Monday, May 6, 2013

The Heritage Foundation's Jim DeMint was on This Week with George Stephanopoulos talking about the cost of the "gang of eight's" Immigration plan.  He also has an article in the "Corner" and of course, in the Morning Bell from the Foundation.

Congressman Peter King has some good advice regarding Syria while the NY Post reminds the President it is his move. 

Quick question for Governor Cuomo, how will the proposals you have put forward change the alleged corruption of today's arraignment of Senator Sampson, or the guilt of Senator Huntly, Assemblyman Castro or the conviction of Comptroller John Liu's fundraisers and the other elected officials who have succumbed to their greed?  One can spend as much money as they want on advertisements or proposals or ideas, but when the idea itself is defective, no amount of money will make it a good idea.   In the case of public funding of campaigns, all one has to do is "follow the money" to end public funding.  Taxpayers are fed up with the miss use of their money.

The more Governor Cuomo demands it is his way or not at all, the more his ratings will drop.

Frisking the Bill of Rights. 

We are strong supporters of the Second Amendment, and want the NY SAFE Act repealed, not amended.  With that being said, should we have some concerns about a gun that can get by metal detectors  and into any one's hands?

Kudos to Commissioner Ray Kelly and his NYPD.

Larry Kudlow opines on the economy. 

Maybe this is the week that we will get some real answers on Benghazi.

Seriously Mr. President, this is what you tell young graduates?

Wouldn't telling them to be involved in private enterprise, such as hydrofracking, be a better message?

Nicole Gelinas reminds us again about the cost of public pensions.

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