Friday, May 10, 2013

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Here is the transcript of John Hicks testimony at yesterday's Benghazi hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  John Podhoretz gives his analysis in the NY Post and writes that it is not an impeachable offense and won't harm Hillary's future run for President (not so sure we agree on that) but it was important because it matters to the American public and the families of those murdered on September 11, 2012.  Precisely!  The Hearings are not a political witch hunt...despite what the main stream media would have you believe... we need to know the whole truth to prevent another atrocity.   Seven things we have learned from yesterday's testimony.

Victor Davis Hanson writes on the Hope for Change in Syria.

The NY Times has an article on just how murky ethics can be in Albany.  What are they afraid of?  How can JCOPE even begin to do its job when the Legislative Ethics Commission is demanding edits in its report on the allegations against Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez by women and the secret settlement.

Governor Cuomo said this about the current corruption cases "It's a complicated, unpleasant time"  Complicated?  What is complicated?  How to end the corruption?  Maybe he is beginning to realize the proposals he has put forward will do nothing to end the corruption any more than his proposals of two years ago did.

E. J. McMahon wants to know if Governor Cuomo will punt on fixing runaway public pay?

How long will the Governor continue to ignore the benefits of hydrofracking?

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano on why we should mistrust the government. 

Cal Thomas on taxing internet sales.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Benghazi hearing has begun and Americans may finally get the answers to prevent another atrocity.  Answers we should of had sooner.  They knew from the very beginning it was terrorism  and so did others.  More from the Wall Street Journal on today's hearings.

David Horowitz opines on how Obama betrayed America. 

Still no decision in the Gosnell case, but, Live Action continues to covers more "doctors" like Gosnell, hoping that shinning a light on the despicable disregard  of  innocent lives may bring these actions to an end.

The Madness of Liberal Moralizing.

In case you missed this op-ed in Sunday's Daily News, we have linked to it here.  Maybe we should send a copy to the nine Supreme Court Justices. 

Another reason why Anthony Weiner should just keep his current job. 

And James Sanders, Jr. should lose his!  Queens voters wise up, take pride in yourselves and vote this man out.  It doesn't stop in Queens, every New York voter has a moral obligation to know who they are sending to Albany on their behalf.  Read Bob McManus' column today, it helps make a case for term limits.  One almost thinks that the average person really doesn't have a clue as to the impact Albany's decisions have on their daily lives, and when you read this, you really begin to wonder what planet voters are on.  (I can only hope that the 1000 that responded are not voters, but that would put me in the same category of living on another planet.)

The fact that Tom Hanks is the most trusted man in America, may explain why people believe that gun crimes are up while statistics prove they are really down, way down.  Look at the list again, the "average" person trusts actors more than people who live in the real world.  (Of course, the readers of our blog are not the "average" person.)  We are in serious trouble when actors are the most trusted people.  

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Did you know that the proposed Immigration Bill spells out the hourly wages for immigrant farm workers?
The newly substituted bill adds 23 pages, making this one 867 pages long and filled with items that will get your blood pressure up.  There is a growing divide in GOP ranks as to the cost of the proposed bill which is likely to be a determining factor in its passage.  The Senate is in a hurry to pass the proposal, perhaps in the hope that we don't learn more about the pitfalls in the bill.

Mona Charen opines on Benghazi.  More on Benghazi from CBS News here.

Stop and Frisk declines by  51% in the first three months of 2013.  So far crime has not increased by the same percentage, and lets pray it doesn't.

Mayor Bloomberg will leave New York City with a mountain of long term debt.

About that pay inequity you keep telling us about Governor Cuomo, maybe you should read this to understand that the legislation you are championing for women is ill-advised as the free market system really does work.

Bill Hammond writes in the Daily News that Albany sleaze keeps oozing.   The Wall Street Journal has an article  on the 32 NY officials snared for corruption in the last seven years, yes, 32 in 7 years.!  No wonder the public has lost faith in their officials.  Corruption is rampant and all  Governor Cuomo wants is for the legislators to pass his "reforms". Well Governor, with a lot of fanfare, on August 15, 2011, you signed into law the "Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011" hailed as a new law to addresses major inadequacies in current ethics system to restore public trust in government.  Boy,  JCOPE (Joint Commission on Public Ethics)  has done a lot to restore public faith, hasn't it Governor.  Eliminating the Wilson/Pakula will do absolutely nothing to change the greed that drives the corruption in New York.  Your proposals are the same toothless tiger JCOPE is Governor.  Be bold, Governor, call for term limits, after all term limits won't effect you since you plan on running for President.  Be bold Governor, call for a Constitutional Amendment that would eliminate an officials pension,effective immediately after conviction of a crime associated with their official duties.  Not the watered down version in the ethics reform bill you signed in 2011.

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Heritage Foundation's Jim DeMint was on This Week with George Stephanopoulos talking about the cost of the "gang of eight's" Immigration plan.  He also has an article in the "Corner" and of course, in the Morning Bell from the Foundation.

Congressman Peter King has some good advice regarding Syria while the NY Post reminds the President it is his move. 

Quick question for Governor Cuomo, how will the proposals you have put forward change the alleged corruption of today's arraignment of Senator Sampson, or the guilt of Senator Huntly, Assemblyman Castro or the conviction of Comptroller John Liu's fundraisers and the other elected officials who have succumbed to their greed?  One can spend as much money as they want on advertisements or proposals or ideas, but when the idea itself is defective, no amount of money will make it a good idea.   In the case of public funding of campaigns, all one has to do is "follow the money" to end public funding.  Taxpayers are fed up with the miss use of their money.

The more Governor Cuomo demands it is his way or not at all, the more his ratings will drop.

Frisking the Bill of Rights. 

We are strong supporters of the Second Amendment, and want the NY SAFE Act repealed, not amended.  With that being said, should we have some concerns about a gun that can get by metal detectors  and into any one's hands?

Kudos to Commissioner Ray Kelly and his NYPD.

Larry Kudlow opines on the economy. 

Maybe this is the week that we will get some real answers on Benghazi.

Seriously Mr. President, this is what you tell young graduates?

Wouldn't telling them to be involved in private enterprise, such as hydrofracking, be a better message?

Nicole Gelinas reminds us again about the cost of public pensions.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

Do you see pigs flying anywhere? Hollywood isn’t happy with Andrew Cuomo... and Chuck Schumer seems to be saying something negative about Obamacare.

John Podhoretz writes makes a good case that Obamacare ishopeless.

Charles Krauthammer and Peggy Noonan both weigh in on the rise and fall of Obamacare’s mastermind. Both very interesting columns – though Ms. Noonan for some reason insists on using the misleading statistic that 90% of Americans supported Obama on background checks.

Of course, using White House spokesman Jay Carney’s logic, Barack Obama’s reelection – like the Benghazi attacks – happened “a long time ago.”

The Heritage Foundation explains how the new “comprehensive” immigration bill has all the gimmicks and pitfalls of Obamacare. (For example: Congress has to pass it so we can see what’s in it.)

We were reminded this week that the politically-correct Left still hates religious freedom – and is still infatuated with murderous radicals.

And amid the horrors of the Kermit Gosnell trial, we’re once again reminded of the one word the liberals and their friends in the press absolutely, positively want to avoid: “Abortion.”

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Republican State Chairman Ed Cox is 100% correct when he writes in today's NY Post that Welfare for politicians won't clean up government.

Common Cause and the Conservative Party actually agree on an issue:  healthy small political parties!

Hopefully we will get the truth at next week's House hearings on Benghazi, their families need to know as well as all Americans.  The report already released can be read hear and it has some very damming information in it. We need answers or we will remain vulnerable and that is absolutely unacceptable.

Syria is on everyone's mind and our President is not doing us any favors with his "blink".
Dan Henninger has a few choice words regarding his followership!

Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda.

Thank you Dr. Marc Siegel!  Plan B is not safe without a Doctor's prescription.

No surprise in Speaker Silver's backing of an early vote, just what we need, more opportunity for fraudulent voting.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

According to Jay Carney "Benghazi happened a long time ago".  Is that really the message he wants to send to the loved ones of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods?  Between his statement, and Hilliary Clinton's "What difference does it make", the families of these murdered patriots must be reeling at the indifference of our leaders and knowing the mastermind is walking free in Libya.

No one wants to see America engaged in another war, especially in Syria, it is not our fight, but the using of chemical weapons cannot be tolerated, the question is who and when will something be done.  You can bet you last dollar that if Israel had used a chemical weapon, the United Nations would be  howling for solutions.

The headline says it all:  Little unity on ending corruption. Of course there is no unity; the AG wants more power and the Governor blames a piece of paper, neither one is addressing the core issue of corruption; greed and power.  As we have stated many times, term limits would be a good first step, but you won't or see either of them support that.  In the proposed Public Trust Act, the Governor calls for a misdemeanor if they fail to report a bribe, how about they lose their pension if guilty.

Comptroller John Liu, running for Mayor in NYC and not a stranger to controversy, is open to sheik's soccer investment.  Liu likes his (the sheik's) deep pockets.

Senator Dean Skelos says it again:  Abortion law changes completely off the table!  Call and let him know you support him and encourage him to stand strong.  IN Albany 518-455-3171 or in his district 516-766-8383.   Here is a great editorial in the Long Island Catholic that calls out the Governor on his proposed radical expansion of abortion here in New York State.

Thomas Sowell wants to know Is Think Obsolete?

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