Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Benghazi hearing has begun and Americans may finally get the answers to prevent another atrocity.  Answers we should of had sooner.  They knew from the very beginning it was terrorism  and so did others.  More from the Wall Street Journal on today's hearings.

David Horowitz opines on how Obama betrayed America. 

Still no decision in the Gosnell case, but, Live Action continues to covers more "doctors" like Gosnell, hoping that shinning a light on the despicable disregard  of  innocent lives may bring these actions to an end.

The Madness of Liberal Moralizing.

In case you missed this op-ed in Sunday's Daily News, we have linked to it here.  Maybe we should send a copy to the nine Supreme Court Justices. 

Another reason why Anthony Weiner should just keep his current job. 

And James Sanders, Jr. should lose his!  Queens voters wise up, take pride in yourselves and vote this man out.  It doesn't stop in Queens, every New York voter has a moral obligation to know who they are sending to Albany on their behalf.  Read Bob McManus' column today, it helps make a case for term limits.  One almost thinks that the average person really doesn't have a clue as to the impact Albany's decisions have on their daily lives, and when you read this, you really begin to wonder what planet voters are on.  (I can only hope that the 1000 that responded are not voters, but that would put me in the same category of living on another planet.)

The fact that Tom Hanks is the most trusted man in America, may explain why people believe that gun crimes are up while statistics prove they are really down, way down.  Look at the list again, the "average" person trusts actors more than people who live in the real world.  (Of course, the readers of our blog are not the "average" person.)  We are in serious trouble when actors are the most trusted people.  

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams

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