Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Today’s breaking news: Gov. Paterson won't run for reelection. Anyone surprised by this?

Anyone impressed with this week’s highly-touted Health Care Summit? Vote in our new Poll and give your opinion.

Here’s some analysis from Investor’s Business Daily, The Heritage Foundation and
The Wall Street Journal.

So where were New York’s elected leaders during this week’s sham Health Care Summit?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was dishing out meaningless sound bites about health care reform.

“Senator Gillibrand believes that ignoring our health care crisis is simply not an option,” her spokesman bravely announces. What courage. Who, exactly, does believe that we should just ignore this issue? Let me be the first to explain to Sen. Gillibrand that opposing her “public option” crusade for socialized health care is not the same as ignoring this issue.

Sen. Chuck Schumer was grabbing the spotlight, of course, by vilifying doctors (some of them want to make money, Schumer has discovered – unlike our good Senator, who I’m sure has taken a vow of poverty in his selfless public service).

Rep. Charlie Rangel had other things on his mind...

Rep. Anthony Weiner was pushing a “single payer” health care system that would give the federal government complete, total and absolute control over our health care decisions. Of course, that’s working great in Europe and Canada...

Rep. Eric Massa believes ObamaCare isn’t liberal enough

Rep. Louise Slaughter caused a stir with a sob story about dentures

Oh, and she also tried her best to destroy the CIA...

Here in New York, taxpayers are just hoping the government will be kind enough to actually send out tax refunds

As Big Government bureaucrats try to deny people the money they are owed, remember that the liberals want to trust all of our health care decisions to government bureaucrats.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New York's gubernatorial race is heating up. Following is Rick Lazio's statement regarding the New York Times article, in case you did not see it:

Rick Lazio said, "The inferences in the New York Times need to be investigated. If proven, they would amount to a grave abuse of power and call into question whether David Paterson can effectively govern. This happens to be the third front-page story that the New York Times has published within the past week. This coincides with David Paterson's public announcement that he will be a candidate for Governor. Taking nothing away from the seriousness of this matter, it is also important to ask how much of this was fed by and for Andrew Cuomo - as he is the main beneficiary of all three of these stories. If Andrew Cuomo is going to be investigating this matter, then the people have a right to know whether he or any of his agents had a role in spreading these stories. It's time for everybody to end their silence, come clean, and return to doing the people's work."

Speaker Silver weighed in, albeit not one word about AG Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg is glad Cuomo is on the case. You may consider that I am partisian, but Rick Lazio is right on the money with his statement. Andrew Cuomo is the beneficiary of all three stories and as such he should not be the person leading the investigation.

The Heritage Foundation on todays Health Care Summit. More on the, here, here and here. From the London Times on Line: Try to stay awake, the President has a healthcare Bill to pass. And from the Wall Street Journal on line: A Better Way to Reform Health Care.

Taxpayers have invested $10B in Yucca the President wants to close it before it opens? Military Chiefs resist end on ban. Mr. President, perhaps you should read more papers.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More on the President's proposal for Health Care Reform, and here, while NY gets hit hard. Is there hope that HCR will not pass?

The Heritage Foundation: How Obama's "Pro-Business" Policies Are Killing the Free Market.

An ACORN by any other name is still an ACORN.

The WFP will still be the WFP no matter how they settle to avoid a trial.

The NY Post shines the light on AG Holder's tainted justice.

Could the MTA be learning an economic lesson, will Jay Walder continue to make the right decisions?

Why Wine in Grocery Stores will hurt small businesses.

How long did it take for the US Senate to break new rules that required "Paygo"?

It's the Spending, America, by Daniel Henninger

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Will someone please explain to Senator Scott Brown that it was about spending in addition to Health Care Reform. Senator Brown wasn't the only republican voting to waste more tax dollars.

The Heritage Foundation on the "new" Health Care Bill. The New York Post thinks President Obama's tweaks only make it slicker. Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute opines on HCR.

The Canadian Premier explains his decision to come to America for health care "my heart, my choice".

Doug Hoffman continues to be in the News and here.

It is Tuesday, time for Thomas Sowell who raises some very good questions. Michael Barone questions President Obama's intuition and Dennis Prager has an excellent article on Government, God and Parents.

Monday, February 22, 2010

America, November 2, 2010 cannot come soon enough. Apparently, the President has forgotten that we live in a Republic! (Republic: a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law, emphasis added) Congressman Boehner says the President has "doubled down" on health care reform and his version will cost $1 trillion over ten years. (And we know that figure is always understated.)

In case you missed this over the weekend, the GM CEO is not having financial problems.

But the States are facing financial problems, surprise, surprise, just what New York and the other states need to know, but many states are looking to help themselves regarding health care. Another reason why New York has financial problems.

The NY Post supports spending money on guns for Troopers and makes a suggestion as to where the money can come from. Another suggestion....ending the teachers just sitting in "rubber rooms" waiting for discipline hearings to be resolved.

In case you were unable to attend CPAC, some stories here, here and here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

We’re in Washington D.C. for CPAC and it’s been outstanding as usual.

Here’s some coverage of what we’ve been seeing:

Lots of surprises...

Vice President Dick Cheney and Sen. Scott Brown (isn’t it great to be able to call him that!) were big hits...

Mr. Cheney pulled no punches...

Sen. Jim DeMint, the featured speaker at our Annual Dinner last year, gave another rousing speech at CPAC...

Mark Rubio, the “Doug Hoffman of Florida” who’s taking on the political establishment and energizing conservatives, inspired the crowd...

Here’s what people are talking about here...

The continued “meltdown” of the global warming fanatics...

Democrats – led by New York’s very own Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand – have unleashed a new push for socialized health care and the so-called “public option.”

This fight isn’t over yet, that’s for sure. What’s you think about the Schumer/Gillibrand public option crusade? That’s the focus of this week’s poll.

One year after the Obama stimulus, the results aren’t all that stimulating...

And in New York, the “Price of $timulation” is quite high...

So what’s on deck for New York this weekend?

Get ready for the official launch of Gov. Paterson’s reelection campaign.

But will anybody show up?

Maybe this wasn’t the best time for the Governor to tell taxpayers that Albany might be keeping their refunds...

And is Eliot Spitzer the best source for advice on how to be a good governor?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If the NYS Dept of Tax and Finance can hold your return now, who is to say they won't find a reason to hold it until the budget morass is solved?

Rick Lazio said,"This money doesn't belong to Governor Paterson, Andrew Cuomo, or Albany politicians. It was earned by and belongs to hard working New Yorkers and should be returned to them." We agree and the sooner the better!

The one constant in the News these days is debt! More debt. Didn't see this in an American newspaper. On the first anniversary of the stimulus bill signing, does this make sense? Congress really should listen to the citizens of this great country, maybe then they would get more respect. Does VP Biden really get it finally? Or did they just "poll" to find out what to say?

The Heritage Foundation cautions conservatives on getting on immediate board for nuclear energy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mount Vernon, home of our first President, returns to the news.

And the 23rd CD in back in the news.

So is ACORN.

Does the Washington Post question Andrew Cuomo's motive in using the Martin Act to sue Bank of America?

Health Care Reform must include Tort Reform which will never happen as long as Senator Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi run the show.

Will Team Obama ever understand?

Audit shows millions wasted (already) on Census. We shudder when we think of how much will be wasted by the time it is completed.

Thomas Sowell tells it like it is, again!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Who made news this week?

First off, the voters of New York – as well as the Conservative Party.

Robert Castelli and Michael Montesano – two Republicans running on the Conservative Party line –
won remarkable victories in Tuesday’s special elections for the Assembly. Conservative Dean Murray holds a slim lead in Suffolk County, but we’re still waiting for official results.

David Paterson is in the news again, continuing to serve more as a punch line than governor. His “I’ll leave in a box” comment has generated plenty of nationwide coverage. Gov. Paterson’s prospects as the Democrats’ nominee aren’t looking any brighter after this week’s GOP/Conservative Party wins.

CNBC personality and economics powerhouse
Larry Kudlow is in the news, making people wonder if Chuck Schumer will cruise to reelection. Things could get interesting, that’s for sure. I’ve met with Mr. Kudlow. I can tell you without a doubt that he would make a great candidate.

The Obama Administration is in the news. John Brennan - President Obama's special assistant for counter-terrorism - is facing calls to resign as questions continue over the White House's handling of the thwarted Christmas Day bombing... and after Brennan claimed that questions about the Obama Administration "only serve the goals of al-Qaeda." Has the time come for John Brennan to resign? Cast your vote in our weekly poll.

President Obama is in the news – this time at the center of another Conservative Party win. It looks like the Obama Administration has given up on
the ridiculous plan to bring terrorists to New York and put them on trial. We fought this plan from Day One, and it’s good to see that common sense is ready to prevail. We still have our eye on this story though, because as all of us know it’s hard to fully trust the Obama Administration on anything.

Case in point: New reports that President Obama is setting the stage to completely abandon his campaign promise to not raise taxes on people making less than $250,000.
The President now describes himself as “agnostic” on the issue. I’m praying that we get some more people in Washington who will stop the Obama tax-and-spend agenda.

If you’re forced to pay higher taxes, how will that money be spent?
Check Sen. Tom Coburn’s website each week for the awful truth. He keeps a constantly-updated report on the latest pork-spending outrages that you and I are being forced to bankroll.

Look at those figures, and
then consider this number, from a CBS News/New York Times poll: 70% of Americans are dissatisfied or angry with the way things work in Washington.

Will voters show their anger on Election Day? That’s a story we’ll be watching in the coming months.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is it me or has the snow in Washington, DC made it a slow news week?

In New York the expulsion of a State Senator has been quite the topic.

Another reason New Yorkers pay too much in taxes. And why all of us will be paying too much if the President gets his way. Good advice for Mr. Gibbs.

Is it time to dissolve HUD?

Part II and Part III of Thomas Sowell's: The Fallacy of Fairness.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The tide is turning in New York State. The voters spoke in large numbers for a special election, the turnout was higher than in the past. Almost 10% in Nassau and Suffolk, 13% in Westchester, a seat held by democrats for 17 years and 6% in Queens. The Conservative voice is being heard. Thank you!

Anytime you think one vote does not count, remember the difference since Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts. Again, the tide turns.

Chilling words from the UK in a report titled "The Oil Crunch -- A Wake Up Call for the Economy".

And E. J. McMahon warns of the fiscal problems the MTA is causing New Yorkers.

Is the "new" jobs bill a replay of a failed Carter idea?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The 21-day amendments to the Governor's budget include increasing the fees for selling wine in grocery stores. At the present time, grocery stores do not even sell wine, yet the 21-day amendments are counting in increased fees. Is this any way to balance a budget?

It truly saddens me that the newspapers are filled with articles about corruption, missing charity funds, poll watchers being paid, elected officials joining lawsuits after receiving contributions from the union filling the lawsuit and these are just a few of the articles. And we wonder why so many people do not want to vote. The problem is that by not voting we empower those who crave power. Times have not changed much when you consider this quote by Plato (427-347 BC) Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.

Just want we need, a national park in St. Croix that will cost taxpayers $50 million. I wonder how many junkets will be made to St. Croix to check on the national park? The Senate is yet to vote on this, so maybe we will be able to prevent it from happening.

Does the President really want to work with Republicans or is he just using the words he thinks we want to hear?

And do republicans really understand that we are opposed to earmarks?

Thankfully today is Tuesday and Thomas Sowell puts most of life into perspective.

Monday, February 8, 2010

While many of the blogs (since Friday) were waiting for a "big bombshell" from the New York Times regarding the Governor, the last laugh seems to be on them. No story today in the NY Times today and denials from the Governor's press office that his resignation is eminent. Could readership at the NY Times be that slow that they have to drive readers to them? Just remember, blogs, even when written by reporters, are not infallible.

Tax lessons for NY State.

The MTA out of control and here.

Too little, too late? Could it just be another photo-op for the President? Or will he really listen to those who have good ideas?

If you are not worried about our debt, read this.

Rep. John Murtha has passed.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

What have we learned this week?

The Paterson/Cuomo showdown is picking up steam...

New York is flat broke. What would you do to balance the state budget? Take our poll and give your opinions...

We, the people are pretty dumb, at least according to the liberals and their media friends. Charles Krauthammer explains...

News for the liberals, though: It turns out Tea Partiers aren’t angry or stupid... we in fact have a strong set of principles...

Kirsten Gillibrand is cozying up to 9/11 Truther and Mumia Abu-Jamal supporter Van Jones...

And Chuck Schumer doesn't seem to really believe all his talk about getting big money out of politics...

ClimateGate was just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak... science is becoming not-so-scientific...

Whatever happened to global warming anyway?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A good history on American Populism by Michael Barone.

Sen. Kit Bond was right when he scolded the White House for revealing the details of the interrogations of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

Just another piece of information the President won't listen to. Nor does he listen on health care reform. How many times will they have to be told before they believe it? The deficit is hurting US.

E. J. McMahon says "NY Taxes headed for a new high", another unfortunate truism until we can get them to cut spending.

This only adds to New York's problems.

The 23rd CD is in the News again.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The NYS Budget is already facing a deficit.

And the Federal Government wants move from us.

Public Sector Union membership is up.

Another colossal waste of taxpayer's money.

Fire him.

The President should remember what he did as a Senator.

Have you stopped by our website lately? If you have, did you notice our new store? You can purchase shirts, hats, mouse pads, canvass bags all with our logo and all very reasonably priced.
Be prepared for the upcoming elections, let people know that you are tired of wasting money and you support the one political party that is outspoken about wasting tax dollars.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To those of you who attended our 43rd Annual CPPAC: We thank you for making this the largest conference ever and for the energy and genuine excitement for the upcoming elections that you brought to Albany. We will let you know when the Conference is available online in case you want to review certain sessions, or to listen to Judge Andrew Napolitano's rousing presentation again or if you were unable to attend.

Some press on the conference here, here, here and here. The WSJ on line edition has a story on Harry Wilson who also addressed our conference.

The Conservative Party's State Executive Committee urges Larry Kudlow to run for the U. S. Senate seat currently held by Senator Chuck Schumer.

The era of big government is back with a vengeance and this is just payrolls! Former NYS Lt. Gov. takes a look at President Obama's $3.8 trillion budget. Guess he is just taking advice from Rep. Clyburn.

Thomas Sowell writes about Politicians in Wonderland.

Ethics in Albany? If the person leading the opening prayer in the Assembly pleads guilty to child endangerment what should we expect?