 1982) has a great article on Churchill and Lincoln - Never Give Up!

If you haven't voted yet please do so now....vote on the Conservative Party Line - Row D -- Your vote carries a strong "cut spending" message when cast on the Conservative Line.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Members of our Armed Services are all volunteers; the finest group of men and women America has. Since the current war began on March 19, 2003 over 5700 of our bravest young service men and women have died defending our way of life. Please do not let their sacrifice and the loss that their family will never fully heal from be in vain: Honor their memory by exercising your right to vote tomorrow.

We must continue to be ever vigil because they -- those who wish to destroy US -- will not give up. Tips have helped us but we must never rely on them.

The polls are tightening in New York, Connecticut and the rest of the Country.

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughy reminds Congressman Boehner of his promise to CPAC attendees last February.

The Heritage Foundation wasn't laughing on Saturday. And we don't think President Obama will be laughing come Wednesday morning....how will he handle his losses?

Another hidden cost in Obamacare?

Great news in Puerto Rico.

Send a real message when you make your voice heard tomorrow:

Vote on the Conservative Party Line!