Thursday, May 9, 2013

Here is the transcript of John Hicks testimony at yesterday's Benghazi hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  John Podhoretz gives his analysis in the NY Post and writes that it is not an impeachable offense and won't harm Hillary's future run for President (not so sure we agree on that) but it was important because it matters to the American public and the families of those murdered on September 11, 2012.  Precisely!  The Hearings are not a political witch hunt...despite what the main stream media would have you believe... we need to know the whole truth to prevent another atrocity.   Seven things we have learned from yesterday's testimony.

Victor Davis Hanson writes on the Hope for Change in Syria.

The NY Times has an article on just how murky ethics can be in Albany.  What are they afraid of?  How can JCOPE even begin to do its job when the Legislative Ethics Commission is demanding edits in its report on the allegations against Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez by women and the secret settlement.

Governor Cuomo said this about the current corruption cases "It's a complicated, unpleasant time"  Complicated?  What is complicated?  How to end the corruption?  Maybe he is beginning to realize the proposals he has put forward will do nothing to end the corruption any more than his proposals of two years ago did.

E. J. McMahon wants to know if Governor Cuomo will punt on fixing runaway public pay?

How long will the Governor continue to ignore the benefits of hydrofracking?

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano on why we should mistrust the government. 

Cal Thomas on taxing internet sales.

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